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Monday, March 19, 2018

Paul Chomsky was buried at the Vvedenskoye cemetery

On Friday Moscow said goodbye to Paul Chomsky. He was 92, and what is surprising — despite the fact that the people of his generation are less and less, to say goodbye to him came, it seems, the whole of Moscow. Theatre. Although the seasons in theaters just opened.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The ritual of farewell has its iron laws: a human stream with flowers to the grave, the farewell words of the question and nevertheless, the atmosphere of each funeral, anyway, in the theater, conveys the energy of the person who left and will never return. So at the farewell in the Theater Mossovet, where for 43 years he served Paul Chomsky, the atmosphere was special. She even contradicted in his way. The image of a quiet, silent person. And words to him were accurate, loud, and most importantly — not crafty.

On the black backdrop is a portrait of Pavel Osipovich with his facsimile — “I’m a happy man.” Smiles. And under the portrait people cry — the elderly, the elderly, the young do not hide tears. Requiem opens Sergey Yursky:

We did not call anyone in this day and waited for the audience — the theatre was on vacation. We were collected by Pavel Osipovich. The man didn’t changed the tremendous changes that have occurred in the country, in Moscow. Not changed the rhythm of his work. Every year a new show. We’ve found 43 years, 43 play, that’s a coincidence? This is a special farewell and a special figure — a veteran of the great Patriotic war, labour, theatre arts and now this scene. I think that special feeling of silence and absence of words in the place where the principal is exactly the word should to emphasize the peculiarity of the moment.

And asked to honour the memory of the Director with a minute of silence. The word takes Mikhail Shvydkoi:

You know, I now stood with his companions, the leaders of the Moscow theaters, and suddenly I realized that we are all old, but we were not at war. Pavel Osipovich was a man who went through the war, and it is necessary to understand people, last war, have a special perception of life, other than all of us, because they saw death face to face. And Pavel Osipovich for all its softness and intelligence was inside something definite and clear: he knew that life is a series of trade-offs, but he knew what not to do never, under any circumstances. This determined his life. To get on his performances in the youth Theatre was impossible, people were night, and it was a time when the Taganka opened, being worked from time to time. But people ran to watch the performance Chomsky.

You had to be a brave man to come to the Theater of the Moscow city Council, because in its walls, the spirit of Zavadsky. In order to start rehearsals on this stage, it required a lot of strength and courage, and talent. He is a happy man because until the end of days was engaged in directing. Never ceased to do what he loved and what was for him the meaning of life.

Evgeny Steblov is remembered as Chomsky, who was believed not a passionate man, not in the Moscow theater was hit with a carafe of the party organizer — I could not resist.

— Many of my colleagues always wondered what his reaction to things is too calm, but actually he was a very passionate person, believe me. And the facts of his life talking about it, but he’s a humble man. He world has allowed some of the situations and understand that sometimes you have to retreat to win.

Mossoveta Alexander Bobrovsky and Dmitry Shcherbina read the government telegram, as well as a last farewell from the colleagues much more sincere than formal.

Remember the 95-year-old former Director of the Taganka Dupak, who read the poem of Vladimir Vysotsky “…And he did not return from the battlefield”, referring to a coffin. Amazing said playwright Leonid Zorin, which is the generation of this era knows

— Playwright Ostrovsky said that he wanted to Express the feeling of emptiness that occurs when a person is very big. He talked about Pushkin. He said, “nobody was smarter.” Today I was reminded of these words: Pavel Osipovich was the conscience, the Supreme moral authority. We have to think now about who to support this moral air.

He gave a great example of that talent can be combined with high moral potential. Theatre is a complex organism: there are outstanding people (ordinary do not stay here), and they do not have light characters. And 43 to keep a huge cauldron of self-confidence and moral in such a great degree — it needs to be a big man. And theater understands what he lost today. Who will maintain this climate, this natural its atmosphere? Pure creative atmosphere, far from the small vile passions. Need a great moral authority.

The last word for many years a friend of Chomsky, Vladimir Andreev:

— Many of you have seen Pavel Osipovich in different actions? On the screens? No! I sometimes say to myself, “God, please merciful and don’t take those people long live”. Today’s words are from different organizations, from different people — all true! Students say: “We do not remember him screaming, strumming”. Calm, wise Pasha. As he was loved by the actors in the Ermolov theater, when he was set, once out of the theatre.

Paul Chomsky was buried at Vvedenskoye cemetery.

In the Mossovet theatre last farewell of Paul Chomsky (22 photos)


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