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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Michael Turetsky: “Not to show off in front of you and create a mood”

This morning loaded the rain is not weak, and all dejectedly looked at their tickets, it would seem that such a magnificent concert in the framework of a military festival “Spasskaya tower” on red square should be Chorus Turkish and his female reincarnation Soprano. But exactly at six the rain stopped. As it was not. The area was instantly covered with people, no empty seat, as if the elements wouldn’t stop… that is, until viewers wipe chairs of handkerchiefs, between the rows are brave drummers, heralding the start of the action:

— The rocks are crushed with a formidable roar of the wave!.. — went first, very to case, Chaliapin Aria of the Viking guest from Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Sadko”.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Emmanuel and Michael Turetsky.

…What is the Turetsky Choir is primarily the feeling of the audience, contact with audience. It is clear that this unique voice, wide range of opportunities earned for many years. But life is so complex, so things are changing rapidly outside the window, no regalia and brands will not help to reach the hearts, if you love yourself, not your audience. Michael Turetsky and his brilliant team take that as a no. Such an experience, thousands of concerts, the accumulated chips and techniques, but still need to enter the water as for the first time. The same Red square on the one hand, it’s a prestigious area, holiday heart, on the other — try to polyextremophile conditions with a strong wind take this open-air level to the recoil.

This is only possible with open visor, when the Turkish stubborn and genuinely goes to the people, and maximally combining the choir and the audience. This is including the military terminology, the work on the front.

— Of course, experience helps, ” says Mikhail Borisovich, in 25 years, that is for 9000 days, we had over 5,000 performances. And all the concerts are very different in different parts of the world, in very different venues… But the Red square is, of course, a very special atmosphere. And so cool that in the last year we actively promote a new project called “the song Festival: people’s karaoke No. 1 in the country”: this is a tremendous communication with the audience that comes to the area and sings along with you.

— That was for you help in a gala concert on red square?

— Of course, because the only way gain experience to get along with people who are not in the hall and outdoors. We have already held about 25 such “celebrations” in cities of Russia. As for the “natural scenery” the main square — I experienced an incredible excitement. The more that God relented and stopped the rain. Although the mood of many at first was pessimistic. I called serious friends, large officials and businessmen, which, say, the next day to fly to China to get sick, no way, and asked — to go or not to go? God eventually gave the answer.

…Of course, “Varangian guest” all were some cold, tired and scared, but with every song the people were transformed. Such have one of the spectators: “And on the third song suddenly comes Mikhail Kuznetsov, the owner of a rare voice — male soprano. Himself in the mask. Begins. Ecstasy. I had a blast! Sang so that the ear-drums were bursting! What power, what tenderness. About the weather so no one remembered…”.

Well, as the “Spasskaya tower” not to perform the much-loved military repertoire? “Darkie” partisan played the man, flirted, of course, with the audience, and then unexpectedly ran a soloist and began break dancing! “Katyusha” is traditionally performed together with the choir, the daughter of Michael Turkish Emmanuel. And “military bloc” was replaced by “people”…

— Such passions started, people jumped up from the ground, continues Turkish, sang, danced, and shared emotions. I’m beside myself with delight: after all standing on “zero kilometer”, the main square of the country. Well how can you not love the Russia? This is not some kind of fake, not patriotism — you have entrusted such a concert! I have only one thought was: a pity that mom and dad could see me now. And maybe… maybe see it from the top, lemme see, eh?! I’d give anything for it. My mom, my little Jewish mother from the Belarusian Jewish community… always make that joke that “I am the son of one worker and two farmers. And that’s what happened for the life of metamorphosis — the Red square!

The choir of the Turkish red square. Photo: courtesy of the press service.

