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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Astakhov returned: Ombudsman scares LGBT families and photographed with Kadyrov

The children’s Ombudsman of Russia Pavel Astakhov went back to work after a holiday: it happened, despite his own words that at the end he will have to resign because of dissatisfaction with the Kremlin. In recent days, officials have already managed to make a number of loud statements.

photo: instagram.com

So, in your instagram Astakhov has told about participation in the meeting of the Council for the protection of the family and traditional family values and outlined the main, in his opinion, the threat to Russian families. To them, he again, as before, took the opportunity of the appearance in Russia of juvenile justice is “impossible to prevent”.

Among its manifestations Astakhov called adopted by the Council of Europe Strategy for children”: in it, according to the Ombudsman, indicated that LGBT families are also families, and recognized the existence of domestic violence. According to Astakhov, it was after such documents in Russia there are criminal provisions on the punishment of the family beatings (we will remind, against this law unsuccessfully acted in the Federation Council Senator Elena Mizulina). Astakhov is confident that “the scale and nature of family violence is greatly exaggerated.

Held a meeting of the Council for the protection of the family and traditional family values. This year in Europe and Russia were taken dangerous documents, casumina parents, families and children. It is primarily a “Strategy of actions in interests of children” Council of Europe, which recognizes all types of families, including LGBT families” and argues that “violence occurs in the family.” The danger is that this “strategy” can copy when writing the Russian “National strategy” for the next 5 years, which has already taken place 4 years ago. Following this, the Criminal code of the Russian Federation appeared “updated” article 116 “the Beating”, which will now pursue only close relatives and especially the parents. This so-called law on “flip flops”. Also again and again actively pedaliruetsya the theme of the so-called “family violence”, the scale and nature of which is greatly exaggerated. The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation continues to actively seek major changes to the Law “On the protection of children from information harmful to their development, attempting to undo the age rating and the distance from the point of sale/demonstration harmful information/products to children.institutions up to 50 meters. The Supreme court in November, prepares the plenary on the implementation of article 156 of the criminal code, which is pursued by the parents, non-executable your family.duties connected with abuse. In General, as you can see, are very active in the legal processes around the Family. It is impossible to prevent the onset of Juvenile Justice! The only body that OFFICIALLY exists today and protects the Family is a Council under the Commissioner. Take care of kids! Protect Your Family!

Photo published by Pavel Astakhov (@rfdeti) Sep 6 2016 6:58 PDT

Also, according to Ombudsman, the impact on the psyche of children wants to apply the Ministry of culture, offering to give up detailed school ratings “information products”, leaving only the mark of “18+”.

Read how censorship has changed children’s books.

Astakhov stressed that the only body that officially protects the family, is advice in itself.

However, the list of threats to the traditional way of recording Astakhov limited. So, it shows your picture with Ramzan Kadyrov, indicating that congratulates his “brothers” on Republic Day.

Today Is The Day Of The Chechen Republic! Congratulations, dear brothers, sisters, friends! I❤THIS IS CHECHNYA

Photo published by Pavel Astakhov (@rfdeti) Sep 6 2016 at 3:13 PDT

In addition, Astakhov insists (not to mention the rumors about the resignation) on the fact that his work “should be continued”: it shows the cover of the new issue of the journal “Bulletin of the Commissioner for the rights of the child”, where he depicted himself.

New Bulletin devoted to the fundamentals on which work has consistently and relentlessly conducted over 6.5 years of existence of this institution and should be continued!

Photo published by Pavel Astakhov (@rfdeti) Sep 6 2016 10:01 PDT

Recall that the statement of Astakhov’s resignation was confirmed by press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. As earlier wrote mass media, the Ombudsman was unhappy not only because of his phrase “so, how was your swim” addressed to the survivors of the disaster, for There is a lake for children, but also because of the conflict of interests associated with the business of his son.


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