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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Putin in Tula said when they will complete a large-scale rearmament of the army

The domestic defense industry must produce not only military, but peacetime production. As, for example, this makes the enterprise in Tula, where in the framework of his official visit to the Central Federal district on 8 September Vladimir Putin has held meeting on development of military-industrial complex.

In NPO “Alloy” released “almost everything” — from multiple rocket launchers and flamethrowers to medical equipment for the maintenance of human life. And now I have to move everything: peak govindarasu the military-industrial complex is about to be passed, Putin warned.

photo: kremlin.ru

After the failure of the 1990s- beginning of 2000-ies in the last five years the Russian defence industry trillions of orders for total rearmament. Soon this Golden rain runs out, the President warned:

— We have now implemented a large-scale task of upgrading the army and Navy. This year with the latest technology should be replaced with 50% weapons, and by 2020 — 80%. But by 2020, according to our plans a large-scale rearmament of the army and Navy will be completed, and the rush of orders we get. Further, such volume of orders will not only continue the planned upgrade.

In these circumstances, the defense will inevitably have to increase production of civilian goods and dual-use goods. This could provide a download of the barely rising military-industrial complex, to recoup investments in technical re-equipment, and at the same time to ensure the notorious import substitution, about which now so speak.

While all of this civil products should represent not consumer goods, and the goods knowledge-intensive industries — such as medicine, energy, aviation and shipbuilding, space and communication: too much money spent on upgrading to “produce on this basis, pans”, said Putin.

photo: kremlin.ru
Vladimir Putin is not the first time Tula gunsmiths. Photo 2003.

Coordination of sales of civil products will take control of a government Commission on import substitution, said the President. While specific ideas download VPK civil projects is already there. So, the development potential of the domestic base in electronics in 2020 is expected to increase 3.5 times. The percentage of orders will have, along with government and the private sector, said Minister of industry Denis Manturov. To market a new civil product is developed special “zavlekalovki”: 50% discount for new products, which as hope in the Ministry of industry, will attract potential buyers.

Special attention will be given to domestic production of heavy equipment, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. And other resources of domestic production of goods for the health sector are: the Ministry of health, at the end of 2015 the share of medical goods in the domestic market did not exceed one third. So the government, Putin said, the time to form the state order for the missing products for the next 3-5 years.

Connect the MIC to the re-equipment of system of city passenger, air and rail transport, as well as the production of equipment for fuel and energy complex, most of which is now imported.

In addition, the Ministry proposes to fill up the Russian market domestic gadgets such as smartphones and tablets”. “Just need to work on their design,” — said the head of Department.


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