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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

To the Ground rushing asteroid, capable of destroying a whole city

Today, with our planet just missed a giant asteroid 2004 BO41 with a diameter of more than half a kilometer, but after a few days to our planet approaching another space object — QL44 2016. According to the British newspaper Express, the asteroid is much smaller than its “predecessor”, but it can fly off the Ground much closer, and in the case of falling on it — cause large-scale destruction.

photo: pixabay.com

2004 BO41 just a couple hours ago flew at a fairly comfortable distance of 15 million kilometers from Earth. Its diameter, according to some estimates, up to 1.6 kilometers. If one day a space body of this size will fall to our planet, the consequences will be disastrous. As shown by the previously presented calculations of the American geophysicists, even kilometer of the meteorite would have been enough to place his fall left a crater about 15 kilometers, the average global temperature of six years dropped to the level of the glacial period, and the amount of available food decreased dramatically.

While 2004 BO41 flew from us at a distance, approximately 39 times the average distance between the earth and the Moon, QL44 2016 is expected to be only 3.5 times farther from our planet than its natural satellite. It is not excluded that in practice, this distance is even smaller, due to some characteristics of the asteroid to determine its trajectory, the scientists were able only approximately.

Diameter 2016 QL44 is not more than 61 kilometers, that is, compared with 2004 BO41 its dimensions are rather modest. However, if such a cosmic body fall to the Ground in a large village, the consequences of a collision alleged to be comparable to the fall of several atomic bombs.

NASA experts assure that the probability of collision of the Earth with whatever of the currently known major asteroid in the next century tends to zero. At the same time, researchers are aware that to date, astronomers have discovered not all potentially dangerous asteroids. The most “eloquent” reminder of their threat can be considered as the fall of the meteorite “Chelyabinsk on 15 February 2013, injuring 1 613 people, and material damage amounted to nearly half a billion rubles.


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