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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Young but Mature” Putin: the name of the real successor

“Young man, but Mature” – in an interview with Bloomberg described my future mate as President — a politician who can intrude on the ” watch on the galleys or in 2024 or in 2018. About 2024 can not say anything — the talent to look that far into the future do not possess. But the name “young, but Mature man”, which with 90% probability will succeed Putin in 2018, I, on the contrary, are very well known. However, it is also known. This Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

But just don’t expect Mr Putin in the foreseeable future to be recognized. Not recognized — not recognized, and rightly so. To confess means to break the whole game and go against all Russian political traditions.

So do not expect Putin’s clear and certain statements about their intentions for 2018. Expect him to continue playing “cat and mouse”, with vague allusions and the numerous “bogus” and “spoilers” about his potential successors. And if you do not want, can not wait. The result is still same: in 2018 we are looking at Putin, but Putin, no one but Putin.

“Stalin went to the podium and said: “At the Plenum of the Central Committee do not need applause. Need to resolve issues without emotion, business-like. And I ask you to release me from the duties of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. I’m old. Papers will not be read. Elect yourself another Secretary!” Sitting in the hall rustled. Marshal S. K. Timoshenko rose from the front row and said loudly: “Comrade Stalin, the people will not understand this! We’ve elected you as their leader-the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. Another solution can’t be”. All standing, applauding fervently, supported comrade Tymoshenko. Stalin stood and looked into the hall, then waved his hand and sat down.”

I brought here the memory of the then first Secretary of the Kursk regional Committee of the CPSU Leonid Efremov on the Plenum of the party Central Committee October 16, 1952, of course, not in order to compare Stalin and Putin.

I remembered the event that took place exactly nine days after the emergence of GDP to light, in order to in the most concise form to Express the essence of our traditions in the question of succession of power.

Chief among these traditions is that the dominant figure on the political scene of the country should make every effort to portray the humility, to hint at the limits of their endurance and willingness to relinquish power. The right to change its position, the Supreme leader has only once hear a sacramental phrase: “Yes you that! People do not understand! The people need you!”

In my opinion, Vladimir Putin’s interview with Bloomberg has become the starting point from which on the next presidential election in 2018 will be played this scenario.

Putin likes to keep the option of a choice until the last possible moment. Therefore, the phrase GDP “I can either take part in the elections or not to take” should not be taken as pure coquetry. To perceive this phrase is only in close conjunction with the following: “I can either take part in the elections or not accept. If I don’t participate, then it will be another elected head of state, another President, and then the citizens decide for whom to vote.”

I believe that by issuing this statement, the veteran scout Vladimir Putin “made a mistake” and destroyed a “legend”. From the words of the GDP follows directly: if he decides to participate in elections in 2018, then the other candidates will not do no chance. Of course, that without the recognition of Vladimir Putin was no doubt. But Vladimir Vladimirovich was supposed to pretend saying that if I decide to run, I will be serious contenders to win which I can only in the course of hard struggle!

The fact that pretending the GDP is not, is in my eyes one more proof that Putin considers himself a “man of destiny”, the person entrusted with the historical mission to return Russia to its former power and its former influence in the international arena. As can be seen from what is happening now around us, this mission is still far from complete. And therefore Putin will need another presidential term — the period after which the new President will really stand up. The Constitution, as we all know, Vladimir Putin does not break.

But not too far, we looked into the future? I think that too. While we have been on the agenda of the presidential election in 2018, on the occasion of its participation in which Mr President said it right: “In the modern, quickly changing world talk about it is simply harmful. “Bad” – not because historical traditions can’t be broken. “Harmful” because the break with tradition in this case means digging a hole for himself.

Who would be Putin, if he already stated his desire to remain in the presidency for another term? In the statesman who had committed a very clumsy political maneuver. GDP on a horse would kill all the suspense. GDP would turn himself into the perfect target for accusations of lust for power. And why would Putin need? Right, no reason. “Kill the game” – it’s not in the style of our head of state. His style — the current state of Affairs: everything is understood, but the intrigue, however, is alive and well.


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