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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Damascus again trying to switch from the real war on information

After a long battle, and with massive support videoconferencing, the Syrian army brought down the defense of militants in the South of Aleppo, in parallel presenting an ultimatum to jihadists in the East of the city. The success of Damascus could not go unnoticed, and the Western coalition had already employed the usual tactics – massive information attacks.

The last days were remembered, first of all, several new attacks Shahid-mobiles in the positions of government troops near the road to Castello, but nothing surprising in this. A terrorist group according to the usual pattern and the usual methods of trying to put pressure on the front, which at the moment seemed weakened. And district road castle shopping centre farm a few days ago left the elite “Tigers”, urgently deployed under Hama.

“The Russian VKS all the time almost non-stop bombed the area along the Khan tuman – Ramose”

However, the Tigers already success to return is the most mobile unit in the entire Syria. And returned, together with the Palestinian brigade “Liwa al-Quds immediately went on the attack on the remaining enemy positions – “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” and “Fatah Aleppo” quarter Ramose. The night before they managed to capture the crossroads in the quarter that the last two months was a key defense point for jihadists in the South of Aleppo.

Already to 4 a.m. the government forces managed to almost completely release the quarter Ramose, throwing the enemy (mostly – part of the “Jaish al-Fatah”) to the storage tanks Kdcop. At the moment, the engineering part has already started to sweep the liberated areas from mines and unexploded ordnance. This is fundamentally because the area of the tanks should be considered as almost the last point of defense in that area of the city that until recently was considered the main stronghold of the jihadists. Parallel to the militants in the East of the city was given an ultimatum – aircraft of the Syrian air force dropped leaflets on them with a demand to surrender. Those who listen will be infiltration on the established pattern. The rest is destroyed.

Fighting for Ramose in total lasted more than 72 hours and we can already say that the defense of militants in the South of Aleppo is fully collapsed. In addition to the actual result visible on the map, this success has restored additional supply of government-controlled areas of the city that was previously attacked by terrorists in the area of Khanasser.

Russian VKS all the time almost non-stop bombed the area along the Khan tuman – Ramose, in just four morning hours managed to put about 30 shots on quarters the Rames and al-Rashidin. It is noted that particularly effective favorable development of the offensive of the Syrian army contributed to the bombing of free fall bombs in the district garage complex at Ramose, which in part relied on the defence of the jihadists.

On the backdrop of such a successful strike the government troops again began to spread information on cases of use of chemical weapons. “Moderate” opposition through its traditional propaganda system, based in London, blames his use of government troops and ISIL at the same time. A according from Damascus is just the opposite – a weapon of indiscriminate destruction used by those positions in which there are groups like the so-called “moderate” and al-Nusra, as it now is called. This story is as old as itself the Syrian war: do hide behind the “moderate” al-Nusra or work with her at the same time is rather difficult to establish, and the Americans are still not going to meet Russia in this question (for reasons already tired to list).

In any case, another propaganda salvo is done. As a photographer this is difficult to regard as other than another attempt to discredit Bashar al-Assad and reinforce the familiar thesis of Washington that “this regime there can be no negotiations.” Exactly the same story to the newspaper VIEW studied about a month ago.

Informed the joint mission of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) and the UN presented a report about the investigation of the nine incidents of alleged use of “chemistry”. In two cases laid the blame on government forces, the ISIL militants. Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin has already indicated that preparing the report on the mission “actually do recognize the ambiguity of the available evidence base, often using the language of the characteristic assumptions and not stating clearly established facts.” According to him, the data could be fabricated Damascus opposition forces.

And the logic is what is called an iron: for some reason the chemical attacks only begin when government troops achieve military success without any chemicals. While the massive pressure that falls on Damascus after every such case, allows “moderate” to rest, that is, the beneficiary in the end is not Damascus, and patronized by the West to “moderate”.

This time an information attack, was enhanced by that more than 70 Syrian non-governmental organizations have suspended cooperation with the UN in the humanitarian sphere. The vast majority of these organizations )”Syrian American medical society,” the “Syrian civil defense”, “White helmets” and others) are closely related to “moderate”. And without exception, operate on the territories controlled by the militants, regularly accusing Assad of all conceivable “humanitarian crimes”.

Special piquancy – the sudden conflict between the British newspaper Guаrdian and the UN. The publication claims that Damascus and the United Nations in fact are in collusion, therefore, humanitarian assistance and act in controlled by the militants areas. The UN categorically rejected and accused the journalists in an attempt to discredit their work, but the newspaper wants to discredit, of course, not the UN, and Assad. These attempts with endless references to humanitarian circumstances and the use of illegal methods of warfare will continue as long as the government army is slowly but surely moving towards victory.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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