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Saturday, July 22, 2017

“Turkish stream” dived to the bottom of the Black sea

Launched one of the world’s largest infrastructure projects. The head of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller said that the Russian monopoly through diplomatic channels received from the Turks the first permit for the construction of the Turkish stream”. In his opinion, “this step reflects the interest of Ankara in the pipeline”. So far, however, it is only two of the four previously planned gas branches. But the first step is the hardest. If the deadlines are met – gas to Turkey will go no later than the end of 2019. Then we can talk about the final sunset of Ukraine as the main transitor of Russian “blue fuel”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russian gas in the past few years – “red rag” as for the Ukrainian authorities and the leaders of the European Union. The first are constantly demanding lower prices for themselves, simultaneously raising transit fares. It came down to the fact that since last year our gas Kiev buys, using so-called reverse from a number of neighbouring States. And we are talking about the same Russian gas, but with a large profit. But the main thing is the principle of “independence” – the debts will not pay (according to various estimates, they now amount to over $4 billion for direct deliveries and $30 billion in penalties), transit fees increase, and we will wait for Moscow to break.

Meanwhile, the Russian-Ukrainian agreements on gas transit to European countries completed in late 2019. Apparently, while “Gazprom” it is not profitable to renew. Prices for transit by the time may exceed output in the field of the final sales.

Not accidentally, at the last St. Petersburg international economic forum, Alexey Miller convinced of the potential of European investors and consumers is that much more lucrative to lay a new gas pipeline through the Baltic sea Nord stream-2″, than to suffer with the Ukrainian rusting pipes.

Businessmen are not against its construction promises to all parties good dividends. But Brussels opposes. European officials require compliance with the so-called 3rd energy package, under which the EU can supply gas only export of the company and from different countries. While the “Gazprom” integrated company, producing, transporting extracted raw materials.

The European Commission has managed to block the construction of “South stream”, which was supposed to go under the Black sea to the coast of Bulgaria. It was planned four threads for a total volume of 62 billion cubic meters per year. For Sofia it was a very profitable project. The country has in fact become Europe’s largest gas hub (i.e. distribution center). Its revenues could reach $300 million a year.

But it didn’t. After a reprimand from Brussels the project in 2014 was closed. The “Gazprom” on the Russian territory has managed to lay pipes at $5 billion.

Now Sophia is trying to reverse. At the last international round table in Varna, which was attended by the officials, after all, it was decided to build in Bulgaria a large repository. All is good. But where to get gas? Except in Russia – in fact anywhere. But “Gazprom” Minister of Bulgaria have no longer wants to.

So it was that in December 2014 the idea to remake the “South stream” in “Turkish”. Initially, Moscow and Ankara have agreed on the same volume and duration of erection up to the end of 2019. Turkey need to replace supplies via Ukraine to 15 billion cubic meters per year. As you know, another 16 billion cubic meters of Russian gas going to the country directly through the black sea “Blue stream”. So Turkey in case of full implementation of this project is Bulgaria to become Europe’s largest distribution center – 45 billion cubic meters per year for other consumers of “Gazprom”.

A year ago the Turkish, the project was shelved because of a downed Russian bomber. New he was given the go-ahead at a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan in early August in St. Petersburg. And almost immediately went to talks on restarting.

“Turkish stream” will pass 660 kilometers in the old corridor “South stream”. 250 km stretch of the new route in the direction of the European part of Turkey.

In the first pipeline the gas will go exclusively to the Turkish market.

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