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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

“North” is not allowed to seize the Crimea

The final part of the exercise “Kavkaz-2016” was held on Friday 9 September in the Crimea at the site Apuk. Large-scale maneuvers took place in the sky, on land and at sea. In order to assess the readiness of troops for exercises arrived Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and chief of General staff Valery Gerasimov.

photo: youtube.com

The legend of the exercises, on the training ground Opuk, interspecific group of troops to repel the attack of the imaginary enemy. “South” was to seize a bridgehead on the coast, landed troops, to build on this success and break into the heart of the Peninsula. “North”, respectively, all the forces trying to stop them to do it.

In the beginning of the exercises in the skies over landfill I got into a dogfight. A pair of su-27 fighters were circling in the air in close maneuverable combat. They practiced conventional attack and escape from attack.

In the distance could be seen the large landing ship “Caesar Kunikov”, “Saratov”, “Azov” and “Nicholas fil’chenkov.” At the time of deployment group from air attack and submarines covered the other connection of the black sea fleet. However, the flight of bombers managed to get through through an air barrier “South of” and destroyed a warship of the enemy. Crews with the roar flew over the sea and spent time on the target, dive, reduced to 400 meters, the bombing and missile maneuvering.

Then “North” struck by ships coastal complexes “Ball” and “Bastion”, after destroying a few targets. However, the “South” still broke. The BBC approached the shore, and, in spite of the strong artillery fire, unloaded military equipment that the move went on the attack. At this time in the sky constantly circled planes and helicopters – some tried to support the landing from the air, others tried to avoid it. Despite the successful landing, the “South” still are unable to break through the defenses North and was defeated.

“In this region has created a self-sufficient group of forces able to repel attempts to capture the Peninsula,” – said the speaker on the ground, concluding comment the culmination phase of the exercise.

The chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov said that the maneuvers “Caucasus-2016” is “the culmination of intensive combat training”. “This is a difficult test for the commanders and chiefs at all levels are being checked all the staffs and military authorities to guide the actions of interspecific groupings in the theaters of military operations,” – said Gerasimov.

Just for the exercise “Kavkaz-2016” was involved about 12 thousand soldiers and about 400 units. The maneuvers took place at 12 sites of the southern military district.


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