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Thursday, March 15, 2018

What prevents Russia to accept a “final offer” of the USA in Syria

The US authorities once again make Russia the “last proposal” on Syria. Plan solution to the armed conflict in the Arab country, us President Barack Obama discussed with President Vladimir Putin in China, at the summit of “twenty”. The contents of this proposal results in the newspaper The Washington Post, noting that Washington, which seeks to negotiate with Moscow on Syria, running out of patience.

photo: kremlin.ru


The American plan for the first time which became known in July, envisages a ceasefire between the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and rebels across the country, including around the besieged Aleppo, and sustainable delivery of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population. After these points are met, Washington and Moscow should begin joint air campaign against Islamic state (a terrorist group banned in Russia).

According to The Washington Post, the outlines of this plan were agreed in mid-summer, however, according to U.S. officials, Russia is now backpedaled on some issues, including the timing and duration of the ceasefire. “The Russians said, “Okay, we want to come back and talk about the things that were discussed at the previous meeting. We replied that this is not what we would like,” says the American edition of the high-ranking source close to the negotiations.

According to the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, the content of Russian-us talks on Syria have been inaccurately transferred to the press. “Not completely untrue this publication, – said Peskov article in The Washington Post, adding that the plan was indeed a subject of discussion between Obama and Putin. – We are talking about a certain agreement, a certain document which was mentioned by the President, which is actually mentioned by the President, but which, however, has not yet finalized”.

“This is not a new proposal – says “MK”, leading researcher of the Institute of Oriental studies Vladimir Sotnikov. But I don’t see possibilities for joint operation of Russian and American forces. The geography of the spread of moderate and immoderate opposition mixed. Plus added the Turkish military operation. Imagine what occurs the diversity of ground targets. It was said that our military are working to delineate the area of the bombing, but for joint operations, we need the sanction of the UN security Council: this is a serious matter”.

According to analysts, in the case of Russia’s refusal of the American plan no action from the White house will not follow. “We are not talking about strict measures, – says Vladimir Sotnikov. – Talking about the need to promote the peace process, it is necessary to harmonize the lists of the opposition, need to ensure that has been launched at Russia’s initiative, the peace process continued. I understand that this is the subject of long negotiations between Lavrov and his American counterpart John Kerry. Another thing is that in the remaining two months of stay in power the current us administration is hardly possible to expect greater progress: now the internal policy of the USA and all the efforts of the Obama administration are intended to help Hillary Clinton win the election. On the other hand, if it were possible to advance the peace process on Syria, the Obama administration would have recorded this myself like a good diplomatic success”.


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