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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Scientists go on strike: they again threatened by funding cuts

The whole Russian scientific centers and academic institutions from 12 to 15 September will be held extraordinary meetings, meetings, meetings. Their main theme will be the threat of new cuts in funding for the new science in 2017.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In comparison with the budget 2016, when the science has allocated a meager 84 billion rubles, in 2017 the new workers of the academic science can, according to rumors, get another 5-10 percent less. “We have this year worked to the limit, we have no resources to compensate for the new reduction, – commented the Chairman of trade Union of workers of the RAS Viktor KALINUSHKIN. -. And given the fact that it will be necessary to fulfill the presidential Decree on raising the salaries of scientists by 2018, we will have to cut in every academic Institute from 15 to 40 (!) percent of employees. Last year at this time we already knew the approximate amount of funding for next year, – now we are not saying anything. All our appeals to the Government of the Russian Federation and the President of the Russian Federation down to the level of head of Department of the Ministry of education and science, which is also anything sensible does not tell us. People that are worried about”.

Compare the amount of budget financing of FANO with the previous years:

2015 -94 billion with a 5 percent sequester

2016 – RUB 84 bln, 7% sequestration

2017 (according to unofficial data) — 75 billion rubles.

“The difficult financial situation is exacerbated by a 5% ruble inflation and dependence of our science from the dollar, because most of the scientific equipment we buy abroad,” says Kalinushkin. – Moreover, scientists must regularly attend international conferences, and is the new the high cost of travel, accommodation and meals abroad. We have young scientists settle on conferences in cheap hostels, which are two times cheaper than hotels, and save on food and transport…”.

It is expected that within the year the protest action academic community will Express its attitude to the sequestration of science at the following venues:

September 12 – the Chernogolovka scientific center, meeting scientific community and labor groups Chernogolovka in 16 hours in the Case of General purpose IPCP;

Pushchino research center – a meeting of the employees of the institutions against the reduction of people and funding the building of the Presidium of Perm scientific centre of RAS, 11.00;

Karelian research centre – meeting at 16 o’clock in the Assembly hall of the Karelian research centre of RAS.

September 14 – the Vladivostok Congress of the scientific community “We are against spending cuts on science!” at 13.00 in the auditorium of the Institute of automation and control processes (Radio str., 5);

Tomsk scientific center – meeting of the Territorial trade Union organizations TSC SB RAS and the scientific youth Council of TSC SB RAS young scientists, dedicated to supporting the requirements of the trade Union of the RAS – small conference hall, Institute of atmospheric optics SB RAS, 15.00; Conference of representatives of labor collectives of the institutions of the Tomsk scientific centre in support of the demands of the trade Union of the RAS – Congress center “Rubin”, 17.00;

Kazan scientific center – protest action.

15 September – Nizhniy Novgorod – the Extraordinary Congress of the scientific community of institutions FANO Nizhny Novgorod at 15:00 at the Institute of applied physics RAS;

Moscow – an Extraordinary meeting of the scientific staff in support of the Union demand to increase science funding at 15.00 in the conference hall of the Institute of Organoelement compounds (INEOS) Russian Academy of Sciences them. A. N. Nesmeyanov. To participate invited the heads of the Ministry of education, FANO, Russian Academy of Sciences, leading scientists, candidates of the state Duma of the Russian Federation.

The main demands of the protesters are as follows:

-Do not sequester spending on science.

– To provide funding for fundamental scientific research in 2017 at the level not lower than 0,22% of GDP. To bring these expenses to 0.35% of GDP.

-Fulfill the President’s Decree on bringing the share of domestic expenditure on research and development to 1.77% of GDP.


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