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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Russians are disgusting to watch the debate

For a television debate before the elections to the state Duma, is following up exactly one-quarter of Russians. These are the findings of opinion polls. A few days earlier the data of similar studies published by other sociological services.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to the Fund ‘Public opinion’, 51% of respondents strongly wishes to watch the debate, and another 23% say they have never seen, but is theoretically safe against mind.

And according to a survey by the Levada Center, the television battles politicians with high interest 9% of Russians. At the question, wondering whether their elections, “definitely Yes” answer 13%, “rather Yes” – 33%. The majority of study participants by the Levada Center turned out to be interesting not only to debate but also the election itself.

What can say such a low attention to the debate? And how this attitude will affect the turnout on September 18? This “MK” asked the President FOM Alexander Oslon.

– If you compare with the previous years, we now wish to watch the debates among the Russians is reduced, but the attitude of the election itself it does not say, – says the sociologist. – Of course nobody, except the young and naive, does not expect that the vote can really change our lives. Never expected that before. However, from the point of view of respondents, the absence of such expectations does not mean that the elections do not need to go.

For the human polls have at least three meanings.

First. Election is an event of a ritual nature, confirming that we are one society, one nation and our world stable.

A second sense. My voice, my participation is important. I was important. My participation is important not only for candidates but also for themselves, assertions of self-worth.

Third. I like all the people around me. If all my friends, neighbors go — and I go. If everything is not going and I’m not going.

These meanings are concentrated in the turnout. That is why, for example, on regional elections in a small area turnout can reduce or raise several times weather. Were all going to go, but she soured – did not, and I will not go. In addition, there are such things as man-made voter mobilization or demobilization: “why to go, let’s all not go”!

If to speak about the Federal parliamentary elections, they are less dependent on weather and other whims, and traditionally bring together about 50% of the electorate or a little more. I think it will happen this time.

You watched or not watched the debates between candidates on TV? (VTSIOM)

Watched on TV – 23%

Was looking on the Internet – 2%

Not watched, but heard of them – 14%

Heard about the debate, but did not look and do not know what topics they discussed – 34%

The first time I hear about the debate – 25%

Difficult to answer – 2%


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