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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The new Fund will cost businesses tens of billions

“The installation of new control and cash equipment (KKT) with the possibility of online transfer of information about all transactions to the tax office would cost shops, restaurants, beauty salons etc. in tens of billions of rubles”, said the Executive Director of retail companies Association (ACORT) Vladimir Ionkin. Entrepreneurs burdened by government regular financial burden, be sure to include the cost of the purchase and modernization of banks in your tags. Therefore, after July 2017 when this system will work universally mandatory, the cost of goods and services, even a little, but will grow. For example, with “long-range” the collection “Plato”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Not so long ago the state Duma adopted amendments to the law #54 “On the use of CCPS…”, according to which from 1 July 2017 to transfer business data on their sales to the tax office will be implemented in real mode via a dedicated cloud service. These requirements affect almost all organizations carrying out transactions with the public: shops, including Internet shops, restaurants, beauty salons, pharmacies, gas stations, service stations, law firms, etc. “Patensie and working in the regime of Unified tax on imputed income (UTII), self-employment will do it a year later.

In order to fulfill the requirement of the law, entrepreneurs will need new cash to replace the old with EKLZ (electronic control tape protected – “MK”). The purchase, modernization and further service, as always happens in Russia, lay a financial burden on business which, according to the latest polls, “Levada-Center”, not really aware of upcoming expenses. At least 70% across the country managers are poorly informed about the amendments to the 54-FZ.

Which is pretty strange. After all, these are the biggest changes in the trade rules over the past decade. But apparently the Russian habit of people to put things off until the last moment.

“MK” asked for a comment in one of the largest structures on delivery online CCP, and that’s what it said. The cost of the new system, depending on the Autonomous he or software (the latter is more often used in medium and large stores), ranging from 16 thousand to 27 thousand rubles. While officially in the registry, on was only two models. Tax promises that there will be at least 20.

Retail complains that the price of the CCP has already risen significantly. Compare easy: now offline cash of the old sample are 9 – 11 thousand rubles, and software – 20-21 thousand

The tax deduction on account of reimbursement for online ticket sellers is likely to provide only “patensie” and “tvdesign”. The rest will be available exclusively at their own expense.

If someone has a chance not to buy, and to upgrade the current cash, the price of the kit rework will be 5-7 thousand rubles (new card, software CD, device upgrading, etc.). Add fiscal drive a validity of 13 months – 6 thousand rubles. It will accumulate all the information. This is done to ensure that the site inspection had the opportunity to compare online data with offline. It will also ensure continuity in the work when no Internet connection or where it does not.

For the installation of all the above in the service Center you take 2 thousand rubles. If you do it yourself, don’t get technical the manufacturer’s warranty.

Next. The connection to the operator’s fiscal data, working under contract with FNS — 3 thousand rubles per year. However, repeals the mandatory quarterly payment for maintenance of the old registers. So here the cost is roughly a draw.

To software the box office necessarily bought the computer with RAM at least 2 GB monitor — about 30 thousand rbl. To the domestic computer software with no additional requirements, such as Frontol, is at least 8.7 million RUB His service, as before, will remain a 2.5-8 thousand roubles a year.

Buying a simple scanner that scans barcodes, and another 2.5 thousand.

The Internet connection in the Outback can reach several thousand roubles. And, of course, the monthly fee for the Global network.

Anyway, for the round, if you zero-set, say, one software cash costs reached 80 thousand rubles. The “submarine” will be cheaper. In recognition of the acting head of Department of operational control, on Andrew Budarina 98% of existing Russian KKT require either replacement or modernization. The conclusion from this is simple: calculate the total cost of the business is now impossible, but in any account will go on tens of billions of rubles. All of these costs probably will be passed on to consumers.

According to the plan of the Ministry of Finance, introduction of new equipment will allow to provide a full accounting of revenue business and, accordingly, its taxable base. Authorities are trying to reduce the share of shadow turnover of cash, identify risk areas, followed by spot checks.

At the same time provides for the formation of a cash receipt not only on paper but also in electronic form. That is, the consumer will not need to store the paper check, and if necessary, for example, in claims for the quality of the product or service, extract it, for example, with the mobile app on your smartphone or from your personal account on the website FTS. Thus, the government plans to establish total control over all spending of citizens.


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