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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Turkey is ready to work together with USA to liberate the Syrian Raqqa from ISIS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed readiness to hold a joint U.S. operation to liberate the Syrian from Raqqa militants of banned terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG). About this Turkish leader said after talks with U.S. leader Barack Obama at the summit of “big twenty” in China.

photo: pixabay.com

“Raqqa is an important centre DAISH (Arabic acronym of ISIS – “MK”). Obama wants to work together to make something for Raqqa. We talked with him, that’s not a problem for us, ” Hurriyet Daily News quotes Erdogan’s words. Is that was the subject of our talks with the United States… What can we do there will be more clear after the talks. What can be done on this issue, due to the American position.” The Turkish leader noted that “from this moment Turkey must show that it exists in this region.

“The US is less concerned about the issues associated with the achievement of compromise between the warring in Syria, the structures between Turks and Kurds, between different rebel groups, etc., – said “MK” , senior lecturer of the Department of political science school of Economics Leonid Isaev. – They are more concerned about ISIS and the opposition to it. The Americans called on the Turks for surgery throughout the lifetime of the antiterrorist coalition. USA carry out a ground operation alone or not, and without it IG impossible to fight. The Turks refused it. Now the situation has changed: the Turks are forced to lead a ground operation against ISIS. They have their reason, and it is primarily the Kurdish factor.”

According to the analyst, the operation to capture Raqqa – one of the ways Ankara to gain an understanding of Washington on the issue with the Syrian Kurds, who earlier this year announced the creation of their own autonomy in the North of Syria – near the border with Turkey. “What are the dividends of this is Erdogan? First of all, the influence of the US on Syrian Kurds, says Leonid Isayev, – that they have frozen their plans to move from Manija in the direction of Afrin (West MK). It’s all forcing Erdogan to be more active and interact with Americans in the fight against ISIS, to carry out a ground operation and to carry out the capture of Raqqa. The Kurdish issue is number one.

However, plans for Rakka does not mean that Turkey turned away from Russia. “The Syrian issue was is and will be controversial in our relations with Turkey, – said the “MK” Leonid Isaev. – If we renewed relations, it does not mean that we will sing in unison on all matters of foreign policy. Ankara has its own interests – we admit it. Moscow has its own interests, and the Turks are also recognized. Turkey remains a NATO member, where the leading role played by the United States. It is naive to think that the restoration of relations of Russia and Turkey will lead to WMD that Turkey will spoil its relations with NATO and the United States.

I think we Turkey have agreed on the delimitation of spheres of influence. Relatively speaking, North Syria – not our sphere of influence. So we neutrally observe everything that happens there. We do not attach importance to the fact that Turkish troops crossed the border with Syria. And Damascus says the ritual of the application. But the Turks do not climb the South – where we have identified its influence where our military bases are located and where political capital”.

Meanwhile, the representative of US state Department mark Toner said about the negotiations about joint air strikes by the US and Russia in Syria on positions of the IG and “al-Nusra Front (terrorist group are also prohibited in Russia). At the briefing the diplomat said that such a possibility was discussed between the American and the Russian sides along with humanitarian aid to Syrians, the political transition and the ceasefire.

Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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