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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Belarus received as brothers

Member of the Union state of Belarus at the opening of the Paralympic games in Rio showed that the Union and why is it needed, and also gave an example of real sportsmanship and the Olympic spirit, from which the modern Game has been extremely distant. It is noteworthy that not only the individual athlete acted like a man, but the whole Belarus supported him, for which, however, can pay.

As you know, the Russian Paralympic team not allowed to compete in Rio de Janeiro. In contrast to the Olympians who, though strongly in a truncated format, but still get to Brazil, the international Paralympic Committee (IPC) has not allowed even a single Russian athletes participate in the Paralympics.

“Today we have a hero who is in Rio took the Russian flag to honor the national Paralympic team, to show solidarity with the people despicable, inhuman not allowed on the Game”

August 31, the Swiss Federal Supreme court dismissed the appeal of the CRP on the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) to prevent the Russian team to participate in the Paralympics in 2016, and the head of the IPC Philip Craven expressed his satisfaction with the decision of the CAS for the Russian Paralympians.

The head of the Paralympic Committee of Belarus Oleg Shepel has called the removal of the Russians with the wrong move in the entire history of the Paralympic movement. The Belarusian team in the best traditions of old Russian Prince Svyatoslav previously announced its intention to carry during the opening ceremony of the Russian flag.

The response of the officials was clear: “Russia has no right to speak at the Paralympic games in 2016 in Rio, so no one will carry the Russian flag at the opening ceremony. If the Belarusian athletes will carry the Russian flag during the opening ceremony, it will be treated as a political protest, and in relation to relevant athletes and/or national Paralympic Committee will adopt specific measures” – tried to intimidate Belarus in the IPC. But in vain.

Master of sports of the international class, the winner of the Spartakiad peoples of the USSR, the champion of the USSR in the winter multiathlon Andrew Fomochkin during the opening ceremony raised the Russian flag and managed to carry it a quarter of a circle yet recovered the protection of non-selected athlete tricolor.

The authorities of Belarus supported Fomochkina. “It’s an act. Our athlete did serious, in a comradely and manly… If such actions necessary to respond – we answer”, – said the head of the information Department, press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Belarus Dmitry Mironchik.

With him in solidarity, the press Secretary of the President Natalia Eismont: “This initiative of the delegation of Paralympic Committee of Belarus, this position is the leadership of the country shared. This is a national position, too,” – said the official representative of Alexander Lukashenko.

“Let me make a few comments not as an official representative of the foreign Ministry, but simply as a man… I would like to make this statement, the comment not only myself, but many, many of my colleagues who work in the foreign Ministry. Today we have a hero. The characters may be different, it’s the people who save somebody’s doing some very important, necessary things, get a reward. But today we have a hero, a man that Rio had got the Russian flag in honor of the Russian national Paralympic team, to show solidarity with the people despicable, inhumane, totally unreasonable not allowed to go to the Paralympic games”, – commented the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

In Russian social networks act Belarusian athletes have also been treated with respect, bordering on admiration. Someone puts on avatars Belarusian flag, someone just wrote words of gratitude. The RT site has published a compilation of such statements – unfortunately, the comments again turned senseless discussion about how to write correctly in Russian – Belarus or Belarus.

Note also that Facebook obsessively offers Russian users to follow the events of the Paralympics”. Why would we do that in the absence of Russian athletes is not very clear. Although after the act of Belarusians, the meaning appeared to cheer for them. Unless, of course, now the Belarusian team is not removed in the IPC has not yet made a final decision on the sanctions, but that they will – no doubt.

Drew attention to the incident and the British media – the Guardian, “the protest of the Belarusian team” against the decision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to disqualify Russia from Rio 2016 “spoiled the mood bright, bustling and friendly the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games.

According to Maria Zakharova, “and such articles have already made statements about punishment, the inevitability, the inevitability of punishment is fascism. Real. Here is a modern, disguised as something very civilized and supposedly related to the law of the jurisdiction of real fascism. It’s scary what I wrote Guardian”.

In fact, the Belarusians have shown true Olympic spirit, unfortunately, completely lost by the overwhelming majority of athletes, who competed in the Olympics and Paralympics. What we remember with the 2016 Olympics? Active attempts to prevent Russia – and the constant abuse of foreign athletes in the address of both Russians and rivals from other countries. Instead of the Olympic spirit, behavior, borrowed from the wrestling – a fake sport where the winner is determined in advance by the producers, and the insults of athletes to each other – just part of the show.

But the Olympics are not just for show. If someone forgot, the ancient Greek Olympic games were invented to policies sorted out relations in sports, not on the battlefield. And for the same purpose, revived the Olympics in the late 19th century, Pierre de Coubertin.

Hard to think of something further from these principles than the current game with insults to individual athletes and entire countries, with the principle of collective responsibility for caught doping athletes (and this principle extends some reason only in Russia).

Most importantly, what you should know about the Paralympics in 2016, the Russian athletes were not allowed on it without any evidence. The most important thing that you should know about Belarus – it is not just our partner in the Union state. This is our friend and true ally.

In a courageous move, the Belarusian athlete will inevitably be followed by an attempt to “punish” Belarus – as from officials of the IPC, and from politicians. Inevitably aktiviziruyutsya a small but active online the army of those who believe that Belarus is followed by Ukraine should make a “Western choice” to the detriment of the welfare of its own population and just common sense.

Therefore, we should all prepare. But today we all say: thank you, Belarus!


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