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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The sensation of the theatrical season: where will play Yakovlev and Belokhvostikova

On Wednesday at the same time announced the opening of its theatrical seasons from several theaters — Satire, Pushkin and the theatre under the direction Dzhigarkhanyan. However, in life the last event occurred, more important than any of the premiere, he’s been waiting for him for many years.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Vladimir Naumov. Photo: Paul Archers

Belokhvostikova came in a troupe of.

What was waiting for Armen Borisovich so long? The small stage of the theatre in the area of metro station “Sportivnaya”. Finally it was built, and a favorite of the audience looked completely happy housewarming. Still, this place he has linked specific emotions — here in 1996, on co-operative street, and began the theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. It is here from the University 20 years ago, he has led its graduates. Here rehearsing its first performances, had tasted the first success, then was moving at the Lomonosov Prospekt in the former cinema “Progress”, which is the Main stage. And finally appeared Small. It occupies the basement and the whole 2 floor 3-storey building.

— Where and what you have now will happen in the new house? — ask Armen Borisovich.

On the bottom we are now the dressing rooms, on the ground — auditorium, it 92 seats. And the second sewing shop, 2 rehearsal rooms and my office, and offices of Directors and recording Studio. Their solo performances will be played by actors of our theatre, and the Studio Director and teacher of Pike Pavel Lyubimtsev.

Armen Borisovich, do you think something to play in the new season?

— I will not say yet. It is important that on the Main stage came the play “a Streetcar named Desire, “a play rehearsing Sergei Vinogradov. But we’ll see.

I must say that the building of the Cooperative was not operational since 2002, that’s when theater and moved on Lomonosovsky. And continued to rehearse the Cooperative. Generally Armen Borisovich gives this place a special value because it is situated near the Novodevichy convent. The importance of the moment event was underlined by the presence at the opening of the Small stage of the head of culture Department Alexander Kibovsky. But the appearance of actress Natalia Belokhvostikova was somewhat surprised at first, but then it turned out that this wonderful actress and is also a graduate of the GITIS accepted into the troupe of the theater Dzhigarkhanyan.

Elena Yakovleva — Evgeny Pisarev: “Let’s kiss and then get married”

In the meantime, on Tverskoy Boulevard, Pushkin theater, the Pushkin in the luxurious lobby, with a very poor view (perennial stains on the ceiling and cracks), gathered the troupe at the opening of the season. The theater Evgeny Pisarev louder and more insistent makes talking about professionals and the public.

Evgeny Pisarev Alexandra Ursulyak.

Artistic Director announced plans for the season, which will be held under the sign of tragicomedies. For the tragedy of the answer the Petersburg Director Yury Butusov, who three years ago released in the Pushkin loud enough the play “the Good person of Szechwan” Brecht. He intends to continue survey on the site of the first drama, which takes its first play, “Drums in the night”, complex, tragic. In the title role of Alexander Ursulyak. Balance in perception of the world will restore Evgeny Pisarev, who in January is preparing to release the British Comedy “hay fever” 1925. It is taken specially for Vera Alentova — the actress in the new year to mark the anniversary.

Vera Alentova.

Is a Comedy on the eternal theme, which can be formulated as follows: “the theatre can go, but always leaving it impossible”, — tells about the work of Evgeniy Pisarev. — It has in its time played by great Actresses. Well, for me it is important that in five years at the Pushkin, I have never worked with Vera Valentinovna, which I think is wrong. And another Comedy, which will rise in the spring poster — “Music of the heavens!” the American playwright Ken Ludwig. It’s like the sequel to the smash hit theatre “Borrow the tenor”, going to the same house for 12 years.

And here Pisarev of surprises. The main role he invited the wonderful Elena Yakovlev, who several years ago left the “Contemporary”.

— I invited her to the theater.

— In the troupe?

— No, while on the show. When we were negotiating, Elena told me: “Let’s kiss and then get married.” So throw a trial balloon. Partner Yakovleva, Igor Bochkin.

Young Director Alexei Frandetti, who now have a home for musicals, will begin work on “Casanova”. The music specially for Pushkin wrote a Latvian composer Karlis Latsis, which they say he’s the new Raymond Pauls.

And we are continuing to experience an incredible amount of touring — plastic play “mother’s field” goes to Shanghai, “measure for Measure” — in Australia, “the Marriage of Figaro” — in Germany. Not to mention the Russian city where the theater will go to the program “Big tour”.

— I heard from some of jurukov and Directors, being on the road with all the advantages of financially not very beneficial to the theatres, which have sold-out performances in Moscow. Here the ticket prices are higher and, therefore, they earn more.

— Well remember his first visit to the theatre. The first question that I heard at the meeting: “In the end, are we ever gonna go on tour?” Now such happiness to escape, and I believe that while is, until we want to go.

25 December — birthday of the Chamber theatre, which has grown from Pushkin. How are you doing with a plaque to the founders — Alexander Tairov and Koonen, Alice? Someday it will happen? And what about the reconstruction of the theater. On Pushkin foyer painful to watch.

Board… there were all difficult. On the one hand, we were allowed, but said it should only be an information plate, they say, there was a Chamber theatre. But what, say, the sense to hang another just metal. I wish it was a plaque, and not only theater and Tairov with UNC, which 35 years working here. But still I hope that by December 25 something.

Surprisingly, in the process of fighting for a memorial plaque so many were architects, architectural firms, who are ready absolutely for free to make us a project. We would not then ask for money from the Department of culture, but apparently this theater has always been not just… long. And remains so even now — and with the permission to install a memorial plaque, with our unique Pushkin foyer.

In Satire will spread “the Sea” for Fyodor Dobronravov

At the same time, your 93rd theatrical season was opened by the Moscow academic theatre of satire. Hudruk theatre Alexander Shirvindt also told about the nearest plans for the season. The first premiere of the theater will be “…AND the SEA”. It is such a kind game based on the works of Ernest Hemingway in the execution of Fyodor Dobronravov. Date and place of the premiere marked on 15 October, the birth of the satire Attic”. Director Alexander Nazarov.

photo: Evgeny Semenov
Alexander Shirvindt and Vera Vasilyeva.

A month later, on the Main stage will break Comedy “Never too late” by American playwright Sam Beaver in the production of Alexander Shirvindt. Starring Yuri Vasiliev and Alyona Yakovleva. And another Comedy, and also on the Main stage of “twelfth night” of Shakespeare directed by Pavel Safonov.


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