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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

In the milky way object discovered, preserved since the dawn of the galaxy

Object called Terzan 5, located at a distance of about 19 thousand light-years from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius, was much more mysterious than astronomers assumed for four decades since its opening. As found by the group of researchers under the leadership of Francesco Ferraro from the University of Bologna found that this object is a relic. That means he is about as old as the galaxy in which it is located — our milky way.

photo: pixabay.com

Originally Terzan 5 was classified as a globular cluster, but new observations made with the Very large telescope and several other instruments found that other objects of this type he did not like, according to experts of the European southern Observatory. Experts have found that stars nahodyaschiesya in this cluster, very much differ in composition and age, and the difference between “new” and “ancient” lights is about 7 billion years. This, in turn, suggests that older stars appeared almost immediately after the formation of the milky way. According to scientists, the emergence of new stars in Terzan 5 was not continuous but occurred mainly in two bursts of star formation.

Probably surprised scientists within clusters is still “mothballed” gas mass, such as those that participated in the formation of the bulge of the milky way — bright “thickening” in the center. In General, further study of Terzan 5, as expected for astrophysics, will help to better understand the history of the milky way from the earliest stages of its existence to the present day. Studying such an ancient object will allow you to better understand the relationship between the near and far Universe.

The milky way — the galaxy which contains the Solar system and all stars visible to the naked eye. Its galactic bulge is believed to have formed about 12 billion years ago (about is the age of the oldest stars in Terzan 5). For comparison, the age of the Universe since the Big Bang, according to modern concepts, is estimated at 13.8 billion years.


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