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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Year-2017. The slogan is the same: the land to the peasants

While at the Federal level to sound triumphant that selhoznaloga we catch up and overtake America, in the midst of the peasant masses from despair ready to beat my head against the wall. Just what is the use? Because it will be a new wall is even higher and stronger. And then another and another…

In this on own experience Kuban farmers, jerked it on tractors to Moscow to the President, to be heard, supported, took under his manual control.

As far as we know, they left.

So worried about Russian peasants? As the country is developing a farmers ‘ movement to run the program of import substitution?

To these questions in “MK” has tried to answer the participants of the round table — the farmers themselves-tractor and prominent Russian officials and human rights defender Lev Ponomarev, Chairman of the public movement “the Federal Council” Vasily Melnichenko, a former Deputy Minister of economy of Russia Ivan Starikov, a well-known businessman Dmitry Potapenko. member of the Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation Ilya shablinsky.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

According to the Ural farmer Vasiliy Melnichenko, slipping in the rural reforms began 15 years ago, when the Federal government made the wrong decision in the development of the village to make a major bet on major producers, agricultural holdings. So in the country there were the landowners, large landowners.

Approximately 25-30 families in Russia belongs to 800 thousand hectares per family, he said. They raider way take away fertile plots from small farmers who worked the land for centuries, whose great-grandfather bought the plots immediately after the abolition of serfdom. Simple peasants no place to complain — all the courts on the side of the landowners. Moreover, often the judges themselves, and powerful representatives are the owners of large lands.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
Vasily Melnichenko: “We are ready to fight for peasant fields to the end.”

Present at the round table Kuban farmers have briefly described how on the way to Moscow they were fined militiamen (30 thousand rubles, though!) and imprisoned for 10 days. For what? For what they tried to convey to the President that his decrees and decisions concerning the development of the village, on the ground, do not run!

For the most part all this is a sad story. In one not very fine day, the peasants were deprived of the piece of bread as their relatives and families, work hard in the field, were left without a livelihood. No protection of small producers. According to the farmers, state loans at 5 percent accrue to large landowners, the trading venues in major cities to get extremely difficult. But if small-scale producers will leave the market, food prices eventually will dictate those 25-30 holdings, and, of course, no one seems little.

— In the Kuban quality is quite good-fries, where it is today is 5 rubles a kilo, ” says one of the farmers. In Moscow up to 100 rubles. We have teamed up with truckers to bring in the capital a large shipment of tubers and sell for 30 rubles. Not allowed. Who? Dealers, the police…

In General, the conversation was very sharp, it is a pity that no one from the Federal Ministry of agriculture (in spite of the invitation) didn’t participate in this conversation. A typical situation for the Krasnodar territory — and not only for this region — landowners all crook alienated in their favor farm plots. They are already well treated and plowed, this is not to uproot the stumps in the open field.

But what will the city dweller, what kind of food would consume?

Cited such figures: a farmer raises pig less than a year, the agricultural holdings three months. Due to the fact that you are feeding him pills. Even the term appeared for pigs, plastic pigs. Well, not a pig to grow for three months, it’s unnatural, not by nature! Go ahead: the farmer in the paddock 5-6 piglets, 20. In agricultural holding in the common room of 40 thousand. The atmosphere in which they are grown? In solid ammonia! And it all ends up on our shelves…

The round table was periodically suggested that the agribusiness and farming are two totally different stories. Where is the agricultural holding, households have no cattle, do not develop the village, there is no increase in the rural population. Conversely, the village live and multiply, if all revolves around a few farms.

Former Deputy Minister of economy of Russia Ivan Starikov believes farmers are a unique breed of people who did not go to employees. And hoisted on their shoulders the solution of complex industrial and social problems.

— The necessary independent financial and legal examination of documents on the basis of which the judges attributed to farm the land to the landowners. For the most part they are false, and it is necessary to prove in the legal field, to return the land to the peasants. What of the agricultural holdings? They’ve already bought additional machinery, built their business plans. In the Krasnodar region in the Fund of land redistribution today, more than 300 thousand hectares. They need to be put on a cadastre and in a lawful manner to provide large farms.

— Our judicial system is often transformed into an appendage of the administrative system, ” says a member of the Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation Ilya shablinsky. — It undermines the authority of the state. The impression that the government is not willing to dialogue with people, and trying simply to intimidate. While it is clear that in response to receiving feedback.

As recent events show, those who on all sides crush and flatten, begin to unite in the fight for their rights. Farmers now fraternized with truckers. And do we still have miners, who for several months had not received wages, and AVTOVAZ… All this should be an alarming signal for the authorities. Where are we going?

— We will consolidate their power, assured in his word known human rights activist Lev Ponomarev. — Power structures have declared enemies of the people, by the conspirators. But that they provoke people to mass discontent.

The participants of the round table in “MK” made an open appeal to the Russian society and government. It is proposed to urgently establish a Commission with the participation of senior officials of the Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry, FSB, the presidential Administration for the investigation of regional repressions of the authorities against protesting farmers. The appeal was signed by eight prominent Russian human rights activists.


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