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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The aim of an American reconnaissance aircraft was a Russian submarine

Entered into the active phase of the exercises “Caucasus-2016” has attracted the attention of NATO. So close that the venue tried to get the American planes that were intercepted by Russian fighters. The main subject of interest Americans have become the newest submarines of the black sea fleet.

The incident over the Black sea occurred on Wednesday. According to the official representative of the Russian Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov, two reconnaissance aircraft of NATO forces twice tried to approach the Russian border on the Black sea.

“This is an old practice of the cold war, when we were watching each other, watching the exercises and the other side tried to prevent this”

“Airbase in Belbek was raised on duty, the su-27. After approaching Russian fighter jets to scouts for visual recognition and definitions the Board rooms of American aircraft abruptly changed course and flew in the opposite direction from the state border of Russia”, – said the Russian defense Ministry. At the same time American planes, according to the Russian side was switched off or no transponders.

Thus, the Russian Ministry of defense returns to the Pentagon are the accusations that the US and NATO usually address the Russia – namely, that our military aircraft do not represent in-flight its presence with the help of special devices, so-called transponders. And this, in turn, allegedly threatened the safety of civilian flights. Transponders allow civilian Airliners and controllers to determine the presence in the air military aircraft.

The Pentagon, according to the Fox news channel, claims that the maneuvers of the Russian aircraft was allegedly unsafe and unprofessional. Allegedly, the Russian plane approached the American 3 meters, which created a danger of a collision. The Russian defense Ministry refutes this information, stating that the su-27 operated in strict accordance with international rules. American television, like the Pentagon, no word on what, exactly, did American planes thousands of miles from their native shores – both sources use the phrase “the aircraft were on a routine flight.”

“This is an old practice of the cold war, when we were watching each other, watching the exercises and the other side tried to prevent this, – has told in conversation with the newspaper VIEW, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences Vadim Kozyulin. Alas, this practice today is back with all its negative manifestations, in particular incidents of this kind”. He noted that “today is talking about how to resolve similar incidents in the air and at sea, but no documents are signed.” This circumstance, said Kozyulin, can not disturb.

He recalled how in 2001, China lost a pilot, who also flew to the us reconnaissance aircraft, was unable to avoid the collision and died. As a result, the Americans and the Chinese signed an agreement on avoiding incidents in the air. “Probably to smooth out the passion and reduce the rhetoric, Russia and the United States also need to sit down at the negotiating table”, – said Kozyulin.

The American plane approached the Russian border, is the patrol anti-submarine aircraft of the US Navy P-8 (Poseidon), designed to track enemy submarines. These aircraft arrived in the Black sea last month, just on the eve of the exercise, according USNInews. The same source says that “Poseidon” is the latest in the US a platform for anti-submarine warfare.

Black sea fleet is almost in full force involved in the exercises “Caucasus-2016”. From the Bay of Sevastopol, he was released two days ago. The number of involved vehicles – just multi-purpose diesel submarines of project 636 “Varshavyanka”. Four boats of this project over the past two years adopted the black sea fleet (and two more are expected). Seemed like their actions and interested in American anti-submarine aircraft in the first place. Thus, carrying out the interception “of Poseidon” coming from the Crimea, the su-27 performed the task of covering the deployment of submarines.

As reports TASS, citing the Ministry of defense, exercises with naval officers took lessons on the organization of antiaircraft defense, protection from mines and underwater saboteurs. “According to the plans of the commanders of ships was conducted training on damage control. On courts provide a proven willingness to rescue and resourcing actions of the naval tactical groups”, – quotes Agency the message of the Ministry.

The Ministry of defense reported and some details of the exercises in the Crimea, in particular, that on the ground Opuk squadron of Sukhoi su-34 Voronezh region have fulfilled the bombing of targets imitating columns of military equipment of the conditional enemy. In addition, she provided fire support for motorized infantry and tank units. Just spent 20 FAB-500 bombs.

Strategic command-staff exercises “Caucasus-2016” will go from 5 to 10, and according to others – until 15 September. That is, they are now entering a decisive phase. Just participate in them 12,5 thousand people, including 700 reservists who were called to territorial defence units – those that deal with law enforcement and close in the rear. With reservists recruited from across the country. The training is part of the southern military district.

Part of the military exercises held on the ranges of the Crimea, where on Thursday for this reason, even were the pending departures of dozens of flights. In addition to the black sea fleet tested the combat readiness of the Caspian flotilla, whose ships, incidentally, is actively involved in the operation in Syria.

The Russian defense Ministry invited to the final stage of the “Caucasus-2016” foreign military attaches from 60 countries and around 100 foreign journalists.

However, what is happening leaves most foreigners have a lot of questions. The present teachings are not the most ambitious in recent years, these were, perhaps, the exercises “Center-2015”, where he checked the readiness of the Central military district, which was attended by 95 thousand. In their framework, simulated the creation of a powerful aviation group of 150 aircraft, attack, fighter and bomber aircraft. Yes, and the duration of the “Caucasus-2016” inferior “Center-2015”, which took place over a month – from 18 August to 20 September.

However, the current exercises are being held in a particularly volatile region. Even the Ukraine has resulted in the increased combat readiness of its troops located near the Crimea. In addition, the legend of military exercises was published. That is, it is unclear who is regarded as a military enemy. According to military expert Viktor Murakhovski, in this case, the answer to this question is clear. “The exercises are held near the theater of responsibility of NATO,” he recalled in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.


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