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Friday, February 16, 2018

Speech Poroshenko was a set of lies and demagogy

Even official Kyiv’s resources could not avoid such epithets, as “hypocrisy, manipulation, juggling figures”, in the assessment of the annual message of the President of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada. Petro Poroshenko directly lied, saying that Russia severed economic ties with his country, and even “suddenly”. Is not the only such example.

On Tuesday President of Ukraine Poroshenko during the annual address to the Verkhovna Rada was declared about the threat of “a full-scale invasion by Russia”.

“The country’s budget in 2013 was 180 billion, and now may not be workable and 80 billion Weapons because buying is not for interest, and money”

“Our goal is promoting the defense of Ukraine through the optimization of military-technical cooperation, transfer of military technology, providing us with lethal weapons at least in the case of a full-scale invasion by Russia, which we, of course, not excluded and to which we firmly need to be ready at any time”, – quoted Poroshenko, the newspaper VIEW.

But, according to Poroshenko, the militarization in General, useful for the national economy. “One of the drivers of our economic growth is our forced militarization. Short-term effects from it it is advisable to turn into a multiplier, which will affect not only the military-industrial complex, but also to the development of industries with dual purpose. And industry related raw materials provision of the defense industry”, – quotes its RIA “Novosti”.

In the course of which lasted an hour treatment Poroshenko was forced to not only juggle the numbers, but avoid blatant cheating. Newspaper OPINION highlights several key points demagoguery Poroshenko.

The first myth: the military budget has tripled

Poroshenko said that the country cannot afford to spend more on defense three percent of GDP. “Almost 3% of GDP on defense – that’s a lot compared to barely 1%, which was still in the middle of zero years. But very little for a country that is at war. More unfortunately, it is true, we can not afford, the military burden now on the budget and social sphere and so critical a lot,” he said. We will remind, officially, the defence budget of Ukraine this year was 5% of GDP, or about $ 4 billion.

According to the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of society transformation Oleg Soskin, when Poroshenko mentions a “driver” of the economy, then he does not understand what he says. “The Ukrainian defense industry practically did not work in 2010-2015, so, Yes, indeed, to spend now 3% of GDP is really a lot compared to previous times, however this does not correspond to the pathos with which it presents Poroshenko. I guess he just does not understand himself what he’s talking about, but I learned a new word – “militarization” and “driver” is”, – the economist said the newspaper VIEW.

“You can, juggling the figures to say that when predecessors were one percent on defense and the armed forces, and now three. But if we remember that the country’s budget in 2013 was 180 billion, and now may not be workable and 80 billion Arms because buy not for interest and money”, – said the Agency UNIAN the head of the Ukrainian analytical center “Third sector” Andrei Zolotarev.

The second myth: Russia is closed from Ukraine

Meanwhile, “full-scale” military invasion from the East is not observed, Poroshenko accused Eastern neighbour of “economic aggression,” saying that Moscow is guilty in the rapid impoverishment of the Ukrainians. “Aggressive closure of Russia’s market has become Ukraine’s economic shock. It cost us, according to some estimates, at least $ 15 billion. We lost dozens, if not thousands of jobs. And this economic aggression is one of the main reasons for the sharp decline in living standards,” he explained to the audience.

According to Poroshenko, more recently, almost a third of exports went to the Russian market, but now volumes have fallen five times. “In 2015 compared to 2014, our exports to Russia fell by half, and this is not the bottom: minus 34% in the first six months,” he warned.

Director of the Ukrainian Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov recalls that in 2013, and during the Maidan Moscow warned Kiev about the negative economic consequences of Association with the EU. However, opposition activists in the Maidan claimed that the signing of the agreement only have a positive impact on the Ukrainian economy.

The gap of economic ties with Russia – this is primarily a consequence of the policy of Kiev. As the newspaper VIEW, two years ago he himself Poroshenko banned, for example, the military-industrial cooperation with Russia, although it was one of the main items of bilateral trade.

“Ukraine itself first, actively imposed sanctions and restrictions. Six months ago the Ukrainian security forces hindered the Russian trucks at the border. First, a ban on trade in several goods, after which Moscow imposes retaliatory sanctions, and now Poroshenko begins to tell us about “economic attack” of the Kremlin” – said the expert in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

The third myth. Exports to the West grew by 40 percent

According to Poroshenko, the fall of exports to Russia five times with the point of view of strategy “even is good” – a seemingly reduced the dependence of Ukraine from the market, “where the ball is not ruled by the laws of Economics, and political blackmail and Imperial pressure”. But the EU’s share in exports Poroshenko, estimated at 39.2%, with an increase of exports to the EU in the first half of the year reached 7%. “From January 1, has earned a deep and comprehensive free trade area with the EU”, – not without pride the head of state.

Vladimir Kornilov was skeptical about this thesis. “Suffice it to compare the performance before and after the Maidan. Yes, a few months of this year there has been some growth of Ukrainian exports to the EU. However, this growth is negligible compared with the catastrophic drop in exports to Europe after the overthrow of Yanukovych,” – said the analyst.

Poroshenko, as always, we tried to sell some gum” humanitarian “victory”, mixed with a very speculative statistics – for example, about the growth of trade with the EU by 40 per cent, wrote the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik in his Facebook. “The confusion, the disbelief in his words, tired and trivial” – is the impression the President on the front. In the language all the time and spun sacramental “with that face you will not give money,” admitted the analyst.

“Reported about thousands of fallen Lenin”

Ruslan Bortnik not found in circulation at all no analysis. “The ability and desire to unite Ukrainians and the political and financial elites ahead of the severe winter – not demonstrated. Instead, a set of propaganda stamps, fictional and future “victories”, – complains expert.

Andrei Zolotarev admitted that he had heard “a lot of hypocrisy and manipulation.” “The country wants to hear how we are going to raise the GDP, boost the economy. Because without the economy, nothing will happen. And the President, we reported on the thousands of fallen Lenin” – said Ukrainian expert, outside sounded in the message of the speech is “solutions not imaginary, but real problems.”

Oleg Soskin said that he knew Poroshenko since 1994, and almost never “still what he said was incompatible with what he did.” “The only area where he tends to take real steps – it’s his business. Extension of your own business – the only thing he really cares” – the expert believes.

In fact, according to Soskin, the situation is such that if the fall will come once the money from IMF, Poroshenko, together with his party, and so has a minimal ratings could just be removed. “But the Ukrainian President in his speech in the Verkhovna Rada, of course, said nothing,” – concluded the Ukrainian expert.


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