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Friday, January 19, 2018

Doctors have told what the consequences for the child are fraught with cesarean section

Children born by caesarean section in the future are more likely to suffer from obesity than those who were born more “traditional” way. This was stated by scientists from Harvard University. The findings of the researchers explain the fact that the passage through the birth canal in itself is an important step in the formation of healthy intestinal flora.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts note that they are not the first who managed to discover the relationship between the way in which the child was born, and what his figure in the future. However, previously conducted studies on this topic did not allow to definitely exclude the influence of such external factors as weight and health status of the mother. Still a popular theory, which in itself is a caesarean section does not affect children, but is often make the women suffering from obesity or high blood pressure, which makes the statistics biased.

However, the new study, according to its authors, confirms that a cesarean affects future weight of the child itself. The experts have collected information about more than 22 068 children born from 15 271 mother. The specialists took into account the weight and blood pressure of mothers and, in their words, even adjusted for these factors the probability that the future child will suffer from obesity, cesarean section increased by 15 percent.

According to scientists, is most clearly their findings illustrates the fact that people born in the cesarean section, had problems with excess weight 64 percent more likely than their brothers and sisters born in the normal way. Experts say that brothers and sisters born of the same mother, are very close to each other from a genetic point of view and grow in the same conditions. Thus, the fact that they differ from each other in terms of metabolism, can almost surely be attributed to the fact that they were born a few “different”.

The researchers conclude that the passage through the birth canal represents, including the final stage of formation of the intestinal microflora, and those who this stage the “miss” in the future may face the problem of being overweight. By the way, earlier, another group of researchers from the University of Bergen in Norway, found that caesarean section may affect the formation of the immune system, as well as the power of the baby’s lungs.


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