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Friday, March 16, 2018

“New wave” in Sochi, ended in confusion

Fanfare sounded festival competition of executors of popular music “New wave-2016”. A feeling that they fanfarillo in Sochi forever, becoming more stable. Hereditary the historical memory of home fades, though phantom pain from last year moving from the North sea on the South, and made itself felt.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The winners of the contest: Dino, Galina armless and Walter Ritchie.

Participants recalled (mostly behind the scenes and not for the press), “how it was”, nostalgically sighing and moaning. Leading from time to time kicked the former “Alma mater” badly tailored jokes about “inhospitable and hospitable Jurmala Sochi”, which felt not so much a personal insult, how many mandatory ritual in favor of “the customer”, so to speak…

The barracks were carried, and from joking with the “tainted” about the “true” reason for the ban on entry into Latvia and Lithuania Oleg Gazmanov — it is not because of the “revenge” songs “Made in the USSR” and because of the hit single “I love girls” — say, in the “tolerant Europe, such statements are now politically incorrect”… So be at rest! Left — so left. Themselves well slammed the door…

Read the interview “Oleg Gazmanov about the Baltic “repression”, “wild rustle”

Lyme Vajkule and singer Intars Busulis, with the ineradicable brand sapeva gloss Duo rustic Baltic coast on creative evening Oleg Gazmanov, symbolized seems to be the artistic and human friendship in spite of all the geopolitical intrigue.

However, our Latvian diva was extremely discouraged by the annoying rumors (which she carefully brought already on a silver platter) that all the (actors), who the following year, again decided to accept the invitation on her own festival in Jurmala, will supposedly “withdrawn” from Russian television. Considering who was in it this year (Edita, Hibla Gerzmava, Galkin, Leps, Vaenga, Aguilera, Presnyakov Podolsky, Valley, Pavliashvili, Vinokur, Mazaev, Serebro , etc.), is not a joke to take alarm — who will then show in all those Saturday-Sunday evenings?..

And that’s true — the old atmosphere of intimacy, almost family atmosphere and cosy logistics compactness is gone, of course, forever like thunder-clouds which at times were ready to descend on the black sea beach festival, but then they had gone into the wind somewhere in Turkey… hmmm, not Sweden…


Clearly, the organizers for all the losses and injuries from moving managed to increase the degree of actual competitive programs, which first and often remained in the shadow of celebrities and scandalous gossip columns.

With the secular Chronicles, by the way, things went wrong immediately. Bored scribblers from tabloids pleaded, for example, Alexander Buynova to jump off the pier into the sea naked, “well, once that at least was something to write about”. The artist waved: “I’m Alena (wife) and so every five minutes is calling the stomach, says, hide, and then photographers around! And you want me still and ass shone!”.

But the level of contestants was “much higher” still, which makes me very happy in the beginning Igor Krutoy. And the attention of the public seriously involves not only guest sets, eternal Kobzon-Bilana-Baskova-Netrebko-sting, but “perpetrators” for the sake of which, actually, all the celebration and took on the “contest of young singers”.

But it has played a cruel joke. On the first day of judging 13 members of the jury (pop stars plus Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos) seemed to many not entirely adequate. Someone from participants of the rating is clearly inflated, someone was underestimated, and it was not only visible to the naked eye, but heard the usual ear, therefore, there was much discussion of the audience and observers.

The one participant whose high 11 points from all jury members in the first two days of competition did not doubt, was a Ukrainian woman Galina armless. In the finals, everyone was expecting a formal confirmation of its leadership. Performance with the soulful ballad “the Sky”, not only sung flawlessly but also experienced as an actor is excellent, it is the leadership really confirmed. Hall met the powerful speech with a standing ovation, but was immediately stunned by the verdict of the jury, is clearly “drown” ” comforting “desyatochka” (except for a few resistant, including a couple Agutin—Varum, who insisted on the highest points). The audience also, we booked and whistled so that the jury was fit enough belongings with papers and scratching from the hall short dashes…

The victory in the end shared the same number of points (425) Croat Dino and the Italian Walter Ritchie, performers bright, strong, but clearly more controversial as the winners of the race than the rest with the nose and 424 (!) poor points, and even a pregnant Gal. She softly and sweetly hid tears in the arms of her husband behind the scenes, and in the air flying conspiracy theory about the causes of injustice — say, someone might decide (although armless and moved to her husband in Moscow), that will be enough and a victory on “Eurovision” to “give” her another “New wave” this year! But the evidence of a possible conspiracy, of course, to find nobody and is unlikely to.

