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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Georgia was able to obtain from NATO’s only moral support

From 7 to 8 September was held in Tbilisi session of the NATO North Atlantic Council – the Supreme governing body of this organization. On the eve of its opening the country’s Prime Minister Kvirikashvili promised to avoid any conflicts with Russia. But not in order to once again “calm down.” And because he understands that NATO membership of Georgia does not Shine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Tbilisi waiting for Wednesday, and on Tuesday in the Georgian capital there has arrived the representative of NATO in Caucasus and Central (in our terminology – Average) Asia James Appathurai – tested canadian diplomat of Indian origin. In may, his visit was followed by landing with a parachute in the center of Tbilisi, a pair of Welsh archers and quite noisy pop events.

“To beat a direct fire on the maternity ward in the only Tskhinvali hospital, and then to compare it with the built with American money hospitals in Tbilisi – monstrous”

Appathurai was much more interested in the future composition of the Parliament of Georgia, rather than abstract process of integration of this state into NATO or anywhere else. Exactly one month after the end of the session of the Alliance in the Republic elections must be held, the outcome of which is far from unambiguous. According to most calculations, none of the dominant political forces will not be able to achieve significant benefits. This once again will lead to the aggravation of the political crisis, which already has become for Georgia chronic disease. The formation of the government, which is now the prerogative of Parliament, it will turn into another fight of bulldogs under the carpet.

In the words of NATO representatives’re worried about is the electoral process itself, although it is clear that in the end they will be declared democratic, as they can still be in Georgia – a favorite child of Western democracy. International allies are waiting for the elections of the highest standard. I think the main message from the allies will be that they continue the policy of support. They again recognize the contribution of Georgia through the involvement of its troops. They want to discuss the progress of the implementation plan of the Substantial package, looking forward to the political discussions with the President, Prime Minister, Parliament, non-governmental sector, civil society. They are waiting for the elections of the highest standard and consensus on Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Georgia,” – said Appathurai.

However, any preferences of Tbilisi for membership in NATO does not imply. The visit of Stoltenberg should Express “personal support”, but not clear whose – the humble subjects of the Norwegian king or the European policy, which is distinct from the head of the organization position? Apparently, Stoltenberg this position really is, given his political ambitions beyond not only Norway, but also NATO. Appathurai also supports the Georgian side, resting not on the essence but on the fact moral support. Translated into accessible language is no entry into NATO in this generation of Georgians will not, but in the heart of Brussels with them, and the visit of its representatives – the feasible contribution to common cause. Thank you, hang in there.

In principle, the Georgian side should understand this. It is in the style of their behavior and mentality. About the same in Soviet times, they treated the Russian intelligentsia, which massively came to rest homes and “house of creativity” in Abkhazia: “So let us drink to our dear guest and beloved writer – remind me, dear, your name”. And dozens of representatives of the Russian creative intelligentsia until recently advocated support for any cannibalistic regimes in Georgia, because “they have a good cinema.”

Meanwhile, it is necessary to understand that an independent Georgian foreign policy does not exist, and there is no Georgian army, which can be integrated even in NATO, at least in mezhgalakticheskogo Union. This is just a check box in front of the UN building in new York, as if Tbilisi tried to imagine their existence with something more important. After 2008, any government in Georgia has a decorative character. Yes, there are attractive tourist clusters and the structure of health care, organized better than in those countries that same Georgia destroyed during several wars. Beat direct fire on hospitals and surgical Department only in Tskhinvali, the hospital, and then to compare it with the built with American money hospitals in Tbilisi is terrible.

By the way, the Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili said that his country “is interested to normalize relations with Russia and reduce tensions”. But it may not affect the trade-offs around strategic for the country”. First and foremost, of course, is the so-called territorial integrity, that is, claims Tbilisi Abkhazia and South Ossetia. “When we talk about sovereignty, we mean a sovereign choice of the Georgian people to become part of Europe. This choice will remain unchanged, – said Kvirikashvili. – We want to send a signal to Russia that will not enter into a confrontation with her that you need to avoid anyone, especially military confrontation. So today we have pursued a policy of, say, survival.”

This is logical, because the confrontation with Russia is for Georgia suicide within two days. Now it is clear what signal is decided to send to Moscow Kvirikashvili: “We are not suicidal”. I would like to believe it, but not always these signals correspond to the real situation in Georgian society. The war in 2008, Saakashvili also started with promises of peace, wishes of friendship and the announcement of the order on unilateral cease-fire.

According to Kvirikashvili, an important contribution to the reduction of tensions in relations with Russia will bring tourism and expand economic ties. It is also typical from the point of view of the Georgian mentality history. Most attending Georgian resorts of Russians did not associate themselves with the conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Political or military component of such tourism are not interested in principle, important only the price of services, which are significantly lower than in the same seasonal period in the conventional Andorra.

What “public diplomacy” through tourism or benefits for health care suddenly change and the political attitude to Tbilisi, Moscow, Sukhumi and Tskhinvali, the old dream of the Georgian leadership. Of course, in vain. When she was alive hopes for entering Georgia to the EU, stated that the population of Abkhazia and South Ossetia EN masse will run through Georgia to Europe, and the Russians all that support. At the exit, nobody ran, and the use of Georgian resorts is perceived in Russia, just like new cheap direction without any political preferences for the Georgian authorities. With the resumption of conflict the sympathies of the majority of Russians still remain on the side of the Abkhazians and Ossetians. An old theory about engagement through business in the new world is not working, but in Georgia, with its predominance of Commerce over ideology is hard to understand.

Similarly, the session of the NATO in Tbilisi is transformed into an act of demonstration of the European hints at a bright future and is peculiar to the Georgian mentality habits to formulate political wishes through the toast. But will Georgia into NATO in the foreseeable future. Not will and active support from NATO. But it will be a concert and many, many beautiful words. The policy of the toast – it is also politics. And the other is not there.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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