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Saturday, March 17, 2018

To declare a city, which will host the “Eurovision-2017”, Ukraine does not have enough money

The European broadcasting Union (UER), which is the organizer of the song contest “Eurovision” has denied reports that the Eurovision-2017″ to be held in Russia. According to them, everything remains the same. The song contest should take Ukraine. However, it tightens with determination of the venue of the contest. And time for decision-making is less…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Recall that Ukraine still can not define the city, which will host the competition. Kiev authorities want to “Eurovision” was held in the Capital city. Experts of “political backstage” see the signs of superiority over the Kiev is much more young in age, but quite ambitious pearl of the Sea — Odessa. .

The name of the city be awarded the right to take the following song evrokonkurs, had to call 25 Aug 15 p.m. Moscow time in the press center of the government House of Ukraine. Two hours before the announced date at the main entrance to the Cabinet was a crowd of a few dozen journalists, mainly from Kiev, the Dnieper(former Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa. These cities became leaders according to the results of a thorough international “casting”. Officials from Stockholm, having studied the benefits of each of them, studiously avoided the promulgation of their own conclusions about their “viability”.

Shortly before the time of start of the press in the government building suddenly sounded “lights out.” The reason for the cancellation of one of the key events of the day for which you reserved a space in the grid of broadcasting of all Ukrainian TV channels, the voice did not bother. However, promised to invite journalists to participate in a similar action a few days later.

This promise too was broken. Until now, the city in which to host a competition not named. Contenders during this time became even less. “Weed” the Dnieper: it has an insufficient number of certified hotels, small airport (which is not able to make 20-25 thousand visitors), and the stadium is badly outdated “meteor” – would require huge financial investments for their reconstruction. It was said that Dnipro “scares” even on a purely “geographical” reason: to the demarcation line between Ukraine and the breakaway DNI and LC by hand.

According to the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Borislav Bereza, the winner of “battle of the Cities” August 25 was going to announce the hero-city of Odessa. However, the Kiev administration was very upset when I found out about the final decision of the organizing Committee.

The motives of the KSCA, according to Birch, is purely Mercantile. In case of transfer of the right to contest Odessa there funneling substantial financial flows: partly European, partly from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

As you know, the European broadcasting Union has traditionally been involved in the financing of the contest just after the vote. In the period of preparation for the “Eurovision” the main burden of costs falls on the host country. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the decision on allocation of the state Committee of 15 million euros; the amount is to adopt the Verkhovna Rada during voting for the state budget for 2017.

On 6 September, the Minister of culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk attempted to justify the delay in the announcement of the winner. “Shifts in time”, according to him, the investigation needed from each of the cities financial guarantees funding for the preparation of the infrastructure for the competition.” Ordinary Odessans, which is hardly surprising, interpreted so familiar with the word “guarantee” as “provocation of a bribe”. Because everyone understands: win now their glorious city the right to host “Eurovision-2017”, – the Pro-Russian mayor Gennady Trukhanov ensure that their second and even third re-election as mayor.

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