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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Market prisoners in Ukraine: for sharing take dollars or a foreign car

Experts name the approximate figure of two thousand. Such a number of prisoners of war can be contained now in Ukrainian prisons.

Among them were the militia, volunteers, civilians, and even volunteers from Russia.

Soldiers ATO, captured, at times less — in the document now given with humanitarian purposes by representatives of Ukraine, the leaders of “Big twenty”, said only about 107 people.

Ilovaisk and Starobesheve boilers, Debaltsevo, Snizhne, Uglegorsk, according to the participants of those events, — anywhere there was a large number of Ukrainian prisoners of war. Where did they all go?

People who previously held high positions in the leadership of the unrecognized republics, argue that the exchange of prisoners has long turned into a kind of business project.

And the war zone is in an underground offshore zone for human trafficking.

Both the one and the other.

The DNR is responsible for sharing the Ombudsman Daria Morozova. Photo: dnr.ru

…Complete exchanges was not since the winter. And it seems that in the near future is not expected. The Plenipotentiary representative of the DND Denis Putilin said that proposals for exchange of prisoners of war from the official Kiev did not arrive for a long time. About it, he says only journalists are talking about.

“Early in the Donbas people to change was easier, yet it did not take over politics. Therefore, it is necessary to bring down process from the political level for those engaged in family and negotiators” — sure, perhaps the most famous ex-prisoner Nadiya Savchenko.

By the way, the loudest of exchanges of this war — when for the pilot Savchenko gave two garesnica, Alexander Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev.

The captive engineers.

The main rule — no rules

In the civil war do not work legal conventions and norms of morality. But the civil war still have its axioms. One of them is the return of the dead and the living exchange. It is no secret that many field commanders are mobiles for each other — and often after a fight, they call each other to decide how, where and on what terms to make this reshuffle. And everyone understands — whether that on his return home, even “two hundred”, the war will be taken care of.

Politicians have other priorities. The exchange of prisoners for those in power — a kind of PR, a long-term deal.

“When I was in captivity, and I miraculously managed to get through to his, at the end I was told I was not worried that Monday my question will be engaged. And was Thursday…” — still can’t forget the poet Yuri Yurchenko, 2014, voluntarily posted by a left to the Donbass. Once to the boys of the Ukrainian battalion “Donbass”, he spent several weeks between life and death.

“We spoke different languages. Those who believed that I could suffer in captivity and until Monday. Yes, jail these categories — the following week — simply does not exist! Here’s one that should immediately be fired. Those involved in the prisoners of war. And they have all the crosses in the chest,” says Yurchenko.

From the Ukrainian side on these issues Cox Viktor Medvedchuk and Irina Gerashchenko. Medvedchuk called almost the main Savior of Hope Savchenko. Deputy speaker of Parliament, MS Gerashchenko takes the issue to the global G20 format in a paper presented at a meeting of leaders “the Big twenty”, specifically refers to 107 Ukrainian military and 9 civilian prisoners, “contained in the territory controlled by the separatists”.

The DNR rescue prisoners of war are held personally by the Commissioner for human rights Daria Morozova and the Ministry of defence of the breakaway Republic.

Small exchange’?

At the end of June near the village of Shirokino lost eight sappers from Donetsk. Under the agreement with the OSCE mission conducted a planned guys demining the area. Security officials of ATO gave the order to bomb the area. Two sappers were killed on the spot, eight, hard, shell-shocked, and captured.

The sister of sapper Vitaliy Shevelev hopes that he will come home.

“We, the relatives learned of the trouble from the Internet — says the sister of Vitaliy Shevelev, one of the prisoners. — The information went from the Ukrainian side, we immediately contacted the leadership of the DNI: is it possible to exchange? We even tracked down the personal phone of the Commissioner for human rights Darya Morozova, who reassured us that, say, our children are already included in the lists. A few days later, the Ukrainian side has really offered an equivalent deal eight give eight of our soldiers ATO. But it turned out that the Ukrainians agree to the exchange, only our one is not going to change. In the waiting room Morozova explained to us that the leadership of the Donetsk Republic is no longer interested in small exchanges.”

However, after the DNR decided not to niggle, 5 July were released Ivan bezyazykov, Colonel Mat. The Ukrainian media have presented it as a great victory of its intelligence services. At the same time Petro Poroshenko officially reported that at the time of return Bezyazykov in the DNI contained 113 of the Ukrainian prisoners, in September, there were 107, that is for 6 people.

So small exchanges still exist? But not for all or on any specific terms.

“Colonel John Bezyazykov and two military intelligence officers APU, I personally interrogated. Argue that bezyazykov was the carrier of serious information, transmit it back to the enemy was by no means impossible. Is this an act of good will to squander the gift exchange Fund”, — my interlocutor seems Eldar Khasanov, former chief of staff of the Slavic teams and former chief of staff of the Ministry of defence DND.

