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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Elections under the heading “secret”: voters deprived of information

It’s time to talk about what we would like to know about the elections, but do not know.

Before the elections to the state Duma is little more than a week. For the first time in 13 years, we will vote not only for party lists. Half of the deputies will be elected in single-mandate constituencies. For example, the capital is divided into 35 electoral districts, each of which after 18 September will have their “own” deputies. It is to him the residents will make requests and complaints in the next five years.

Candidates for each mandate a lot. In Chertanovskaya district 13, in Tushino — 12, in Orehovo-Borisov — 11… the average In Moscow — a dozen in the County. On average in Russia this figure is slightly less than nine candidates for the mandate.

And time would have us get to know them. We can not wait, when in the hallways of our houses and on information boards next to them will be an indispensable attribute of elections made by the district electoral commissions information posters with the list of candidates in our district, photograph and biography of each.

In order for the voters to consider each candidate of a dozen posters on the large format of the unfolded newspaper.

That’s just not we wait for them this time in their homes. “MK” phoned a few commissions and found that posters are printed from the calculation of the three pieces to the polling station. In other words, they are enough to decorate the room itself, where we have to vote.

Of course, do not despair. From September 7 began their work on duty for the precinct election commissions. And everyone on weekdays from 15.00 to 19.00 may come to your site and see the poster there. Not not allowed to photograph the poster, then send photos to friends. However, it needs to know the address of the site, and they almost before every election change.

We know the address of your site — depends on the zeal of the members of each precinct election Commission. Whether they will in their own time and at their own expense to make a homemade ads and put them up. Especially considering the fact that a number of municipalities have introduced fines for posting classified ads. And some of them learned that the official posters before these elections will not be declared: they are forbidden to place on their boards of election information.

Of course, if you’re lucky, you can try to check list of candidates of his district on the Internet. But personally, I was able to find this information on only 15 of the 35 districts of the capital.

That the state has decided to save on the billboards before the current elections, the CEC announced a few weeks ago. But personally, I thought we are talking about billboards and banners like “vote or lose”, without which, probably really can do. The idea that we are talking about information the poster with the list of candidates, I even could not imagine.

But that’s it.

— The state is not obliged to familiarize with the list of candidates for each house. Such no strict rules, — said the “MK” head of the Russian public Institute of electoral law Igor BORISOV. — The commissions organizing elections, the challenge of informing citizens. For this purpose they are provided with free space in print publications, on radio and television.

— This is more efficient than if the hallways were posters?

— Of course, posters would be nice. But all rests against financing. The current campaign takes place in a time of difficult state of the economy, limited budget. But I believe that if a person needs — it will find all the necessary information about elections and candidates. Of course, there is a category for the elderly, people with disabilities. But the work to inform this category at home, at the request of election commissions will hold social institutions and public organizations of disabled people.

No doubt, social services work in the elections persons with disabilities and the elderly very well. For example, before the elections to the Moscow city Duma in 2014, the Moscow election Committee informed that informed about the elections and willing to vote at home 85 thousand people with poor health. Total turnout then, let me remind you, amounted to 20.8% and 370 thousand voters. That is at home could be played every fourth voice. In the end, by the way, this did not happen. Obviously, part of the “lying” at the last moment vote change your mind — and the number of ballot papers of the portable ballot boxes in any of the districts did not exceed 10%.

But I’m not sure that social services in this time will transfer the supine patient names and read the BIOS of all 13 candidates.

By the way, at home on the election notify not only patients, but also healthy. Here is one of my observations about this communication. Two cute women go on the porch in the day and call at every door. Politely ask the opening: they are not going to vote one very good doctor. If people respond unhappy with the failure — say goodbye and leave. For those who doesn’t mind talk about the doctor more reminiscent of the election date and provide a memo with the address of the polling station.

In fact, the lack of informational posters — it is a trump card in the hands of those who use the tactic: mobilize your voters, not your voter even knows that there will be some elections and there are candidates. Suppose, for him they remain “classified”.


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