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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trump expects “very, very good relationship” with Putin

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump promised to establish with Russia the most friendly relations in case of his election victory, and also criticized the American leader Barack Obama.

photo: youtube.com

Donald trump expressed confidence that they will be able to get along with Russian President Vladimir Putin, if elected. “I hope that we will have a very, very good relations with Putin and Russia”, — said the candidate of the Republican party, the TV channel NBC News.

The eccentric billionaire also did not forget to stab the incumbent President Barack Obama, who, in his opinion, in many respects loses to Vladimir Putin for his leadership qualities. Trump noted that Putin’s support is at about 82% of Russians.

“He is in control of his country. It is a completely different political system, and I don’t like this system, but under this system he is certainly the leader – to a much greater extent than our President,” said trump.

During the conversation, the presenter of the TV channel has described the Russian leader in a negative way, accusing him of “annexation of Crimea”, the support of Syria and Iran, and email hacking of the US Democratic party. At the same time, reminded the representative of the media, Putin called the billionaire “very bright” person, and trump admitted that he was pleased to receive praise from such a respected politician.

“So do you need the compliments, the former KGB officer?”, – asked the journalist. Trump retorted: “If he (Putin) will call me brilliant, I’ll take the compliment, okay? But the fact that he will do nothing,” said the Republican, implying that the President will be primarily to defend the interests of the United States.


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