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Thursday, July 27, 2017

“Levada-center” has predicted the transformation of Russia into a “hungry and aggressive booking”

The Director of “Levada-center” Lev Gudkov commented on the decision of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation on the recognition of his organization as a foreign agent. According to Gudkov, the involvement of the government toward sociologists and other organizations leads to the transformation of Russia into a “reservation poor and aggressive population.

photo: Sergey Nikolaev

Gudkov recalled that receipt of the funding, “Levada-center” from abroad has never been a secret and was reflected in the financial statements of the organization, however, due to amendments to the law on “foreign agents” introduced by the state Duma in 2016, foreign funding is “essential” for the status of inherent became any funds received from abroad, including from purely commercial projects, as well as from Russian funds located abroad.

A sociologist expressed confidence that the activities of the “Levada-center” was not primarily for power, as it were “objective and verifiable data on the state of society and public opinion at variance with the expectations and interests of “partisan politicians, officials, ideologues.”

Gudkov recalled that “Levada-center” was founded by the former head of VTsIOM Yuri Levada, after the attempts of the authorities to take control of sociology in the country in 2002-2003.

Read about the prospects of closing the “Levada-center”.

However, independent “Levada-center” has continued to call for attacks: for example, Gudkov brings a fragment of the report of RISS (Russian Institute of strategic studies) from 2014. The document said that the propaganda work in Russia are conducting a number of sociological organizations, including not only the “Levada-center”, but the Institute of sociology. “Levada” is attributed to the collection of information for the Department of state and forming the base of the opposition for their subsequent recruitment.

The result of the destruction of the independent state of sociology and the prohibition of international cooperation Gudkov sees not only the imminent persecution and other Sciences (history, Economics, genetics, etc., “as it was in the Stalin years”), but “the transformation of Russia into a booking for a poor and aggressive population, the comforting illusions of national superiority and exclusivity.”

“Levada-center” in the near future plans to appeal the status of “foreign agent”, as he is with him now because of the “fear left over from the Stalinist era” refused to cooperate number of employees of state institutions in the regions.

We will remind that earlier from-for act registered as a foreign agent was discontinued the activities of the Dynasty Foundation, supported in Russia by scientists and educational projects. The founder of the Foundation Dmitry Zimin financed from its own funds, transferring them from their foreign accounts that was considered by the justice Ministry for foreign funding. Held in Moscow protest rally has not produced results.


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