“MK” is, of course, congratulated both winners, but their likes and the palm still left for the Ukrainian singer.

Dino: “Competition in music is meaningless”

I must say that competed young Croatian very well. The Grand Prix at the Junior Eurovision song contest, the second place at “Slavianski Bazaar” and many other awards. But this year’s competition, says the last — the competition is already passed stage in life. On the “New wave” he’s the youngest and in addition to the fresh color of his face is vivid rock’n’roll charisma. A dangerous mixture. The jury in the end could not resist.

— You’re a real rock star. And a risk taker, because music contests, rock-n-roll — not quite what you expect from participants.

— Not only rock, for example, I like pop music with a touch of funk. On the first day of contest, I sang a pop-rock ballad, the second participated in a pop Duo, and then showed his own rock ballad. But every show I as a musician remained himself.

— Your favorite singer, apparently, Jon Bon Jovi…

— I listened to it, but I always liked something heavier: David Coverdale, Ronnie James dio. At the same time I was always partial to Prince, Michael Jackson…

— You’re a real expert in music competitions. Probably not worried?

Contests I don’t like. After all, music is not a competition. I like to give concerts and get pleasure from it. And the contest is nerves, hard work. Besides, the jury is always subjective, because to appreciate music is meaningless.

— As compensation for inconvenience you will get a cash prize…

I think I’ll give it to charity.

Walter Ricci: “I Want to share songs with Russia”

Smiling, the Italian does not gets off the phone and, apparently, intended to share the news of his victory with all the relatives. The competition he started from the very strong performances, but in the following days, the eyes were squared his shoulders. And of course, smiling, he’s Italian.

— Have all managed to inform about the victory?

— Sorry can’t call himself! I still don’t believe in your success. This is my first big competition and I won it!

— The Italians at competitions easier. You think sing better than anyone in the world and you all love…

— Waiting to come on stage, Adriano Celentano, ha ha ha… I also feel like a part of all our musical traditions for which Italian music so much.

– Why did you decide to participate in the competition, which is so far from Italy?

– I started watching the “New Wave” in 2009. Then defeated Jamal, and I still think she is the most interesting winner. I hope that the contest will become the jewel in my collection. Very important for me to come to Russia. I performed in Italy, France, Spain, and there has never been, and I want to share your songs with your audience.

– Have you already decided what to spend the prize money?

– I want to buy a new piano. And maybe something will be left on the journey.

Galina armless: “Ask Podolsky to share experiences”

If to look truth in the eye, then Galina’s number one, despite the results of the competition. Besides 28-year-old native of Donetsk gave the competition is also very touching small story. For fifteen years at the “New Wave” was, but a pregnant contestant for the first time. While Galina had everything, rehearsing from morning till night, and to be in good shape in any time of the day. Good all around singer caring husband, armed with a warm blanket and endless kindness.

Roman Galina and Artem can be called a service. They met in Kiev on the set of the series. By the way, the music Artem Alekseev is also the people. At the time, he worked as a choreographer Dima Bilan, but then found work in the movies. The wife, meanwhile, is trying to realize itself, and in films, and on stage, and in musicals. The role of the expectant mother for it is also very important, but, like many colleagues, She wants it to play without interruption. While she’s doing rather well.

– Galya, you are a brave girl…

Or a little crazy!

– Surely you’ve heard that the expectant mother has no place in the competition where serious passions boil?

– Many discouraged me… I found out that they are in position after all of the qualifying rounds. Immediately called the organizers and told them everything. Another said that they are ready to go to the competition if I to it allow. Husband supported me. And they agreed.

– Do you regret now?

Here we are waited for different surprises, but pleasant too. I got used to the fact that I do not understand everything. I’m still acting education and when I sing, very immersed in the image, so some think I am overly theatrical.

– Some of your colleagues say that pregnancy is very good for the voice…

– It is possible. When I was busy in the musical by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Crime and punishment”, no one knew I was pregnant until the fourth month probably. And I must say, your party I sang so that the walls shook.

– What is the direction for you is still more important and interesting: movies, theater or pop music?

It is very difficult to allocate anything. When I stop singing, then immediately there is a film project or TV series. As soon subside shooting, they call in the musical TV show. At some point I was desperate to establish a career in the Ukrainian show-business there, as elsewhere, it is difficult to do without sponsors. Wanted to completely go to the cinema. Moved from Kiev to her boyfriend in Moscow and accidentally fell on the third round of auditions in “Crime and punishment”, has received one of the main roles. So in my life again appeared music. Long training, warm-UPS, and the result was a great show.

