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Friday, October 21, 2016

The media talked about the technology of election fraud with the help of Cohiba

The St. Petersburg edition of “Fontanka” told about the dangers that can be fraught with complexes of processing of ballots (Cohiba). According to the newspaper, for them, there is a technology fraud.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

It was told about a party held in 2015, the campaign of municipal elections in the town of Lomonosov. According to him, the photocell Cohiba was extremely sensitive to any, even the most inconspicuous marks in the cells of the ballot.

It turned out that unscrupulous head of the election Committee is enough to put the dots in the graphs the right candidates to ensure the desired result. So, if voting will add to the invisible point my “check mark” COHIBA will consider it voting for the “right” candidate. If this option is set in another square, then a COHIBA will count the spoiled ballot because both of two levels.

Recall that at the current Duma elections September 18, the users will receive 2 ballots: one to vote on party lists, the second — for voting for a particular MP, running in single-mandate constituency. In both of these cases the actual newsletter will only be considered when billed in it by the voter is the only mark.

Interviewed “Fontanka”, the experts expressed different attitudes to such technologies fraud. Some noticed that the papers with the points the counterfeiters will be able to give pensioners, who marks simply will not notice, others recalled that already saw last year this point, but found them to be typographical marriage.


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