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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Russia to persuade Sweden to fulfill the obligations of Nord stream – 2″

Has around Nord stream – 2″ which will pass under the Baltic sea through the economic zone of several European States. This time threat to its own security in its construction saw in Stockholm. Presumably, statements of the Swedish politicians are the United States, not interested in easing the economic pressure on Russia.

Russia urged Sweden to fulfil its obligations for the construction of the Nord stream – 2″. “We expect that after the appropriate Swedish Agency received the application, Sweden will fulfil its international obligations”, – said Friday the Russian Ambassador in Sweden Victor Tatarintsev.

“Local social Democrats and Christian Democrats are listening to Brussels and Washington that do not want rapprochement between Moscow and the Scandinavian countries”

The diplomat said that over the seven years of the “Nord stream” Russia has always fulfilled all its commitments under contracts with European suppliers and will implement them.

Nord Stream 2 will apply to the Swedish government for a permit for the construction of the Nord stream – 2″ in the next two weeks.

We will remind, the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak said in turn that the probability of realization of the project “Northern stream – 2” tall, all decisions on it could be taken this year, although the risks of delaying such projects is always there.

The project “Northern stream 2 involves the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. The participants agreed on the following distribution of shares in the project: 50% from Gazprom and 10% from European companies, OMV, BASF (Wintershall), Engie, Shell, Uniper (isolated from E. On). The new pipeline is planned to be build next to the “Nord stream”.

Shared concerns with the Baltic States

However, the construction of the pipeline, which would pass under the Baltic sea through the Swedish economic zone near the island of Gotland, causing the protests of Swedish politicians, repeatedly Express their concerns.

So, on the eve Minister of foreign Affairs of Sweden Margot Wallström said that Stockholm does not support the idea of construction of new Nord stream lines – 2″ at the bottom of the Baltic sea, but in Sweden there is no legal basis to stop the project.

Earlier, the head of the Swedish foreign Minister also talked about the fact that Sweden and the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – share common views on security issues in the Baltic region, including those associated with the problems, which can lead to the implementation of the project “Northern stream – 2”.

26 Aug Wallström also reported that the Swedish authorities will take all necessary measures to ensure that the project “Northern stream – 2 will not worsen the security situation.

“Gavan, you can use a hybrid of military action”

Concerns Wallström also shared by the representative of the Christian democratic party on defense Mikael Oskarsson. According to him, Sweden would have to say Nord stream – 2″, “no”, as in the case of construction of the pipeline may be followed by “strengthening the Russian fleet in the Baltic, carrying with it the threat to Swedish security. “It is clear that during construction there is a negative impact on the ability of the Swedish army to defend the territory of Sweden. Slite harbour (the harbour on the island of Gotland, which, presumably, can be included in the project “Northern stream – 2″ – approx. OPINION) can be used as a platform for hybrid military action,” – said the politician.

Also, according to Oskarsson, “Russia first of all wants to get rid of the sanctions, and the new pipeline would give more opportunities to use gas supplies to Europe as a tool of blackmail”.

“Our reaction to the heightened activity of NATO”

On the eve of the Russian foreign Ministry commented on the statement of the commander of the Swedish armed forces Mikael Budena. In the report the Swedish government Buden said that Russia bears the main responsibility for the deterioration in regional security in the immediate environment of Sweden. In July, the Swedish commander had made a statement that Russia is the main military threat to Sweden.

“The exercises and sudden check of combat readiness of the Russian army, about which said Buden, – a necessary measure, our response to frequently increasing military activity of NATO, including the Baltic sea region”, – is spoken in the comment of the foreign Ministry.

In the Russian diplomatic Department also don’t understand how to fit together the Swedish General statements about the “Russian threat” with the official statistics themselves, the Swedish armed forces, according to which from the beginning of the year was noted seven cases of violations of the national borders of Sweden, air and Maritime courts of countries – members of NATO and none from the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. However, emphasize that they are ready for direct dialogue.

The American trail

VZGLYAD detailed analysis of the reports that Vice President Joe Biden after failing to prevent Nord stream – 2″ with the arms of Poland may try to exert pressure on the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Leuven during the negotiations in Stockholm.

Evidence-based arguments in order not to give permission to lay two new pipes next to the other two pipes of Nord stream – 1, Sweden no, said the scientist, Director of the national energy security Fund Konstantin Simonov.

Any attempt to argue the failure is the only reason for the diversion. Under what pretext Sweden nor denied approval of the project “Northern stream – 2”, it will be understood that this is politically motivated, and imposed from overseas.

Nevertheless, according to Simonov, Sweden in the end will not go to the United States. “Yes, Sweden is seen as a country dependent on the US. It is a country of “social avant-gardism”, where many modern Western ideas are processed first. It is considered to be highly susceptible to American influence,” – said Simonov. On the other hand, Sweden does not behave so simple.

“When they built the first pipe of the “Nord stream”, Sweden was unfriendly to us configured, the Swedish MPs, in all seriousness said that it is impossible to prevent construction, because the Russian will drive the platform, landing with this platform and capture Stockholm. Already in the Swedish authorities were wise men, who bore such nonsense, – said Simonov. – But in spite of this, and it was a sensation, Sweden gave all permissions. Because there was no formal grounds to refuse the “Nord stream – 1”.

Market interests will be more propaganda

According to lead researcher of Center for Northern Europe, Institute of Europe of RAS Valery Crane, now Sweden will likely prefer to develop its own economy. “The construction of Nord stream – 2″ near its shores really will create new jobs, increase profits and contribute to the development of technologies”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

However, he notes that in Sweden there is a difficult political situation, the local social Democrats and Christian Democrats are listening to Brussels and Washington that do not want rapprochement between Moscow and Scandinavian countries.

“Remember, about two months ago, the heads of States of Northern Europe have met with Barack Obama,” said Zhuravel. On the other hand, Sweden is among the twenty countries with the leading economy, it remained relatively independent in economic terms and, therefore, according to the expert, can afford a relatively independent foreign policy.

As for the statements of the representative of the Christian democratic party on defense Mikael Oskarsson regarding the fact that under the guise of builders of the “Nord stream” in the harbour of Slite penetrate the Russian military, and even about a possible attack by the Russian fleet on Gotland, all of them, as the expert believes, are pure propaganda, unfortunately, typical for Scandinavian countries.

“In Norway, for example, to displace Russia from the archipelago of Svalbard as a propaganda argument used bike that still since the great Patriotic war there was the arms depots that will be applied to the new combat. Unfortunately, some part of society believes this propaganda,” he said. Despite this, Zhuravel sure that market interests will eventually be stronger than any propaganda and Stockholm gives go-ahead for the construction of the second Nord stream”.


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