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Friday, March 16, 2018

Efim Rachevsky: Students have a lot. Few experts

People’s teacher of Russia Efim Rachevsky appreciated part of the presidential address on education

12 Dec 2013, 17:05

Text: Denis Nizhegorodtsev


“Our school has more than 10 years engaged in the import, not the janitors, but we can say, the intellectual elite,” – said the newspaper LOOK member of the Public chamber, the Director of the Moscow center of education № 548 “tsarina’s” Efim Rachevsky. He said that part made by the President’s initiatives on education is already being implemented in his school.

On Thursday, speaking with a message to the Federal Assembly, online broadcast which led the newspaper VIEW, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the assessment for the final composition in the school should be considered for admission to universities.

“It has long been instructed that starting from the next school year to provide for a senior term paper. Naturally, the results have along with the exam to be considered for admission to universities and other educational institutions”, – he noted.

In addition, Vladimir Putin urged the country’s leadership “to assess the scale of the problem” with the education of children in schools in two shifts. According to the head of state, almost a quarter of Russian schools, and in cities – almost half of working on such a system. But the quality of education it affects not the best way. To solve this problem Putin, in particular, proposed to consider the possibility of construction of schools and kindergartens under one roof.

Speaking of universities, the President noted that student mobility in the current environment leaves much to be desired. And one of the negative factors influencing it, is the exorbitant prices on hostel in colleges and universities. “It is impossible to heaven to bully them”, – said Putin, threatening rectors to apply to them strict measures, if they are not corrected.

Putin also proposed to provide conditions for attraction of domestic universities and talented youth from the CIS countries.

“We also have to increase the export of educational services. This is a serious tool for strengthening the cultural and intellectual influence. It is time to study the issue of creating the exam on the Russian standards in the CIS countries on the basis of centers for the study of the Russian language in these countries”, – said the President. The exams should be held simultaneously with the exam in Russian schools.

Finally, the President asked the Cabinet to submit proposals on optimization of the system of students ‘ military training. According to him, young children can and should be taught useful military profession, while not taking away in the army.

“In this regard, not refusing the deferment for students, to change the very system of military training in universities, to enable all students to complete during the training and subsequent military training military training and military specialty”, he said.

To comment on the President’s words, VZGLYAD asked the member of Public chamber Commission on education development, Director of the Moscow center of education № 548 “Tsaritsyno”, people’s teacher of Russia Efim Raevskogo.

OPINION: Yefim Lazarevic, the President said that for admission to universities takes into account not only the results of the exam, but also the composition of the entrant, as before. What do you think?

Efim Rachevsky: I think it’s good. Because, in addition to the certificate exam, we will bestow and matriculation. But maturity involves a number of things. First, the culture of written speech. Secondly, knowledge of the cultural underpinnings of their own Fatherland and of the world. Third, the ability clearly to Express their thoughts using the same written language. And fourth, the ability to see significant in any other immaterial. With the help of the works just to demonstrate this knowledge. The format of the test that gives the exam, is very small.

Efim Rachevsky agreed with many of the theses of Vladimir Putin (photo: ITAR-TASS)

VIEW: how it is supposed to take into account the result of the works along with the exam?

E. R.: And here’s how it will be taken into account, causing me some doubt. Maybe for those universities where there is a specialty “Philology” or “Journalism”, is important. But I would go the other way. If someone’s writing is not written – he just matriculation do not need to give. And it already in any University will not enter.

OPINION: the Renaissance of the essay as final exams: according to the discussions in the Network society has reached a consensus on this issue. Whether everyone agrees on it?

E. R.: I agree All except those who have to write these essays.

OPINION: Vladimir Putin complained about the overcharging for dormitories for students. Supposedly, rectors cheat, making money on the students…

E. R.: This question I will leave unanswered. If I knew who does it, call the Prosecutor’s office.

OPINION: Another important issue – Putin urged to attract more talented youth from the CIS and to ensure the functioning of the system in which they could pass the exam in their countries with students from Russia…

E. R.: It was, to be honest, my initiative. Our school participates in the Moscow certificate. If interested, type in any search engine on the Internet her name and you will see that I and my colleagues are engaged, let not 15, but more than 10 years – since 2001.

LOOK: Tell us in General terms how this exam students of CIS will occur in practice?

E. R.: Already happening. Remotely. The President said, among other things, about the necessity of introduction of distance education. And we since 2001, the remotely teach children living in the CIS and the Baltic States. Then we conduct cross-sectional work on the subject of whether to admit them or not admit to final exam. Then they come to Moscow. And here pass the exam, get the certificate. After that, they remain in Russia as teachers, doctors, engineers, programmers… So our school for more than 10 years engaged in the import, not the janitors, but we can say that the intellectual elite. And some of them are already consultants Open government of Russia.

LOOK: Then a simple question. Why students from the CIS countries? In Russia their students enough?

E. R.: it is not the students. Students just have a lot. But the experts are really small. Russia became a country of universal higher and not very good education. Today to become a student with us as well just how to register any hairdresser.

OPINION: What do you think about the problem of education in Russian schools in two shifts?

E. R.: Statistics, in how many schools it is, I do not have. But in two shifts, children do not need to learn it very bad. The President also said that we need more education. This is physical education, and sports, and other clubs. But nowhere, when studying in two shifts. Just school we need to build a good puzzle and this issue of the governors. Albeit smaller build bureaucratic buildings. Let’s see what palaces have tax, from other departments. Schools need to build more, then there will be two shifts.

OPINION: what do you think about teaching students of military science at University, not taking him to the army?

E. R.: I myself was a military Department. And it was the most exciting classes at the University where I studied. Absolutely normal idea. Nothing will bring a man’s masculinity than even a short belonging to the armed forces.


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