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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Poroshenko counted losses from “economic aggression” of Russia for $15 billion

Petro Poroshenko spoke in Parliament the traditional address to the Parliament. Of the 450 deputies to the opening of the autumn session came on the strength of 300 officials. Among other things, the President has called the losses from Russia’s “economic aggression”: $15 billion.

Obviously the powers that be knew that the appeal of the President of Ukraine will not be triumphant. MP Baloha suggested that Poroshenko is holding them for “suckers.” Lyashko was more correct and said that the speech was not constructive. Summary of message: the people of Ukraine impoverished, and blame Russia.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“Our strategic goal is accession to NATO!”, – said the head of the Square to the applause of the deputies. According to him, the number of residents supporting the future membership of Ukraine in military-political bloc, “far exceeds the number of skeptics.” Although in fact the polls are not as optimistic as I would like to Pyotr Alekseevich.

Poroshenko also mentioned the Minsk agreement. However, he used this phrase the word “stick” and not run.

The President was frankly glad of the fact that Ukraine managed to win “the continuation of Western sanctions against Russia.” While noting that the country has suffered “economic shock”, after the closure of the Russian market: it cost “at least $15 billion according to some estimates”. The cause of the collapse of the Ukrainian economy, Poroshenko said that “economic aggression” of Russia.

The statement of GDP that the issue of Crimea is closed, Poroshenko was diagnosed as “nonsense”. Recalling that it is closed in 1954-the year when on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Pereyaslav Rada, the Peninsula was transferred from the RSFSR to the Ukraine) and in 1991-m to year. Crimea de “is, was and will be Ukrainian; the other will not talk”.

Rostislav Ischenko, a Ukrainian political scientist, analyzed for the “MK” address of the President:

– With regard to foreign policy, the President clearly refused to perform the Minsk agreement, although yesterday was bursting at the Normandy format. Poroshenko is trying to show that it takes a more radical position than the radicals and trying to put their political opponents in the position that you are Putin’s agents because you are against me.

Speaking about the Ukrainian problem, Poroshenko offered no solutions. Why?

He can’t give any suggestions. The head of state, who says that we have problems in the country because the neighboring state, thus signs of its inconsistency with the position.

What Poroshenko is doing to the economy of Ukraine? It is a banal theft. For political reasons he severed economic ties with Russia, involving thousands of companies. As a result, Ukraine lost a market for their goods, and more they never needed. But he did not say in Parliament – guys, I’m a fool. He says that Russia is to blame. The process of impoverishment of Ukrainians to accelerate. In the early fall preparing for another increase in communal. This time will raise the price of the light.

Poroshenko said that will not sign the budget by 2017, if it will not be spelled out student grants. Is this possible? Where he expects to get the money?

– Wrappers to print you can always. From Kravchuk in the early 90s, too, had no money, but he had hyperinflation. Money printed and handed out.

In recent weeks the national Bank of Ukraine ceased to keep the hryvnia and he started accelerating slide against the dollar. Maybe at some stage, the NBU stabilizes it, but the drop rate will not lead to economic growth. And to limit the fall in the national Bank can either by administrative measures or by selling the remnants of reserves, which will last for 1-2 weeks. Breakdown of Ukraine in the hyperinflationary spiral is inevitable, but only if the government will not collapse before the financial system.

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