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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Three is not a crowd: the Americans are looking for alternatives Trump and Clinton

The presidential campaign has split the US supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald trump. However, there are many Americans who did not like either of these two politicians vying for the White house. There is, however, the opportunity to vote for the candidate of any “third parties”. But will it help? And why the elections are representatives of, say, libertarian or Socialist party — or very small political organizations? This tried to understand the “MK”.

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Libertarians, green and other

Despite the fact that democratic and Republican candidates are diametrically opposed programs and settings, they share one thing: they are considered the most unpopular in history the finalists of the presidential race in the United States.

More recently — in the 20’s of August — ABC News and Washington Post poll showed that trump and Clinton set a record for unpopularity among the population: 56% of respondents are negative to Clinton, 63% to Trump.

As noted American comedian Trevor Noah, “and Hillary Clinton, and Donald trump was faced with the only person they can win.”

Moreover, the situation is that Clinton and trump met sharp rejection even within those parties that they represent. So where to go for those who do not the heart neither the former Secretary nor the flamboyant billionaire-developer?

Can be given, for example, a preference for some other candidate. Another online survey conducted in August showed that 35 percent of respondents are willing to consider the possibility to vote for the representative of the “third party”.

At the national level in presidential elections these two parties — the libertarian and green.

The libertarian party nominated as its candidate the former Governor of new Mexico Gary Johnson.

This is a relatively young party — originated in 1971, when politicians, dissatisfied with the speech of President Nixon, who proclaimed the beginning of a “new economic policy” (the freezing of prices and wages, abandonment of the gold standard), created a new political Union.

American libertarians advocate free market economy, rights and freedoms of citizens, free international trade, peace and non-interference in the Affairs of other countries.

Already in 1972, the libertarians put the presidential candidacy of John Hospers, who managed to score a total of 3674 votes. Forty years later, in the 2012 election, the candidate of the libertarian party Gary Johnson received 1.2 million votes, progress is evident.

Behalf of the Green party in the elections is Jill Stein. She is a doctor by profession, and at the call of the soul — an activist fighting for environmental protection.

As you can guess, the us “green” act with environmental requirements, combining them with anti-capitalist rhetoric, support the idea of non-violence, social justice, fighting for the rights of the LGBT community and against racism. They describe themselves as “eco-socialist party. Even in comparison with libertarians is a very young organization, founded in 2001. However, even before the formal establishment of the green party has fielded candidates for the elections of the President of the United States and in 2000, their representative lawyer Ralph Nader, took third place, scoring of 2.74% of the vote. While many have accused the Nader that he pulled votes from Democrat albert Gore, and thus “helped” to defeat George Bush. (By the way, many of those 35% of American voters who in this election are ready to consider the option to vote for a third party candidate, I’m afraid that in the end, “drawn” votes would count in favor of the worst of the two main contenders — trump, or Clinton.)

And libertarian Gary Johnson and green Jill Stein contested the presidential election in 2012. None of them got even 1 percent.

However, as long as they are in this election have declared their presidential ambitions, the failure of four years ago they did not bother. Anyway, they offer an alternative that many voters may regard as the lesser of two evils, when they have a choice between Clinton and trump.

But in addition to libertarians and “green” on elections of the President put up their candidates and other smaller parties. But they are not available in all, and in several States, some — even just one. For example, activist Gloria La Riva goes to the polls from three organizations (the Party for socialism and liberation, Party of peace and freedom party and the freedom Union), but only 9 of the 50 States. Five Alison Kennedy of the socialist workers Party announced his candidacy in 6 States. A restaurateur Rod Silva, representing the Party of power (there is such!), will fight for votes in Colorado…

“Who are you?”

All — and especially by the candidates from third parties — from the very beginning obvious: they do not “Shine” to get into the White house. Either a Democrat or a Republican. But neither the libertarian nor green, neither a Trotskyist nor a representative of the party to Legalize marijuana now.” So why bother? Only in order to demonstrate the flag? And just to make you pay a little attention to themselves?

About it “MK” talked chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir VASSILYEV.

In America, a situation that can cause pulling of the votes, third parties will decide the outcome of the presidential election. And public opinion polls show that the libertarian party headed by Gary Johnson and the green Party, represented by Jill Stein, gaining in the aggregate 12 percent of the vote. The green retard is mainly democratic votes. And they are ready to vote quite a large number of supporters of Bernie Sanders, are extremely dissatisfied with the elections. As for libertarians — there the situation is somewhat more complicated. But we can say that they are going to vote for disenchanted Republicans.

Today in America radically changed the subsistence of the election. If previously, including the 2012 election, voters asked themselves the question: “who do You? For Romney or for Obama?”, today the voters ask each other: “are You against whom?” “I’m against trump!” — “And I am against Clinton!”

This is a protest vote due to the fact that the latest public opinion polls trump not perceive 60% of American voters (from the point of view of what are not going to vote for him under any circumstances). And Hillary Clinton, according to polls, does not take half of American voters. Such a negative perception in America was never!

And speaking about third parties, we must remember that the United States is a nation of experimenters. In America from time to time rolled a wave that we need to establish some third party that maybe the country should move away from a two party system. Because it periodically fails. And therefore it is necessary still to have a third party that will balance the political field. Why? That would reflect an abstract third party? She will Express, rather, the interests of the American independent…

“The millennial generation wants change

— On the background of today’s rejection of the candidates from the Democrats and Republicans in America, we are talking about sustained, systemic crisis of two-party system in the form in which it has developed over the 100-150 years (or in the memory of the present generation of voters), — says Vladimir Vasilyev. And the nomination of Hillary Clinton, and the nomination of Donald trump — is evidence of this crisis. In such circumstances the third party has a perspective, because it is more adequate to Express the political preferences of American voters. What they exactly consist of?

— The fact that the two-party system in its present form was formed in the following way. The first post-war generation of baby boomers, born from 1946 to 1964 — their 76 million people — were brought up very strictly in a bipartisan way. Then came the so-called “generation X” born between 1964 and 1981 (about 60 million), they were also focused on a two-party system with small patches of category “independent”. And then came “the millennial generation”, the generation of the XXI century, — there are 55 million This new generation has dramatically shown that independent are there a third of the votes. They do not prefer neither the Democrats nor the Republicans.

Because America is proud of the fact that it is a country of innovators, the innovation permeates the approach to political life. It turns out that grandparents voted for Democrats/Republicans, then the parents voted for Democrats/Republicans, and we face the same choice. From this it is necessary to depart. Imagine that at the time when Gorbachev we were divided into Communists and Democrats — and such a division would exist a hundred years! In the United States is growing psychological fatigue from the two-party system.

The concept of “third party” is related to a demographic, generational shifts. The current generation of people who were born in the early eighties, a lot already today determines. And his growing understanding of what you need to change something in the political system.

What else caused this crisis? It is to a certain extent is artificial. Because the two-party system is in fact supported by the Institute of an electoral College who choose the President. The electoral College is arranged on the principle that winner takes all in the state. And it denies the development of democracy from the point of view of the will of the people.

If it were not for the electoral College, if America really moved to direct the vote, then the spectrum of the American political system would change. And so for third parties is an attempt to reform this archaic, as many believe, the institution of the electoral College.

Therefore, those people who appear with respect to the third party, believe that promote American democracy to a new level. And I believe that the most important thing is to move to a system of direct popular election of the President.

This is a long term aspects. The first direct election of senators until the late nineteenth century were not, and women were granted the right to vote only in the election of 1920. Now there is a precedent Hillary Clinton: a woman is selected President of the country. The people who are fighting for the reform of the political system, premised on this evolutionary features of American democracy…


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