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Saturday, February 17, 2018

“Americanism” trump: why the billionaire promises a “good relationship” with Putin

“I think I could build a very, very good relationship with Putin. And I think I could build a very, very good relations with Russia… His (Putin’s) support level is 82%,” – these words have described Donald trump his vision of relations with Moscow in case of a victory on presidential election in the United States. This is not the first such statement by the candidate of the Republican party. If it’s a plans, or just campaign rhetoric focused on opponents of Hillary Clinton, famous for his vivid anti-Russian statements? In this with the help of the expert tried to understand the “MK”.

photo: youtube.com

In response to assurances from the Ladder of “very, very good relationship with Putin,” the moderator of NBC TV reminded policy, the role played by the Russian President in the Crimean issue, the Ukrainian crisis, relations with Syria and with Iran. “Okay, but nobody knows that for certain,” retorted the tramp. – Do you want to begin to list me the things that made Barack Obama at the same time? I think when he (Putin) calls me brilliant, I’ll take the compliment, okay? If he speaks well of me, I will say good about him. I have already said that he is really a true leader”.

Trump announced plans to normalize relations with Moscow can be easily mistaken for normal pre-election move. Democrats for Russia is primarily a threat. So the Republican candidate is profitable to take the other side to attract those who don’t like anti-Russian statements Hillary Clinton.

The irony is that Clinton chose the hard anti-Russian rhetoric, largely due to accusations by Republicans in Obama’s address: that the 44th President of the United States is too soft and naive in relations with Moscow.

Now the democratic candidate shows a willingness to take more decisive than its predecessor, the action towards Russia, said in an interview with “MK” head of the Center for foreign policy studies of the mechanism of the US Institute of USA and Canada studies Sergey SAMUYLOV.

“But the tough rhetoric of Clinton does not mean that she will implement it, if they come to power, – the expert emphasizes. – As for trump, he really believes in what he says. He proclaimed the official slogan – “Americanism, not globalism”, that is, the desire to engage in internal Affairs, the tightening of the NATO countries, so they were not dependent in relation to the United States, and contributed 2% of GDP, etc.

And in that vein, the friendly interest of Trapa in cooperation with Russia, for example, on Syria. He says is absolutely correct: if both Russia and the United States needs to destroy the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group), then why not take the help of Moscow, saving both time and resources to solve domestic us problems. This fits into his concept of “Americanism, not globalism.”

The main question, if trump will come to power – will you give him the US political elite, especially the Congress, to implement his plan. The elite now set the globalist – hence the negative attitude of the Republican nominee on her part. The representatives of these circles are interested in the promotion and spread of democracy around the world, they firmly believe that this kind of mission America.

I believe that the statements trump is not an electoral ploy. But if the Republicans, if you retain control of Congress, will, of course, to put a spoke in the wheel. Well, got he will be able to realize its intentions regarding Russia and Putin at least 30%.”.


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