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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Children’s task is about horses and boots puzzled Internet users

Posted one Facebook challenge, which featured horses, horseshoes, and boots for quite a long time a matter of controversy among those trying to solve it. It is particularly interesting that the three most common response, offer Internet users the truth is not consistent.

Most often in the comments to the post, has already gained 77 thousand likes and more than 14 thousand “repost”, that sounds like the answer is “48”. Other popular options have become the number 46 and 22. Also a pretty common version, the correct answer is 44, 24, 16, or 13. All Internet users have left more than half a million reviews.

The first three parts of the task does not cause most difficulties. The sum of the three “horses” is 30, and this means that each horse is equal to 10. On this basis, we can calculate that “pair of shoes” is 4 and “pair of boots” is 2.

The first thing you should pay attention to the last part — it shows only one boot and one Shoe. If you think strictly, it should mean that the problem is unsolvable in principle — a picture of a boot can be considered as simply another variable, and not specified anywhere that it should be half of the variable indicated by the picture of a pair of boots. However, apparently, the author of the problem does not involve so formal to her, so, we can assume that one Shoe and a horseshoe are indicated by two times the smaller number than the two boots and two horseshoes, respectively — that is, 1 and 2.

Another “trick” is that solving the last part of the problem, initially it is necessary to execute the multiplication and then addition. That is, if, for example, to try to solve this problem on a simple old calculator, first adding 1 and 10, and then multiplying the result by 2, the answer would be incorrect. In fact, the example, mean the bottom row of pictures looks like 1 + 10 X 2 = 21.

This is not the first task, quite unexpectedly “blowing up” the Internet. On the one hand, it is similar to one published scientific and popular communities in social networks example 6-1×0+2÷2=?, the solution of which action must be done in the correct order. On the other hand, we can recall published just before and also very popular task about bananas and coconuts, which is similar to new, even externally.

However, sometimes the interest of users and cause significantly more complex “baby” tasks, which need more than the care and knowledge of procedures for solving tasks in mathematics. As example the task “When is the birthday of Cheryl?”, which last year published on his page a Singaporean presenter Kenneth Kong. Although initially it was reported that this task is intended for students in the fifth grade, it was later revealed that it was prepared for the mathematics Olympiad in high school.

Along with mathematical examples and tasks to train logic, attention and disputes between users of social networks sometimes cause messages about various optical illusions — for example, about children’s railway tracks, depending on their position as if changing in size, or about the objects reflecting in the mirror is not so, as they are perceived without him.

Speaking of visual illusions, it is difficult not to recall another example that has become famous for its dress, which some Internet users were perceived as white and gold, others as black and blue, and the third and does change color. As subsequently explained by the experts, such a “variation” versions of the fact that the human brain perceives different light depending on what “amendment” is he doing on the background.


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