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Friday, March 23, 2018

The press-Secretary of Lukashenko called the removal of the Russian flag at the Paralympics “state position”

Press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalia Eismont put an end to the fierce debate: was the removal of the Russian flag during the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio “madness of the brave” or sanctioned action? “It is the position of the state, including the position of President of the country, President of the National Olympic Committee,” she said. But the foreign Ministry confirmed: “If such actions have consequences, we answer”.

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And somehow after these official words has become warmer. It’s one thing when courage takes one desperate, not afraid of the possible consequences. Another thing is, when a demonstrative act, challenging the IPC worth of the Union state. And the first thing I want to say: “Thank you, brothers”. By the way, the Russian foreign Ministry his gratitude to the Belarusians have already expressed.

In relations of Russia and Belarus, in spite of our official Alliance, there were different moments. Dad always preferred to do what is considered the most profitable for their country. Did not recognize the statehood of South Ossetia, has not distanced itself from Ukraine, threatened to turn to the West, if there is no savings on gas. But there are moments in which our total is still more important than the sovereign. This time, apparently, the actions of the European sports officials touched Belarusians for a living. “People with disabilities are very international, I think it is no exaggeration to say that the Paralympians are one big family, regardless of the nationality of the person. It is therefore absolutely clear that gesture of our Paralympians, and we in this issue with the Russians in solidarity entirely,” explained the position of the President, his press Secretary. This means that Dad is ready to take responsibility for the consequences that may occur in relation to the Belarusian team. Because earlier the head of the press service of the IPC, Craig Spence said: “If the Paralympic Committee of Belarus decides to do so, that according to the rules of the International Paralympic Committee, it will be seen as a political protest, and the IPC will take the necessary actions against athletes and national Committee.” After the flag was carried a quarter of a circle (until it was confiscated), the IPC stated that taking disciplinary action “against the athlete.”

However, as it turned out, the flag carried is not an athlete-Paralympic athlete and sports officials from Belarus, part of a delegation. Andrew Fomochkin — head of the Belarusian Republican centre of Olympic training in athletics. He is a former athlete, was the winner of the Spartakiad peoples of the USSR in 1986 and record of the USSR in the winter sport. Worked in the Ministry of sports of Belarus. Knowing his people say that much ambition he has never been to the demarches are not inclined. But it was he who carried the flag. What is the evidence that the action was thought out. Athletes at anything. A functionary can be punished only by expulsion from Rio. And that has happened. IPC withdrew its accreditation. I think that he will survive. Especially in the eyes of citizens and the Russians, he’s a hero. “I think that in the shower every second Belarusian would do the same. Only not everyone had the strength for such an act in public. Respect and uvazhuha such people!”, “About as! Is among sports officials there are still decent people. Support all my heart!!!” such a review full of the Belarusian sites. There are, of course, other statements: “a Disgrace!!!”, “Incompetent antics that can become costly for us”.

Really — can. But somehow it seems that the time of the removal of the Russian flag the Belarusian team has already entered the history of the Paralympic movement. And full support of these actions of official authorities of Belarus are quietly erased many of the conflicts in our relationships. Sport really does bring people together.

  • The delegation of Belarus has carried the Russian flag at the opening of the Paralympics: the impulse of the soul

    A delegation of Belarusian athletes, despite a ban by the International Paralympic Committee, still carried the Russian flag at the opening of the Paralympic games in Rio. A gesture of solidarity with the Russian athletes have already caused a negative reaction on the part of the organizers. They promised to find out all circumstances of this incident and take the appropriate decision.

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The Olympic games in Rio. Chronicle of events

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