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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The expert explained why the DPRK nuclear tests

The North Korean authorities officially announced that appreciated the potential and power of the newest nuclear warhead, conducted on the morning of Friday the fifth test, despite repeated warnings from the international community about their inadmissibility.

photo: Archive MK

According to the defense Ministry of South Korea, Pyongyang tested the most powerful nuclear bomb in its history. According to the Department, the power of the explosion was approximately 10 kilotons, according to other information – from 20 to 30 kilotons. It is reported that near the range Pangari where North Korean military conducted nuclear tests, recorded tremors of artificial origin, with the magnitude of 5.3. Similar tremors were recorded last here in January of this year, during the same tests, but then the power of the explosion was 6 kilotons (For comparison: the yield of the bombs dropped by the U.S. on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was in TNT for 21 kiloton).

Just before the current, the last explosion, the North Korea four times tested its nuclear development at the site Pangari: in 2006, 2009, 2013 and January 2016. How much has North Korea in their nuclear development and are now in these developments a real security threat – this “MK” asked the ex-chief of the military security apparatus of the security Council, chief of staff of the strategic missile forces (1994-1996) Colonel-General Viktor Esin:

– A goal by North Korea’s fifth test is the development of the nuclear charge, mass and size characteristics which would place it at the head of the ballistic type missiles Nadon, which is already in service with the North Korean army. These missiles have a payload of 1000-1200 kg. Now is North Korea seeks to solve the main task – to equip a ballistic missile medium-range nuclear warhead. I guess she’ll need another year to achieve this goal. And then the threat will arise not only for South Korea but also for Japan and American troops who are stationed in Okinawa. Even more complicated is the situation when North Korea will achieve positive results of the tests of longer-range missiles – about 3-3,5 thousand km In this case it will create a real threat for such American territories as GUAM. The missiles of the type Musudan, as well as those that will be let with submarines. These missiles are still not taken into service. But if you pass their flight tests, it means that they have a high degree of readiness and in a year or two they can be adopted.


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