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Monday, February 19, 2018

At a meeting with Putin discussed the prohibition to breed pigs personal

The government has not been able to deal with the pigs. On Wednesday, the fight against the African plague of pigs that threatens the success of the domestic pig, was discussed at the Kremlin meeting with Vladimir Putin. The question is the truth of hamlet’s “To be or not to be?” and relates to the 50-strong population of wild boars, which are the main source of distribution of dangerous disease.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Vladimir Putin flew on time from the Far East. As reported at the meeting in the Kremlin, the Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov Primorsky Krai is going through the third after Typhoon Linrock the brunt of the disaster, and its effects are still poorly predictable: the water in the rivers continues to remain, and the flooded area expands. While the chief rescuer, cut off from the world 43 settlements, the disaster has damaged 70 bridges and 200 km of roads, to restore which will fail in the best case, by September of next year.

The President, of course, interested in the extent of the damage – because the money will have to come from someplace. Beams explained that the scale of the disaster becomes apparent after the disappearance of water. But only on objects of transport infrastructure will need at least 1.7 billion rubles.

The Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy, meanwhile, Putin called on one of the Islands of Franz Joseph land to see how the progress initiated by the President in 2012, cleaning of the Arctic. “It was 90 thousand tons of waste, 44% had been removed,” – said don, noting that the campaign actively engaged the Ministry of defence.

– Cold, there probably is shivered Putin – Until, of course, can also anything, but after a couple of months (the President is clearly thinking in the mind of your schedule), the temperature will be quite low.

– Yes, until September 20, season, and then hard, ” agreed don.

– Not enough time – with a light heart made the decision the President – it is Better next year: Yes, and you will have more time to produce results.

However, waste disposal is not the only result which the Kremlin is waiting for the Ministry of natural resources. A year ago, Russia applied to the UN to expand its Arctic shelf area. It is planned to add more than 1 million thousand sq km, of which a conservative estimate is 5 billion tons of standard fuel (i.e. oil and gas).

“Usually such requests are considered 3 to 5 years, but we are working on making our appeal to be considered until mid-summer next year”, – reported on the meeting of the don.

Though not one Russia is so smart. Almost simultaneously their claims on the shelf announced Denmark. Scandinavians and filed an application for an area of 500 thousand sq. m. geographically coincide with the Russian.

The Minister appealed to Vladimir Putin with a request to instruct the foreign Ministry to try to settle disputes through diplomatic channels.

However, the greatest interest of participants of the meeting raised questions about African swine fever (ASF), first delivered a month ago at the meeting of the President with farmers in the Tver region.

Then the head of national meat Association Sergey Yushin well-being of their wives and children implored the President to allow the shooting of wild boars, which are the main carriers of dangerous diseases.

Again about Achs said East economic forum: entrepreneurs complained that due to the bad epidemiological situation cannot export pork to China. On Wednesday, the Kremlin revealed that a concrete plan of action, despite the President’s instruction, the government has no so far. There are only some proposals which, according to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, it is necessary to discuss and finalize.

One of the measures include a ban on cultivation of pigs in private farms, where animals are often kept in unsanitary conditions. Instead of pigs to villagers, according to Dvorkovich, will offer separate “other farm animals that can also generate income”.

With regard to the destruction of the wild boar, called pig farmers, according to officials, this step can go in several regions of Central Russia, where now rampant ASF, as well as in the border areas to us from Ukraine and the Baltic States have not used someone else’s diseased animals.

– Proposed rule – one individual per 2 hectares, where the presence of ASF, and one individual on 4 thousand hectares, where there are risks, ” said don.

– Yes who will monitor? – could not stand the head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev, – it is Necessary to go more radical, as it did in Belarus, and to pay for each dead boar, especially a sow.

According to Tkachev, the authorities should once and for all decide what they want more – “our economy” or “50 thousand livestock in the form of a boar”.

The answer to this question Vladimir Putin expects from the government until the end of September.

Elena Egorova



Nikolai MASLOV, the head of the large farms of the Krasnodar region:

— All of these programs to combat African swine fever (ASF), in my personal opinion, which is shared by most of my colleagues, is directed not so much on disease prevention, as against the farmers and private farms. This is a deliberate destruction of competition in favor of large producers, agricultural holdings. Original sweep the market. It is believed that pigs in backyard walk by themselves — that dragged any infection, including Achs. And where pork production is at an industrial stream, where, they say, and the fly will not fly, all under strict veterinary supervision. A controversial opinion. Pig, grown by a farmer on natural feed, does not go to any comparison with that which from the first day of birth major manufacturers are stuffed with all chemicals. That’s why at the slightest suspicion burned thousands of pig owners. This has led to the fact that we have the Kuban peasants or even stopped keeping pigs, or just for personal use.


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