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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The fight against corruption led officials to the oligarchs

In the case of corruption of the leadership of the Republic of Komi an unexpected and significant turn: his defendants were three former head of the company “Integrated energy systems”, which is accused of bribing officials. The fight against corruption becomes more systemic and pervasive. The oligarchs who buy officials, should bear equal responsibility.

A year ago in the fight against corruption was to say a new word was first arrested not just one high ranking official, and all at once built a criminal group. Together with the head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer, fraud charges were brought against several senior leaders, including the head of the local Parliament and government members.

“It is impossible to create a clean housing officials, without changing the principles of oligarchic business, not punishing him for bribery”

And now, a year later, in Komi-” there was a new – and also unique – turn. His defendants were three former executives of the energy company “Integrated energy systems” (“KES-holding”), whose ownership was, in particular, Vorkuta CHPP. They are suspected of paying bribes to hundreds of millions of rubles to the leadership of the Komi – and this is a new episode in the case, before Gayzer in receiving bribes from these engineers was not charged. Here’s how to say about this in the Investigation Committee:

“During 2007-2014, the defendants conveyed to the senior officials of the Republic of Komi as a bribe monies and other property for the establishment of the most favorable tariffs for heat and electricity. In addition, the government of the Republic has granted the company KES privileges to conduct commercial activities on the territory of the Republic of Komi and was provided the company with a comfortable working environment in the region. The total amount of these funds amounted to more than 800 million rubles.”.

In this case IES – now called “T Plus” is not a simple company.

This is one of the largest Russian manufacturers and sellers of electricity and heat, accounting for 7 to 10 percent of the national market. Belongs to the structures of Viktor Vekselberg, one of the largest Russian oligarchs. At, the head of the company “Renova” and have been recently searched, during which were detained the former heads of “T Plus” Yevhen olkhovyk and Boris Vainzikher. The alder – Institute buddy Vekselberg, a shareholder “Renova” and its managing Director, 2010-2012 headed and KES, and Vainziher, who was one of the leaders of RAO “UES of Russia” under Chubais, head of the “T Plus” now. A former Director of the company to them Mikhail Slobodin (he led the CEC since 2003) has not yet been arrested – he is abroad, but promises to return to the country.

Interests in the Komi Republic have Vekselberg large, and they are not confined to a single Vorkuta CHPP. On the influence of “Renova” in Syktyvkar is the fact that among those arrested a year ago along with a Gaizer people were and former chief Advisor to the former head of the Republic Alexander Zarubin. Although Zarubin and made his career in the 90s in the Komi Republic, but from 2003 to 2009 was CEO of Renova, that is one of the key managers Vekselberg.

It turns out that turned out to be implicated close associates and top managers Vekselberg. But the point of the story is not that come back for one oligarch.

Rotation, or rather extension, Komi-case” happened about a month ago, when the acting head of the Republic Sergey Gaplikov has complained to President Vladimir Putin on the crisis in the Vorkuta HPP and its owners – “instead of starting to work,” they intend to sell the station:

“I wanted to ask to the government is strengthened in this plan work, we had help, we brought the system to the required working condition in the heating period. And I wanted to ask to instruct law enforcement bodies to understand what is the reason”.

The President then said that’ll do, “this irresponsibility must be stopped”. And thus, the case of the Komi our eyes is transformed into a new, yet unseen in our history, government officials and oligarchs”.

What do we see? Since last year, the fight against corruption reached the highest echelons of power: arrested three of the current Governor. For Vice-governors, mayors, Vice-mayors and heads of departments of different levels took even before the bill was taken into custody after 2012 is already in the hundreds. Outrage officials-embezzlers clear and true – especially as they just ignored a public warning from the Kremlin to toughen responsibility. But corruption in any story there are always two sides, and a beautiful picture about a poor business, which extort kickbacks, far from reality.

In the mass consciousness rooted that officials are stealing on a simple scheme – take from the firms that get government contracts, kickbacks. In the form of money or shares in the business. Or just distribute the orders among their companies – established relatives, dummies, in General, various “affiliates”. All this, of course, there is – but there is another side of the process.

What is our elite, especially the regional? People raised in the 90s- and how many of them owe their careers to “business”? Rarely is his – that is, earned money, went to the deputies, then to the mayors and most others. Hoisted right person promoted officials or the municipality, local offices of Federal agencies or the provincial government. Officials grow, “business”, too – they can change the relationship, “distribution of shares”, but the ties remain. As the essence of the relationship as “values”, the main of which is “to make the cut”.

What business did the government in the 90s? Oligarchic. Moreover, this “business” in the 90s and was a power – only then it was called not a business, “reformers” and their friends. First, they were Ministers, Deputy Ministers and then became oligarchs. Dozens of people from the list “Forbs” has received property in pledge auctions, Anatoly Chubais has given the state a variety of crooks, “to weaken the red Directors and to prevent a Communist comeback”. The Kremlin was a toy in the hands of schemers – and the level of corruption simply cannot be surpassed.

Because it was not corruption, kickbacks and bribes, although they were – it was embezzlement, pure and simple. That is, Treasury, government, businesses were taken away with the help of officials, especially for the put in leadership positions (and in extreme cases, the future oligarchs had to go to the “trip” in the White house).

What is the retreat? To the fact that thinking itself “heroes of the 90s” since then has not changed. Yes, it has changed the rules of the game have changed government policy, changed relations with the Kremlin. The rich were forced to pay taxes, forced not to withdraw the money offshore and invest in production (including in the update they inherited Soviet assets). Yes, that’s right – but the psychology of “everyone can buy, everyone can sell” remained, because thanks to it they became what became in the 90s. Because nature has not changed.

That’s why now oligarchs similarly, looking for whom to give and when turned on one level, go to another. Looking for workarounds and options. And often find.

Update the “elite” applies to all of its sections. It is impossible to create a clean housing officials, without changing the principles of oligarchic business, not punishing him for bribery.

Of course, you need to continue to focus on the separation of government and business. Squeeze from the range of people with corrupt thinking, not to mention the direct minions of the oligarchs (even if they now could become not servants, but “equal partners”).

Of course, you need to tighten the code of conduct for officials, to form their new generation, serving not out of fear but out of conscience. But still need at least the fear and respect of the bureaucracy and, equally, in respect of that part of big business that doesn’t want to compete fairly, to work honestly with the government.

Moreover, amid the growing power of anti-corruption cases against high-ranking officials should be severely punished and their accomplices from the “business elite”. Imposed oligarchy scheme “to blame only the thieving officials” need to change.

Not only because it is false – but also because it can serve as a very convenient Bickford fuse to blow even stability, and of Russia itself. All for the overthrow of embezzlers bet and in the government of Nicholas II, all on the overthrow of the corrupt Communists with their “gold party” – all this we have held in our history.

We can hope that Komi-business” will become the first loud, even significant and very necessary to bring to life all of the “elite” process. The second Khodorkovsky case – in the sense of educational effect.


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