Colonel Khasanov were in the leadership of the Chief intelligence Directorate of the DPR: “Judging by what happened with Bezyazykov, I can only assume that was concluded some secret deal. Statement of the Ukrainian side about the RAID — a cheap bravado, especially given the silence of officials of the DNI. No fighting in Donetsk, which contained bezyazykov in those days was not to steal it too, could not”.

For the Colonel this topic is personal and patient. 20 Jul 2014 in the Luhansk region went missing 26-year-old son. It is known that the young man was captured by the fighters “Aydar”, he tried to run, received three bullet wounds… “the Ministry of defence DND, I was offered quite disgusting, I believe, a scheme to force the Ukrainians to accept that my son is they need to stop all the exchanges. I refused. Because it’s mean, blackmail other people’s lives”

As it turned out, the son Hasanov died from his injuries the next day after the capture. On the other side knew who his father was.

— And you personally offered to sell someone something? Or to make a deal?

— From the Slavic all knew me not “negotiate”. That’s why I’m in Moscow, not in Donetsk. I left the intelligence Directorate of the DPR in April 15 year on a business trip for transfer to the high court a detailed report about the lawlessness that started to happen on the ground. There came the report to the recipient, I don’t know…

“Two hundredth” do not change

With the outbreak of war in Donetsk had a Commission on POWs. The Chairman was a doctor Liliya Radionova. Worked without money, office equipment, pens brought from home. Sitting in the regional library. Made lists of prisoners of war. The living and the dead.

Liliya Radionova in 2014, she was in the dungeons, “Then I was able to count ours, who was in prison in Kharkiv, the SBU. About 50 people they were. The first exchange occurred on August 17 of the same year. Gave the Ukrainians three people and eight “hundred” and was returned to me eight children and two dead. It was a very good account.”

Over time, the work of the Commission, according to Lilia intervened the authorities needed someone to write on the list in addition to or, conversely, to exclude from the exchange. “From what it was, I don’t know. But a few state commissions had already joined the Ministry of defence of the DNI, and to decide such issues I could no longer. The only thing I have always advocated that “two hundred” returned to relatives just like that.”

After I produced about a hundred exchanges, it became clear that in Ukraine behind bars is the people sitting somehow much more than the fighters of ATO in DPR.

“On the other side came up with a scheme — arresting anybody, a lot of innocent Russians who came here with household purposes, sometimes even to the funeral. Some were released and then re-took and again made the lists, and so on”.

Lily is confident that the DNI to see the prisoners treated more humanely than the enemy. Many former enemies, not especially hurried back home to Ukraine, fearing again to ring out in the army.

But the testimony of one of the commanders of the brigade: “In the Snow taken languages in General went”. They had nowhere to place. Thought to use for this former zone. Personally, I went to ATO representative, who offered to send food, mattresses so that the prisoners had acceptable living conditions. But over time, all these people are gone somewhere… And I have a reasonable suspicion that they are not traded, and just one sold dear.

Take for brother

I ask my friend, Odessa journalist to know how to treat a possible human trafficking the other side. Especially in the city of the sea are now stranded hundreds of refugees from the Donbass.

These poor live in abandoned buildings, sleep on boards, are starving. Previously, refugees fed up of nuns from the convent, but also pity, too, has its limits.

To talk want. A woman of about forty-five admits that he personally bought for her husband at “separable”. “We formerly lived near Ilovaysk. My husband was in the ATO. Captured. There he was not beaten, but made in the minefields remove the corpses. For two weeks he stayed. I picked him up.

Came and started to ask the release of her husband. No money but got a new car — take it! They agreed and even Ukrainian checkpoint husband back through the minefields spent. However, my husband then no. Was mental. We are in Odessa soon left, as it is impossible to live in hell. But the car was a loan taken. New. She was found a month later. All riddled”.

“Details worked out yet on the Chechen campaign. There is a demand. I have a suggestion. The relatives are given time to collect the required amount. It is quite possible, by the way. I’ve heard numbers up to 9 thousand dollars, he told me another commander of the militia. — Established a network of intermediaries. But a bad thing if a person gets into the ATO units, from the information already in a few days, go to the SBU, and then quickly and cheaply exchange will not work. And in the same battalion “Donbass” and “Aydar” anybody not held accountable. Wanted — finished, wanted — sold.”

….26-year-old former militiaman Mikalai Triguba have a twin brother. He is in captivity. Nicholas — in the wild, relative, of course, in Russia it is illegal. At any time can be deported.

Nicholas Trigub wants to save his brother.

We meet on the outskirts of Moscow. In some garages. The guy nervously Smoking and using the word hissed obscenities, I understand that this also means a limit.

“Brother snitched to the SBU neighbor. Taken directly from the house. Although it was fighting me, not my brother. But we are twins who will be there to understand… I immediately applied for an exchange. All bro, told me will be fine. I went to “combat”. Repeatedly call, no one did not take the phone one more application filed. Exchange again took place. A friend of mine openly explained to 2 thousand bucks is worth it. Part is our part — Ukrainians. But the money I’ve got, brother condemned, now it is being moved from city to city, from prison to prison, bastards… what war?”