– Have you already decided what you want to be on stage?

– Probably, it will be something pop-rock. No wonder I got into the musical, which is very rock on the pitch. I like it. But if we talk about music, which I once was very inspired, it is ABBA. Their records sounded all the time at home, and when I was watching these artists on TV, it seemed to me, if we are to make music, then you need to be like them. Even now their songs in the shower I something flips and you want to create.

– In the near future, you still have to move a little. How do you imagine your maternity leave?

– While I imagine all of this with great difficulty. I’m very used to work and of course it will be difficult to refuse it. So while nothing definite can not say. Maybe ask Natasha Podolsky to share the experience…

…and this delightful Lace

Meanwhile, outside of the tender passions full understanding, for example, is the festival with the group “Leningrad”. Scandalous artists step on stage respectable, New Wave Hall is the second year in a row and feel no worse than Anne Netrebko or Nikolai Baskov.

However, the “Golden Nightingale of Russia” in turn, seemed to come down the hall an exhibit of the latest “Kinopalace” group, shaking the audience with some exquisite seashell, forged by the heart, so vividly expressive and certainly adjusted to a causal place of the artist, Valery Leontiev, probably, envious. Although these freaks and teetered on the brink of a foul, challenging the implanted “spiritual scrapie”, but the official holiday of disobedience still remains we are the exclusive prerogative of the Cord and, apparently, really needed.

We must admit that a year ago there were a little different, “Leningrad”, which has not started yet “labutova era. Then Sergey Shnurov was just a successful bully, and now he leads a program on the Federal channel, writes music for “good night, kids”. According to rumors, very easily opens the door to higher offices and is the informal kind of a prima Donna, the lead actor of the country.

And how did we come to this? There is a suspicion that we’ve always wanted and so a Cord in its place. In a country where at all times was full of extravagant bans, the ability to what solution is the best reward.

In the eighties sounded officially permitted rock groups such as “Autograph” or “Earthlings”. After decades in the country allowed to swear with the highly prestigious scenes, despite the fact that it is completely illegal.

However, the whole absurdity and the absurdity of the triumph of the “Leningrad” does not negate the fact that the Cord and his gang is difficult to deny the talent. Their video-music doctrine in recent years has become probably the most interesting way of promoting songs. We have long forgotten the days when the crowd was expecting from someone of the novelties of musical character. And the Cord seems to be attached to the classic combination of music and video truly destructive power.

Adult uncles and aunts with unbelievable happy to discuss pachamanca rhymes and stories, thus showing all the complexes of people living almost in barracks the orders, but suddenly received the grace to break away at full speed.

However, all the lyrics, but the facts are that the “Leningrad” again put Sochi on the ears. The concert was held in the party mode after the classic evening on which the works of Igor Krutoy performed by Anna Netrebko, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Yuri Bashmet and other stars, which are associated with very inspired music.

After the audience dispersed, the hall was filled with those who wished the order to undermine their moral ties. And members of the “Leningrad” was ready to help them.

The musicians came on stage at about midnight and started to give hit after hit. The stalls very quickly started to dance, the guests V. I. P sector sparkled with smiles and diamonds, the Cord was bathed in people’s love and sprinkled with interjections. “Louboutins”, “Boobs”, “Peter – to drink” and so on to the full General enthusiasm. In the course of action from time to time appeared the thought that ladies with the names of Florida and Vasilisa — the new soloist of the group — not really Shine, especially after ruthlessly dismissed from the team Alice Vaux. You could even say that their premiere at the “New wave” came to grief – and vocal, and artistic. On the background of the hardened Cord and his entire team trained the girls just looked awkward clumsy from a provincial village. But we are confident that Sergey will think of something…

Group “Leningrad” performed in Sochi in the contest “New wave” (24 photos)

Out today’s story there are not less bright moments, like the poignant numbers “Mother” of Dima Bilan and Daniel Pluzhnikov, when the eyes of the audience were “wet”; the Duo of blondes Christina Aguilera and Valerie, who is a composer and producer Victor Drobysh himself congratulated on the 50th anniversary and much more that gives reason to make in this text, pause octocam…

Oleg Gazmanov with doery
Movie stars and singers have gathered in Sochi (41 photos)



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