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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Scientists have come up with a sensational way to find the culprit one hair

To date, criminologists often use DNA analysis in their professional activities. However, under the influence of the external environment DNA sometimes quite rapidly destroyed. To solve this problem, experts from the University of Utah, proposed a new and potentially more effective way of finding the criminals is on the individual set of proteins in his hair.

photo: pixabay.com

Scientists say that hair of every person contain a unique set of proteins for which the fingerprint, you can go to their owner. It is only necessary to treat the hair with a special substance that will not harm the squirrel but will dissolve “extra”, and then to perform individual set of proteins, which has employees who left their hair at the scene of the crime.

The technology was tested on 76 volunteers from Europe and North America, as well as 6 bodies age of about 250 years. As a result, they managed to make sure that “recognizing it” about a hundred different proteins from a single hair, you can identify its owner with very high accuracy. All in all, at the moment, specialists found 185 species of protein markers that can be protein “profile”, which will have only one person from a million. The researchers emphasize that they developed the technique is now at an early stage of development, which means that in future its effectiveness will likely continue to rise.

According to experts, the new method will be particularly effective in the investigation of crimes that have no Statute of limitations if DNA collapses over time, and fingerprints are erased even faster, the hair is able to “tell” you about, whose head, even a couple of centuries. By the way, experts suppose that they developed method can be useful not only for forensics, but also, for example, for archaeologists.

His research scientists published in the journal PLoS One.


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