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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Colonel Zakharchenko on the court remembered the humor and the “House-2”

Deputy head of the “T” anti-corruption Central Directorate of interior Ministry Dmitry Zakharchenko arrested for a bribe in especially large size and abuse of power. He called the accusations a “burn”. Meanwhile, after the detention of the seized currency by about 8 billion rubles, and the total amount of assets still unknown. It is possible that these money – some stolen 26 billion of Nota-Bank.

Presnensky court of Moscow on Saturday arrested until November 8, the Deputy head of management “T” of the Central Board of anti-corruption (Guebipk) Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko. The Colonel is accused under three articles of the criminal code of the Russian Federation: “bribe reception in especially large size”, “abuse of power” and “obstructing the legitimate activities of the investigator”.

“The house-2” in 8 billion roubles

“This is shocking information, because the amount of the sum does not correspond to any position, any rank. If the money is there with the Colonel, what lies in store some generals? “

FSB detained Zakharchenko on Friday in his office in the case of receiving a bribe in 7 million. However, he opposed the investigation during the search of the workplace, refused to show the car and the apartment, they were opened by the forces of the Ministry, according to the materials of the case. Zakharchenko himself later that “the opposition denied. In the apartment, which was decorated to his relative, were found to be $ 120 million and EUR 2 million. In the car Zakharchenko also was found 20 million rubles in cash, said the source, RIA “Novosti”.

“It’s not my money. Factually, theoretically, the money does not have to do with me. I’m in this apartment was not. Bribes I did not take. Money in hands at me were not any. If the conversation was, it can be thought of as the “burn” as humor. All charges to me is unclear, evidence in the materials is not” – said Zakharchenko on the court.

“I am asking for house arrest in apartment of the relative. There are cameras everywhere, even in the toilet for me to watch, as the “House-2”, – he added.

Zakharchenko said: “the Fact that I took a bribe of 7 million rubles, reminds me of the humor. What is fixed? Maybe the prints on the bills? Nothing… the money, as those found in the apartment on Lomonosovsky, neither in fact nor even theoretically I don’t belong. Other money found in the car, too, not mine, and its owner. He’s a businessman,” explained the Colonel.

Protection asked to release accused on bail of 70 million rubles, and after the court verdict declared intention to appeal against the arrest.

26 billion Nota-Bank

Meanwhile, a source in law enforcement bodies has informed that the seized Zakharchenko money, equivalent to 8 billion rubles (according to other sources – 9 billion) do not belong to him, and was taken into custody. According to the source, the withdrawn money is a part of the amount withdrawn fraudulently from assets of JSC “Nota-Bank”. He explained that currently, investigating the case of theft of 26 billion rubles belonging to Nota-Bank.

“In the criminal case in the summer of 2016 employees Guebipk Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and FSB of Russia detained two managers of the Bank Erochina brothers, and later as Finance Director Marchukova. During the investigation, data were obtained about the involvement in the fraudulent scheme of the head of Department “T” Guebipk of the MIA of Russia of Dmitry Zakharchenko,” – said the source.

He said that, being familiar with Marchukova (they are neighbors), Zakharchenko warned her about the ongoing investigative activities, and upcoming detention, and took temporary possession of the stolen Bank funds.

“Zakharchenko systematically received bribes. While the annual income amounted to 3 million rubles per year,” said the judge, referring to the case materials.

The origin seized in the case Zakharchenko 8 billion rubles more will be installed, concluded the official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin.

Bribes for various “services”

A law enforcement source said that Zakharchenko has contributed to the flight from the investigation of former head of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin. “There is reason to believe that the police repeatedly receiving large bribes for various “services”, – noted the source.

“It is established that Zakharchenko said Slobodino about the fact that it is being operational development in the case of corruption in the Republic of Komi. After that, Slobodin hastily left the territory of Russia”, – said the source. He explained that security agencies in the investigation of corruption cases has appealed for information management “T” (the investigation of crimes in the sphere of energy) the Ministry of interior GUEB, “therefore, Zakharchenko was aware of all operational activities carried out in relation to high-ranking officials and businessmen, and used it for selfish purposes.”

September 7, former head of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin was declared the Federal wanted list as a defendant in a bribery case in the amount of 800 million rubles to the former leadership of the Komi Republic. On Monday the official representative of SK Vladimir Markin said that the investigation establishes the location slobodina. He Slobodin said that he was in France, and expressed willingness to return to Russia and answer the questions of the investigation.

“Look for the woman”

Meanwhile, not all of whom Zakharchenko has provided such “services” repaid him with gratitude. Evidence against Zakharchenko gave designer Fatima misikova, reported Rosbalt citing a source in law enforcement bodies. According to her, she’s no longer pals with Dmitry Zakharchenko. They met many years ago and since then kept in touch. In particular, Zakharchenko helped in resolving certain issues Misikova related to its business. When Misikova had problems with law enforcement, she again appealed to Zaharchenko. According to the source, the police officer, using his official connections, he learned of the course of operational work on this story and passed on the information Misikova.

When the question was raised about her arrest, Zakharchenko reported about this to his friend. The relatives staged the death of Fatima – was found in the charred corpse they recognized its close. She misikova went abroad. To monitor the departure of failed, because, as it turned out, it also used the documents in two names – misikova and Tuaeva. Later investigators learned that “lost” is alive and well. In July 2016 it was announced on the wanted list, the court passed the decision on arrest in absentia. When and under what circumstances misikova gave this testimony, the source of “Rosbalt” refused to talk.

“The death penalty for corrupt officials”

Meanwhile, the total amount of assets Zakharchenko is still unknown, investigation is underway. “As such situations to fight? In the same way as today, through detentions and arrests, criminal cases, said State Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein, who zhiruet the TV channel “Star”. Is shocking information, because the amount of the sum does not correspond to any position, any rank. If the money is there with the Colonel, what lies in store some of the generals?” – asked the Deputy.

Alexander Khinshtein also believes that it has found the funds were personal savings Zakharchenko. In his opinion, there are the interests of criminal organizations. “Guess that’s the so-called “common Fund.” That is, it means that, most likely, was going in the interest of certain individuals of an organized criminal group, where Zakharchenko played a key role”, – said Khinshtein.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich called for drastic measures in the fight against corruption: “these are they from whom we suffer. A lot of unresolved social issues. They undermine the economy of the country, not allowed to develop. It is necessary to revise (legislation) about terrorists, pedophiles and such corruption from the perspective of law enforcement on the death penalty. Today we need again to raise the issue, there’s no other way”, – he stressed.


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