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Saturday, March 17, 2018

American Bank assessed the possibility of the existence of the matrix

Bank of America Merrill Lynch told its clients that the humanity with a probability of 20 to 50% live in “the matrix”. According to a financial organization, the world we perceive as real, can be modeled by computer simulation.

Analysts of the Bank in his note to clients cited research by scientists, philosophers, and businessmen, who admit that the real world is a simulation, writes Business Insider.

Argument in favor of this version is that humanity is already approaching technologies photorealistic 3D modeling, which can simultaneously engage millions of people.”

“It is likely that with the development of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and computing power, the civilization of the future decided to model the lives of their ancestors using a computer,” — said in a letter to customers of the Bank.

The document provides the views of the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon musk, who admitted that people live in the computer game civilization. Analysts also refer to the arguments of the Swedish philosopher Niklas Bostrom, who in 2003 published a book called “And do we not live in the Matrix?”,

The Bank cites three possible scenarios for humanity that have made Bostrom. The first is extinction before reaching a “Posthuman” stage. The second is the transformation into a “postlude, but without computer simulation history. The third option implies that people are already in the matrix. The implications of these findings for investors remain unclear, concludes Business Insider.


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