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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Murder and horseplay: what is known and called Obama the President of the Philippines

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte apologized for being rude to the American leader Barack Obama, who on Monday, September 5, he is called “son of a bitch”. In the press service of the Philippine President’s statement of regret about the fact that the words of Duterte to the head of the White house were regarded as a “personal attack” and about the fact that they caused alarm.

photo: youtube.com

Rodrigo Duterte

The statement of the head of the Philippines against the owner of the Oval office sounded before the ASEAN summit in Laos, which, by the way, there were planned bilateral meeting. Duterte pissed off a reporter’s question about how he plans to respond to Obama for the killing of hundreds of people in the Philippines in the course of special operations against drug trafficking. “Who does he think he is? I’m not an American puppet. I am the President of a sovereign country, and I’m not accountable to anyone except the Filipino people. Son of a bitch, I’ll curse you”, – quotes the words of CNN Duterte.

After the battle Duterte became public, the us cancelled a bilateral meeting of American and Philippine presidents in Laos. Shortly before the cancellation of the talks, Obama explained that he prefers to engage in constructive dialogue. “I always want to be sure that if we meet, it will be productive and we may have something to do,” – said the head of the White house, speaking to reporters.

Amid the territorial dispute over Islands in the South China sea, which along with China involved, and the Philippines, the negotiations with the leader of the American state, would come in quite handy, says “Bi-bi-si”, but now known as the insult to Obama will affect the further cooperation of the Philippines and the United States. Note that the last time Obama tried to strengthen ties between the two countries to create a counterweight to China in the region. The American leader visited the Philippines twice during his second term as President.

However, it should be noted that Duterte has long been known for the sharp statements which add to his popularity among the people. Rating him and adds that in the Philippines he began the extermination of drug dealers since its coming to power in June of this year, murdered by people allegedly involved in drug trafficking, in the hundreds. “Is the life of this dozen criminals actually mean something? – once said Duterte. – If I have to do it, will the life of those idiots for me to imagine the significance?”

After numerous killings condemned by experts from the UN, the President of the Philippines, described these experts as “stupid” and threatened to withdraw from international organizations.

Before the presidential campaign as mayor of Davao Duterte launched a fight against crime, maintaining a volunteer corps of Filipinos, ready to confront the bandits. About his presidency Duterte then said: “Forget all the laws about human rights. If I’m in the presidential Palace, I’ll keep doing what I was doing as mayor. And you, drug dealers, criminals and parasites, better get out, because I’ll shoot you”.

Joke of the head of the Philippines sometimes go over the edge. Press recalls that Duterte mayor of Davao, commenting on the murder and rape in the local prison missionaries from Australia in 1989, said that “the mayor was supposed to be first.” However, then his office had to publish an apology with the explanation that the words about the deceased woman have been told “men’s style”.

Watch the video on “the President of the Philippines called Obama “son of a bitch”: “I will curse you!””


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