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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In the competition for the title of “the main victims of Moscow” will be only one winner

The quarrel between Warsaw and Kiev on the question of whether to consider the contribution of UPA in the history of the Polish people genocide should not be taken as serious. The sovereignty of both countries questioned, and a General “curator”, if necessary, extinguish the conflict. But it has meaning in the context of who gets bonuses for the status of “the main victim of Russia”.

The day before, albeit belatedly, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine still responded to the resolution of the Sejm of Poland, to recognize the Volyn massacre as genocide. As stated in the decree No. 5095, the Ukrainians took this decision “with regret, disappointment and deep concern” because it is given “politically and legally incorrect assessment of the tragic pages of Ukrainian-Polish history.”

“That sooner or later this regime will suffer an ignominious end, there is no doubt”

Of course, not without mentioning Russia. “Anti-Ukrainian actions and fueling anti-Ukrainian sentiments unfolding in the moment of greatest vulnerability of the Ukrainian state, which is at war with the Russian Federation. In this war the aggressor uses historical questions, in particular the events of the 40-ies of the twentieth century as one of the elements of war against our country”, – stated in the decree.

In conclusion, the Parliament “calls on historians to continue the professional dialogue with the aim of realizing all is still not clarified the facts and circumstances of history based on reliable archival materials, leaving a space for each side to interpret historical facts, and politicians of Ukraine and Poland – to stop instrumentalisierung historical science for the sake of temporary political gain”.

The latter, performed by Ukrainian Parliament is the clearest manifestation of double standards. How many instrumental decisions were made on the level of the lowest Excited for “achieve temporary political gains”, it is impossible to count – from invented Ukrainian-Russian wars and ending with the glorification of the UPA*.

The statement of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy, which encouraged the poles to blame for the Volyn massacre “Moscow imperialism” is not just the clearest example of the politicization and falsification of history. Literally paruby said the following: “I took the initiative to get to 17 September adopted a statement by the five parliaments of the three countries in the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine, calling who was the culprit of this tragedy. And the Moscow imperialism and Nazi imperialism, which led to the tragedies in our land – we need to give an overall assessment of our events. I’m sure we’ll deal with all the confrontation that was between us. I am sure that we shoulder to shoulder we will stand together with our brothers-poles in confrontation with the Moscow imperialism.”

Parubiy has followers in Poland, for example, is known for its inadequate defence Minister Antony, Macarevich. According to him, “the Russians used Ukrainian radicals”.

Volyn massacre occurred in the deep German rear, and to accuse the USSR and Russia with approximately the same base that the United States and Papua New Guinea. But neither the Ukrainian nor the Polish politicians is not stopping.

Themselves Ukrainian-Polish relations the more, the more reminiscent of an anecdote in which a turtle carries the snake across the river and thinks “throw – bite”, while the snake is thinking “bite – throw”. Russia in this case is a river that is a constant factor that does not depend on snakes and turtles. Seriously hurt, they can not, even by combining the efforts – except a little dirty water.

Polish-German relations, in which the Germans with or without reminiscent of “eternal historical guilt” before the poles, too, are far from perfect, but both countries are in the EU, and therefore are forced and have learned to negotiate. At the same time, Ukraine and Poland are doomed to be tough opposition – because both countries are actively vying for the role of “main fighter against Moscow imperialism.” Yes, they have a common interest – to maintain the image of a “scary and aggressive Russia,” to find this pseudo-confirmation, to prevent the restoration of good relations between Moscow and EU countries. But the problem is that the role of the chief Prosecutor is only one, and give it to a neighbour, no country is ready. Plus similar claims of the Baltic countries, today or tomorrow pending “Russian troops”.

Russophobia in common, but, as any negative integration, it is a zero-sum game. Will benefit only those who manage samokatnaja “the main victims”, others get only crumbs from the already too generous in recent Atlantic table.

The current scandal around the Volyn massacre will not lead to serious deterioration of relations between Ukraine and Poland. In the end, Ukraine is not an independent state entity, and if the confrontation goes too far, Washington will understand that you have to act softer.

But until then, as long as the authorities in Warsaw and Kiev are radicals and nationalists, this “dispute among themselves Slavs” will occur regularly. The UPA was originally created to fight against the poles, and only then passed on to the war with the red army (and to simulate the fight against the Wehrmacht). As long as Kiev does not recognize the criminal nature of the UPA, the solution to this problem is impossible in principle. And the main problem is that on the glorification of Bandera entire state mythology, the current regime in Kiev.

However, that sooner or later this regime will suffer an ignominious end, no doubt.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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