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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Vladimir Devyatov: how Soviet cultural figures were awarded the “people’s”

Tuesday will be 80 years since the day when first were awarded the honorary title of people’s artist of the Soviet Union. It received many famous artists of music, film, theater and music. The head of the Center of Russian culture and art, people’s artist of Russia, singer, Vladimir Devyatov told “MK”, as the Soviet cultural figures became folk artists.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Vladimir Devyatov

-Vladimir Sergeyevich, when I first started to give the title people’s artist?

– The title of people’s artist always draws the viewer’s attention. Usually requires tens of years to get the title. At the present time in Russia there are two categories of titles artists – folk and honored. Earlier, in the USSR there were three – the honoured artist of one or more republics of the USSR, people’s artist of one or more republics of the Soviet Union and finally people’s artist of the USSR. This title was created on 6 September 1936. In 1919 was established the honorary title of people’s artist of the Republic.

– Who then became the holder of the title?

– Honorary title “people’s artist of the USSR” is awarded to the most outstanding artists who contributed to the development of Soviet theater, music, cinema, circus, television and radio in education creative change. It was a higher tier than the title of people’s artist of the Republic.

People’s artists of Russia were Chaliapin, Sobinov, the composer Modin. The persons who received the title of people’s artist was awarded a diploma, a badge and a certificate. The system with the help, which received the title of artist was the arch – bureaucratic.

– Who in the 36th became the people’s artist of the USSR?

– The first time the award of the title of people’s artist of the USSR was on 6 September 1936. And the first holders of this title were Stanislavsky, Nemirovich-Danchenko, Kachalov, Shchukin, and many others.

– Who was the last who had the honor to become the people’s artist of the USSR?

The last decree on conferring the title was in December 1991. People’s artists of the USSR were 11 people, among them Alla Pugacheva and Oleg Jankowski.

– How many people received to become people’s artists of the USSR?

– Total for all time of existence of the USSR 1006 people. Until 1965, this title was given to the people involved in classical music, ballet, movie and theatre actors.

– Who was the first among pop?

– First among the singers, who became a people’s artist of the USSR, was the Cliffs. The second was Shulzhenko, third – Bogatikov.

– Probably not without ideology…

– Awarded the title people’s artist of the USSR, it was part of the propaganda. So often, along with decent actors, it was assigned a little-known, for example from Central Asia. Thus emphasized the multinational Soviet art.

– Who was the youngest and the oldest winner of the title? How many years was that?

– The youngest holders of the title were the ballet and the Opera. At 24, people’s artist of the USSR was an Opera singer from Kazakhstan Baiseitova. Some were received very late, for example, Lyudkevych composer, he was 90. The procedure of the award was very long and complicated some did not live to see its completion. Rin Green was given the title of people’s artist of the USSR in the day of her death, April 1. A similar title was in other Socialist countries.

– Someone tried to get the title is not an honest way?

One of the present people’s artists of the USSR failed in its time to surrender to the Commission of the Ministry of culture a kind of concert. As she sang the soundtrack. The Chairman of the Commission resigned, saying that he came to listen not record the sound recording. In conclusion I want to say that among folk artists of modern Russia there are no people who can’t sing live.


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