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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Named 13 unexpected principles on which the name determines the fate of man

The influence of name on the child’s future is more than just superstition, and this is evidenced by many scientific studies. A selection of the most curious of them presented an American journalist Gina Proudly. Together these studies cover many aspects of human life, his chances of getting a good education and work to behavior and habits.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts from the University of new York concluded that people whose names are easy to pronounce, it is much easier to establish contact with others, and to find work: “simple” name subconsciously makes the interlocutor’s sympathy. Similar to the way, applies not only to people’s names, but the names of the companies easier than they sound, the better the organization’s chances of commercial success.

Other researchers, representing the Marquette University, found that to find a good workplace helps not only simple, but also a common name. In any case, according to experts, “ceteris paribus” employers often prefer one of the contenders for the job, whose name sounds more familiar.

If you believe another study conducted by researchers from the University of Shippenburg, rare names have another drawback — their owners much more often at a young age are more inclined to break the law than those whose names sound more than usual. Experts tend to explain this by the fact that children with uncommon names with great difficulty find their friends, which makes them somewhat more “antisocial” than peers.

Other scientific work has revealed a pattern that allows regret to say that tolerance has been strengthened in the subconscious of many people. According to scientists, the name that is more typical of people with fair skin, adds a person a chance to succeed in life.

Also on the destiny of man is affected by what letter starts their name (and that in this case is more important, the name). In particular, people whose names start with the same first letters of the alphabet, in the United States have great chances to enter a prestigious educational institution — presumably due to the fact that we are “at the top of the list. And another study shows that people with names on the last letter of the alphabet with age are more likely to be “shopaholics”. By hypothesis the researchers, while at the end of the list, these people live with the idea that they can’t do something enough and it engenders the desire to “take as given”.

A group of researchers from Germany have noticed that the career growth of a person can contribute to a noble name — for example people with the last name Kaiser (“Emperor”) or könig (“king”) are more likely to get promoted than Koch (“cook”) or Bauer (“farmer”).

There are some tricks to “manipulate” his own name for benefit. In particular, the Americans, adding an initial between first and last name, begin to be perceived by others as more competent people. Women seeking to occupy a high position, judging by various experts collected the statistics, you should use your full name instead of the short, while men — on the contrary. A name similar to the name of the company, in a strange way increases the chance to get it work.

Another, conducted in the U.S. the study showed that women with “masculine” names have more chances of career growth in a number of specialties — for example, if they chose a career of a lawyer. On the other hand, boys who received the names characteristic of girls, often in school to learn and behave worse than others.


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