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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

At the Venice film festival, Natalie Portman appeared the widow of John Kennedy

On 73-m the Venetian film festival, which will run until 8 September, Natalie Portman appeared the widow of American President John F. Kennedy in the competitive film “Jackie” Pablo Larrain. One and a half hours the actress had to wash off the blood and to accompany the coffin with the body of her murdered husband. In the film, the parts played death and funeral of U.S. President John Kennedy.

photo: AP

Natalie Portman appears at the world famous pink suit from Chanel. Her character was in it the day of the murder of her husband, which occurred in Dallas during a campaign visit on November 22, 1963. And then not clean up his blood and went. Even at the time of entering into power of the new President Johnson stood with him in that pink suit. The name Jacqueline with screen not sound, only Mrs. Kennedy and Jackie, as it was called close and after them millions of compatriots. During the funeral of the little children of President Kennedy will appear in blue coats. Three-year-old boy, staring uncomprehending gaze from the car window following the funeral cortege to Arlington cemetery, produces perhaps the strongest impression that I wouldn’t be able to give throughout the movie the heroine Portman. Her Jackie had to find the strength to get through the sorrowful way to the end, to show everyone the scale of the incident, stand on a thousand views. In the pattern carefully reproduced not only the funeral, but the scene of the Kennedy assassination. Even though he killed the President there is a matter of minutes. This found very similar to it actor. Over one and a half hours we follow the sorrowful face of Natalie Portman. Always in the foreground, and it’s a benefit for her film. Jackie washes the blood of her husband with a face and body, cleans nails under which is also caked in blood. We see how she takes off her pantyhose, smeared with blood, bloody stream, flowing down her back under the water pressure. The film is black-and-white images made by a newsreel, when Jackie shows his house. She’s happy. In front of her new life, the first lady who ended up so short.

Most shocking at the festival were two of the competitive picture. “Bad batch” directed by Ana Lily Amirpour — spun story about cannibals, ikromovich the girl who ate her limbs, and then stood almost in the path of correction. In the sense that instead of the human body, some of the cannibals begin to eat the rabbit. One of the cannibals, of Cuban origin, played an American actor and a native of Honolulu Jason Momoa, known for playing shunning the Khala Drogo in the TV series “Game of thrones”. It is a brutal and strong character with a great complexion with good nutrition will ultimately have tender feelings for his poluchennoi the victim, who survived only one limb. Along with her daughter and new girlfriend they are almost family. It remains only to cry with emotion. In the “Bad batch” would hardly recognize Keanu Reeves, entered into a new actor and male pore. In the picture is actually a lot of surprises which should not be disclosed.

Killer impression and “wilderness” by Mexican Director Amat Escalante, who is in the ratings of viewers and critics the worst place. Despite the fact that Escalante is a talented man whose films regularly participate in the competitive programme of the Cannes film festival and his previous film “Ali” is a definite success. In “the Wild” the characters run into a barn where you can indulge in love with arthropods. Sometimes the cost of life. But, apparently, the pleasure is worth it. Snakes crawl into a woman, she gets her buzz, and her poor remains, if men are busy with each other. His film Escalante was dedicated to the recently deceased Polish classic Andrzej Juraskova, who shot once “Possession” with Isabelle Adjani, the heroine is possessed by a demon. But between these images is the abyss.

American film Director Terrence Malick, known for the films “the Thin red line” and “the Tree of life, participates in the competition with his first non-fiction film “Journey of time”. You can see it as a classic fallacy, which showed that the documentary he is weak. Globally covering events on the Ground, from the starving children of Africa to the inhabitants of the sea depths, he didn’t say anything about this world, not conveyed the full horror and despair, if they were experienced. We admire the views of an erupting volcano, the power of geysers, sea surf, it was like watching some TV program about travel.

Out of competition premiere of the documentary film “Austerlitz” by Sergei Loznitsa — Director of the Belarusian origin, living in Berlin, and had once worked in Leningrad. The importance of the festival for the show is evidenced by the fact that the picture presented in the main festival Palace. Loznica is watching those who come to the camp, now a memorial. He was shot in Dachau, Sachsenhausen and other places. The camera is static and, perhaps, too indifferent, but it is a conscious choice of the Director. She captures the ordinary flow of visitors, which we see in any Museum in the world. Men and women in shorts, with plastic bottles indifferently visiting places where people were killed are the same people. The guide says something, and the Mature years lady with a bottle of water on your head entertains friends. Why are they here? To check in, be photographed? Sergei Loznitsa said of Venice: “the place of memory, where you can come, to think, to pray, and not instructions on how to run the gas into the chamber, where stood the dentists. Picture — open structure, making it possible to interpret what is happening. I am sure that in such a place you can’t come to anything. Most striking is exactly what people come to the former concentration camp. I must act as a reformatory, but the dissonance arises. All of this suggests indifference to the people. My film is about the misunderstanding of where we are, about the tourist gaze, which slides on the surface without penetrating inside.”

But not everywhere it is. For example, in South Korea, you still only come to the place of burial of war veterans, it suits people in uniform and draws attention to the fact that something is not right in your appearance. In shorts there just is not allowed. We must respect the heroes, just dead — it is an axiom. Personally, I was struck by quite another during a recent visit to Auschwitz. There all put on stream, a pipeline for pumping money. In this Museum of death is declared that the entrance is free because it is indecent to take money for visiting places where people were killed. In this case you have to pay for the excursion on the territory of the camp will not miss, and before that for an additional fee to hand over the bag. It measured a sheet of paper, God forbid, will be more. And the audience comes the usual, no one kisses on the bones. But in General, welcome to Auschwitz!

Australian rock musician, rock idol, writer and screenwriter Nick cave to Venice did not come, although became the hero of two paintings. In “Beautiful days in Aranjuez” by WIM Wenders shot in 3D, it is present in the frame as a performer of songs. Andrew, Dominic, had devoted his whole film “once More with feeling”, also filmed in 3D. It is itself so beautiful that it can be like an art object exhibited in a Museum. Black-and-white image reaches amazing mirror Shine. Yes, and the cave — such an exotic bird that the eyes do not tear. We see his teenage son, very similar to the father, with the same dark eyes. In 2014 at the Berlinale cave personally presented the documentary film “20,000 days on earth”, which captures his daily life and there are images of childhood. In his own way he, too, was good. But the mystery of music, the ritual performed by Cave in every speech, managed to convey just now.

On the island of Lido arrived at the “Golden lion” 83-year-old French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. Recently there was a scandal about the fact that ignoring Belmondo in Cannes. Venice will restore justice. At the closing ceremony of the award will be awarded Belmondo Sophie Marceau. Thus it will be noted the contribution of the actor to the film.


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