My brother’s life hangs in the balance. He had severe pulmonary disease, he needed bed rest, treatment. “The UN, the Red Cross to complain to the European court — to no avail — cuts Nicholas. — In the Donbass I do not care. I dropped everything and went to Russia. But here, nobody wants me, running from immigration and looking for a way to save his brother”.

Off season

“If I know something about the selling of prisoners of war? — not surprised my question poet Yuri Yurchenko, whom I called with a request to recall his misadventures in captivity two years ago. — Of course, you know. Under me collected serious money. Was a great abuse, to put it mildly. Where collected? Here, in Moscow. Many friends gave… I’ve been wanting to ask this question, where did those funds come from? Who? After the scandal broke in the media I in the end absolutely for free exchanged for four officers.

Yuri Yurchenko does not exclude that the actual abolition of the Commission for exchange of prisoners of war happened because she existed on a voluntary basis, in fact, presenting a gold mine.

And about six months before the head of the Commission Liliya Radionova almost died on one of the exchanges. It just “forgot” on the route on the Ukrainian territory.

photo: From personal archive
Liliya Radionova now forced into hiding.

“Everybody left and I stayed. Walking around at night barely drag myself to our checkpoint. Called the person that was supposed to be back. And he explained that he was told that I was all right, that I just got in the other car. Judging by what happened then, I don’t believe in such coincidences”.

She says she never knows who might cross the road: “Yes, my statements are extremely not like the Minister of defence DND Vladimir Kononov. I publicly and honestly voiced a number of those we passed on the other side. Did it with the intention that no one was able to hide the real losses. I was faced with a situation where losses have decreased significantly. Said that killed 15, and “hundred — hundred”.

Now Liliya Radionova at home wanted. A few months remained fretting in Russia, where it was taken secretly. The security DNR openly accuse the woman that she is… Russian spy.

She says she became an enemy for the fact that he gave the names of the Russian volunteers, who were imprisoned on the Ukrainian side, the Russian politicians.

“Came from Moscow Sergey Mironov. Brought your list. Very approximate. I by memory was called that this one is missing, this killed, this in captivity. Revised data, as far as I know, then handed over to Boris Gryzlov… of Course, we can say that none of these guys did not call for Donbass, but they are here and they are citizens… Many parents are looking for. In any case, their destiny, sooner or later have to deal with. So I with a clear conscience and gave this information, not knowing that they happen to represent a state secret DNR”.

She was interrogated on the lie detector. Seized laptop and personal notebooks, the most precious. After leaving Radionova and the collapse of the Commission on prisoners of war exchange, finally and completely closed on the Ministry of defence of the DNI and the person at the Ombudsman Daria Morozova.

Today the whereabouts of Lily Radionova out of fear for her life was not disclosed. We talked on Skype.

…No one knows how many of them actually. Subtraction or addition? The war stalled. Minsk agreement are not met. All existing lists of prisoners of war and victims of inaccurate and overdrawn.

The last great exchange took place at the end of the 15th year, a little less in February 16th, this time a deathly silence, as if it abruptly ceased to be interesting. All. In addition to the same eight native sappers, who rush about and don’t understand what to do next. But they are not dependent on anything.

Expert comment:

Roman MANEKIN, a political scientist, journalist, DNR:

— The two warring parties regularly captured prisoners. A lot of people were delayed at checkpoints or arrested by the authorities of the security service and the Ministry of state security of DNR in the area of so-called anti-terrorist operation. Of course, among the arrested there are also saboteurs. But often behind bars are random people. With regard to the equivalence of exchange, I remember once you mentioned Lily Radionova said about sharing 550 “conditional” on the militia 564 military APU.

At closer acquaintance it turned out that the Ukrainian authorities were given for the militia is ordinary citizens the front line. Therefore, to judge the equivalence of the exchange period in 2014 is not necessary.

As for the other aspects, I remember podgadyvat the situation under regular meeting in Minsk, Darya Morozova (you mentioned the Ombudsman DND) said that gave the Ukrainian side on ALL, without exception, prisoners of war, who, as is known to date were held on the territory controlled by the authorities. Whole companies and battalions, as far as we know, let go of Ukrainian prisoners of war and Alexander Zakharchenko.

The underlying principle was formulated in Minsk: “all in all”. Yet, alas, we are still far from realization.

As for the ransom of prisoners of war, we can confidently say about the existence of corruption in specialized structures of the NPT. Came such information. Unfortunately, we have to reckon with the fact that the residents of Donbas for almost a quarter of a century has lived in the sovereign Ukraine is in a state where corruption permeates every cell of the state organism. Some habits at once will not corrode. However, if you have specific facts about what particular official of the civil or military Department of the DNI took a bribe for the release of a prisoner of war, please state them to me. In turn, undertake to convey this information to the attention of the authorities.

The Ukrainian crisis. Chronicle of events

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