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Sunday, March 25, 2018

On the “Caucasus” took saboteurs

Large-scale military exercises “Caucasus-2016” held these days in the South of Russia. The maneuvers, involving more than 12 thousand people, 400 units and 15 ships are on the grounds of the southern military district, including in the Crimea, the Black and Caspian seas. The exercises are being watched by the correspondent “MK”.

photo: Alexander Stepanov

photo: mil.ru

Strategic command and staff exercises “Caucasus-2016 will be the final “accorda” numerous exercises and snap inspections of troops who have passed this year. First and foremost, on the exercise will test the preparedness of organs of military control for the management of cross-species groups of troops, and commanders will gain practical experience in planning, preparing, and conducting combat operations.

So, on the ground of “Sernovodsk” Stavropol territory played out one of the episodes of the maneuvers, which were estimated operations of combined-arms brigades in the maneuver defense. That is, the ability to quickly change position, to overcome the minefields and the ability to counterattack, inflicting maximum fire damage. In addition, during the maneuvers defined as the ability of reconnaissance to identify and destroy sabotage and reconnaissance groups infiltrated into the rear.

The positions, which was clearly visible from the command post, froze about a dozen tanks.

– According to the legend, we need to reflect attack of the enemy strength up to brigade, reinforced by artillery, – said one of the officers. – Now begins.

On the ground there was a loud explosions, simulating the attack of the enemy. Tanks, standing on the positions returned fire. After a few minutes of shooting, technique at speed began to move away, covering the retreat with clouds of white smoke.

– Are we retreating? – I asked the officer.

Is the testing element of the brigade in maneuver defense, – explained the. – Equipment needs under the cover of smokes quickly change positions, luring the enemy into prepared traps, and then suddenly counterattack.

Even one episode of exercise — opposition and sabotage-reconnaissance groups.

This is a chain of soldiers in camouflage fatigues moving through the terrain.

According to legend, they must calculate the location of the command post and give the coordinates of artillery. Suddenly, at great speed with the two sides appear several armored personnel carriers, which jump scouts and shooting on the move, attacking the enemy. Galloping battle and a group of commandos lying on the ground. Scouts cleaning the area, checking for any installed explosive devices.

– The task was to calculate the saboteurs and destroy the group – told “MK” a military intelligence officer Sergei Thorium. – I believe that the task we did.

He admitted that the detection of spies is not as easy as it may seem. Here you need both a flair and constant training. Work drones are also very important.

Drones certainly help, but the placing of the patrols and secrets in places of possible occurrence of the saboteurs probably the key point, ” he said.


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