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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Michael Udaltsov: Us dumped bombs

“Behind enemy lines, we were usually transported on the aircraft. Just everything happened not like in the movies,” – said the newspaper VIEW on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the siege of Leningrad last of the living operational intelligence of the Baltic Fleet Michael Udaltsov.

Operational intelligence was considered to be at the front of a kind of elite, but their eyes were called bombers. The award, as the first bullet is always them.” Few of them survived to the fifth-sixth operation. Michael A. Udaltsov, who was interviewed by the newspaper VIEW, visited the German rear nine times.

“They gave us each 12 rounds, two grenades, but a small ladies’ gun. Toy toy, even thick plywood not punched”

OPINION: Mikhail Alexandrovich, you were in intelligence school in the beginning of the war, at the age of 17. As you are not subject to appeal, there took?

Michael Udaltsov: Actually, not at the beginning. Before the war I worked in a team of fitters on the construction of the power plant “Svir-2, and from there we were sent to dig anti-tank ditches under the Meadow. And then suddenly it turned out that the Germans beat us to it, and we already have them in the rear. Panic started, people began to scatter in all directions, and we were attached to the tail of any goes to their military unit and were drowned. Crossed the front line. And later decided to go on the ride to Leningrad.

OPINION: the City was already under siege?

M. U.: Yes. The sleepy town like a dead man… well, he came, and immediately – in the headquarters of the partisan movement, the Decembrists, 35. Stayed there for three days. Gave us each for 12 rounds, two grenades, but a small, blued steel, ladies ‘ pistol. Toy toy, even a thick plywood is not punched.

These weapons threw us to the Germans in the rear. It was already cold, frost and I in jacket, light trousers, canvas shoes and a cap. Was freezing, especially at night, to such an extent that socialse under a tree and sat. It would freeze, if one of the men – I do not remember his name – didn’t save me. They saw that I sat down again, came up and began to peel. For me living was not but warmed up. Only when we returned back to the Headquarters, we were given boots, warm pants, sheepskin jackets…

Michael Udaltsov came to the forefront 17-year-old (photo: archive)

And so we threw across the front line three times. And then said, “Enough for you guys to play the fool with the partisans. To defend the Motherland!”

OPINION: That is called in the army? But you also was only 17 years old…

M. U.: I did not. Said, “Go, boy, to your mother.” I, of course, mom did not go, and in a passing car was returned to Myaglovo. And there already and got into a study group of the intelligence Staff of the Baltic fleet.

I was trained as a radio operator and at the end of March ‘ 42 were transported to the Neva Dubrovka, to see what are.

I stayed there for three days. Stuck in a dugout on the banks of the Neva, where the so-called Management. Worked with open text – ability to encrypt does not have any. Shot constantly, not to raise your head… And when I got back, I said, “you’ve passed the exam”. And began to throw in the rear of the Germans

OPINION: On the plane?

M. U.: Yes. Only it was not like in the movies… When the first time brought to the airport, showed on the map where throw, explained how to keep hands and feet to not tip over when opening the parachute. Then was given a glass of alcohol and put the plane on the Board.

OPINION: what Board?

M. W.: So after the plane was – a common bomber and we were dropped as bombs. Of equipment – two brackets and a Board on which I had to sit down. When the pilot flew over the landing site, it muffled the motor, went into a nosedive, down for 500 meters, pushed the button, the brackets were removed and you and the Board went through the open bomb Bay down…

Frankly, people did not regret, and preparing for my today’s look in General was lousy…

OPINION: German trained you?

M. W.: At the level of “halt” and “Hande Hoch”.

LOOK: But you did just have surgery in a fascist form? Without knowledge of the language?

M. U.: In form, Yes. And it got me a few times rescued. There was a case in Finland. Go with a partner through the woods, and blueberries sea! We began to gather, suddenly we see – we meet six Finnish soldiers. Also berries are harvested. He saw us, but pretended not to notice.


M. W.: Between the Germans and the Finns at that time were serious contradictions. Finnish soldiers the Germans did not like and didn’t contact them…

OPINION: We assume, then you’re in luck… And it often happened that the scouts did not return from a mission?

M. U.: different people died. Here, for example, when you came through the front line, walked with his eyes closed. Didn’t know who you get shot – the Germans or his own. Shot with both sides. Initially, the us, operational intelligence, there were 160 people, and in 1945 left twenty…

OPINION: After the war you met her?

M. U.: the past – Yes, every year, in Leningrad. Well, now after all, no one left. By the way, I have a few years make lists of intelligence of the Baltic fleet. Restore mostly by memory. So here I sit and quietly in the evening doing…


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