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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Black dog, the Duke became the hero of the book fair

Here we all say: here is London, but Paris, Oh how wonderful, Oh how there highly cultured, hipsters saunter almost with dogs and shepherds at local book fairs, and nobody to care for them no… And to talk? We undertook to check whether someone is it if we attend the opening of the book fair at ENEA, a scooter, a skateboard with a dog on a leash? A sort of test drive: are we ready to civilization?

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Dog — a wonderful three-month Spitz Duke — we borrowed one from our employee Anastasia. Skateboard and scooter closer to the first part: as usual — carrying on the table, however, the dog wisely put it in a bag, one face is visible, polyacryla with a handkerchief. Tyav! On the scooter attention and no one paid any type — leave it, go to rang, and then take away. However, the night is young.

Get accreditation and we roll on through the turnstiles, near them not to tell the guards — more cashiers. With astonishment looked polihrono on the scooter, and one accidentally — a hundred times sorry it’s so whacked the edge of the skateboard, which was tucked in the backpack.

Main Avenue, have gone a ceremony with speeches, the people added, as always, but… at some point, find that we are riveted everyone’s attention. One as a Christmas angel, driving a scooter, the other pulls fidgety dog who tries to jump on low shelves with new books — it’s too tempting they smell!

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
The people only going, so you can still ride on the scooter.

— What’s that? Why is that? Who let? Remove from the counter! The Duke still managed to go off on some scientific works already attached for the main, but we took off on time, not paying attention to the hiss.

However, it was, perhaps, the only negative reaction to the dog. On us — literally — watched aliens, it was a pity the children who were at some booth, but apparently they failed before we started: people are few, and the audience is not listening to their poems, and tried to catch our Marquis… excuse me, the Duke, who, deflated, devil, off the leash, almost stole from the table nuts and dried fruits.

— Give it to me, give! — yelled one lady, based on saliva with emotion. You know, if we wanted to come up with these scenes, we would just not think of this before. This paragraph! Adult women 50+ in all seriousness, as if all life went to it, grabbed the fluffy black dog and nose kissing! They are not embarrassed that he is a stranger, who took from nowhere, they wanted heat. Simply heat.

— He’s got distemper, ringworm, rabies — patter we tell the ladies to part with a dog almost with tears in his eyes. As a reminder, we are at the opening of the Book fair, where at this moment stands Naryshkin

“Is it a boy? What’s the name? And breed?

I let go of the leash so that it became longer, so the Duke got a lot of freedom. The game begins in a “trickle” when the strap tied off around two or three passers-by and they have to dive under the leash, to get rid of wild dogs. People in suits and ties jumping on one leg.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

What a beautiful vehicle! with a smile he greets us with scooters Vladimir Tolstoy, adviser to the President on culture. — I do not learn from Lee and me?

The Duke, meanwhile, already confused somewhere in the legs Zyuganov, the guards are slightly crazy themselves trying not to step on the animal.

— Here-in-Chief, Reader! — as pathetic exclamation, without exaggeration, we counted two spent hours five or six times. How little people need for happiness!

— And what books he prefers? — rhetorically asks the former General Director of the Bolshoi theatre Anatoly Iksanov.

— The classics, of course, the classics.

People are becoming more gloomy day, the people in the queue a lot of defended on the entrance, and then — warm emotion, and the first exclamation of all, “Look! Dog!” — although ten meters away, on the street, the presence of this creature of God, would not surprise anyone. In General, after this experiment we would suggest that the President of Russia to come to the meeting with the puppies — it always relieves the tension. Stressout.

— And where it acts Weller? Where Is Weller? — runs regular knigocheem, but seeing the dog, forget about living the classics and philosophers. — Oh, how lovely! And what do you feed him? You know, I can tell you one thing… I’m on the third day…

Us for nearly crowd go photographers, representatives of the Chinese stand trying with the dog selvatica, the other shoved some candy.

The Duke, unfortunately, runs as for prey for those who are quickly trying to bite slightly, watching only enthralls…

The promenade with the dog and the scooter ends with an unexpected meeting with Michael Seslavinsky, the head of Rospechat.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Mikhail Seslavinsky caresses the black Duke.

— Listen, I from all only hear about the dog and the scooter! Scooter see, — he addresses to us.

— Here dog Duke, allow me to present it!

Well, as you know, the authorities are not allowed to take expensive gifts, so our Anastasia in the end, we the Duke has returned, although it was claimed a hundred people…

■ ■ ■

…The curtain of the celebration of life we wanted to do something nice for our highest rated writer, so to speak, the literary symbol of Russia, book Alla Pugacheva. The fact that her books are beautiful, intelligent and thin, but not always as neat reader. The more criticism. The reader is often rough, uncouth and boorish. We decided to compete for the tender purity of books dear author, to protect them from the greedy paws of the library, sweaty and nasty, and for a long time without further ADO, put in a separate imperishable lead by the condom.

It wasn’t always easy, because at noon, the employees and guards at the booth was more than the visitors, and the books were spaced so closely that with the inclusion of rubber products they barely thrust back on the shelf.

But what to do — with two dozen bonuses were supposed to push a random audience on the correct reflection, because a rating requires! Rating in Russia more than the poet: 146 percent forever went down in history.

And once we have done this, as “our everything” reached the decent old. With an effort pulled the book from the shelf. The surprise in the silver package fell to the floor, the reader raised, began to examine it, frowned, something desperately remembering…

— God is Holy!..


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