■ ■ ■

…The second main feature of the Choir Turkish and, in General, the secret of his dolgorovski is the Foundation. Reliance on tradition. Here nothing is done in so far as, “but people need this song — let’s sing it,” no. During the song are the names of ten who before her soulful singing, and every (!) here remember and appreciate. After the guitar solo to the tune of “long Road” the whole room sang “Russian crisis” (definition Turkish) — “Black crow”…

— Here is the song “from Afar longly there flows the river Volga, and like it or not comes to my mind all this nostalgia — Voronet, Zykina, Herman, Kristalinskaya… today, few who can recreate the soul of the song was performed by such people. And this niche is very much needed today. And see will be a new round when everyone gets tired of a soulless machine of our show business, from the lack of music in General any ideology. Take the current clips is just a convenient rhythm to dance, and the emotions-no…

“And now we ask you not to sing those born after 1986,” the comic preamble opened a page of nostalgic Soviet repertoire, however, highly relevant for the design: so that “Lenin is still such a young” gladly picked up and the young part of the audience.

— The concert on red square harmoniously go into a “song Festival”, which this time we are starting with Tver, followed by Tula, Krasnoyarsk, Vladimir

— How did you hit upon this format — song communication?

— People do not want to see the narcissism of the artist; they need a sense of belonging. Even Karl Marx (and he was a wise man) said that art is a very important principle of co-creation. Those films in which we identify your story, we’re more interesting than the tape abstracted from us. That music should touch on the conflict that is your relationship, then you can-to create, to Dumyat, UP-to empathize. We speak with people directly while singing, and it’s fascinating… So we dictate your format, create it with people, breaking all the stereotypes and seem ahead of their time.

Michael Turetsky sure that in the end it will come: the artist will completely take my narcissism and go to drag the viewer in their artistic field. It would be funny the big symphonic orchestra out of the hall fifty people to put the remotes. Laughter laughter, but without constant innovation and self-irony Turetsky Choir would simply not have taken place.

— Sometimes telling his audience: “We come to sell yourself, and will come help set the mood.” The mood may be different — life, tears, love, emotions the most incredible. It is not only need to have fun, you need to think, to feel to rise to heaven and fall into the abyss. Sometimes… even in the underworld.

Soprano Turetsky Choir. Photo: courtesy of the press service.

■ ■ ■

…Six years ago, in parallel Turkish Choir and a women’s art group Soprano — the great storehouse of votes from highest (coloratura) to the lowest (mezzo).

— Well, the girls proved their right to exist as a separate group?

Project Soprano, too, ahead of time, is a unique development, because it brought together all the stars. And beauty. Each singer is absolutely a solo star, which can be its own career, and when they combine together, we create a wide voice range. In one concert you will hear rock and chanson, folk and pop, musicals and operetta. And my biggest achievement — I know how to keep them together. You know what the mood is warm, the women’s bachelorette parties?

— Since then, they and hen parties, men did not know.

They are much more interesting together than with the boys. They are Just relaxed… my wife loves the hen to collect, and I the corner of my eye sometimes observed. How it is good when there are no men around. Well, not for long, of course, but nonetheless. And in order for women to be comfortable to agree among themselves, we have created a Soprano. Self-sufficient group that is with us does not conflict in terms of interests, they have common cause, and they love it. This helped me a managerial approach. Before you take the project any girl, I studied her story: looking, talented person, beautiful and smart — at the age of three children choir Studio! So, our, so, not have come here accidentally, do not just came from karaoke to show off and to settle down in life. They are all Ministers. And they have a unique opportunity.

…And they demonstrated that on red square — from Bizet’s “Carmen” to Russian folk songs, from rock operas to jazz, retro tangos to tear-off stage. All ingenious is always simple: because the Turkish created the Soprano that he liked the song “Daisies hid”, and the guys could not sing because there is the word “withdrew jacket thrown over decisively” wrong’d understand. So had nowhere to go. The first bands on the red square was performed the anthem of Russia, and it was, perhaps, the reference sound, as played by 19 voters among the best, the finest in our country.

Turetsky Choir. Photo: courtesy of the press service.

■ ■ ■

— I thought with horror, who stood before me on the square (not in a mixed concert, and the serious genre): Luciano Pavarotti, Paul McCartney, the greatest. And here are our two hours flew by as one moment, after a ten-hour midnight began to sing a Capella “Evening bells”. And then I remembered that on this day 70 years ago was born our idol Freddie mercury: well how here not to sing “We are the Champions”? I think I will be in a good mood.

On red square held a Grand concert of Turetsky Choir and Soprano (36 photos)


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